No Man’s Sky HOW TO MAKE MONEY FAST! 1,000,000 Units in 30 Minutes.


Hey everybody, how?s it going? It?s DynamiteJack and I?ve got a quick tip that I want to share with you guys to help you earn some fast money early on in No Man?s Sky. You can use it to buy a better ship to carry more stuff or upgrade your Exosuit. Whatever you want, here’s what you do. Alright, to do this. You simply need to get off your starting planet and make it to your first space station. This is usually about an hour or so into the game for most people give or take.

That?s around what it took me. And then from there you?re going to want to empty everything you can from your spaceship. We?re going do some mining and the more space you have to carry things, the more money you can make during each run. Now fly out into space in the area that?s around your first Space Station. You’re going to want to keep your eyes open for these giant green potato looking things. They?re typically much bigger than the smaller asteroids that you see floating around all over the place. Those are readily available and those aren?t really what we want right now. These larger asteroids will give you Nickel, which is what we want because we’re going to be selling it.

Now, the smaller ones will give you Thamium-9 which is useful for other things, but it doesn?t pay nearly as well when we?re trading it in. So I?d avoid those if you can. Once you find them, Just shoot them with the guns that are your spaceship, it?s the X button on the PS4, and the Nickel will automatically be gathered. You don’t need to fly over it to collect it or anything, it just comes right to you. Just keep flying around and gathering Nickel until your Inventory is full.

You?ll get a red warning when it does, you can?t miss it. Once that happens, you?re going to want to fly back to the Space Station. From there you?re going to want to find the Galactic Trade Terminal. In my game it?s up this ramp to the right inside the room with the first guy you meet. It’s the thing on the back wall that kinda look like a safe. Click On ?Sell Items From Your Inventories?. Then click on your ?Starship Inventory?. Then sell all the Nickel and any Thamium-9 you picked up. And that?s it!, Here’s your money. You can see here I got over 400,000 units in just one quick run.

Very simple. Doing this I was able to earn around a Million units in about 30 minutes. Which is enough for a better ship or anything else you want. I mean that?s up to you. My advice is just put on some music or a podcast while you mine and you?ll have it in no time. So I hope this tip helps you guys rake in some easy money and I wish you the best of luck in all of your mining endeavors.

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