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No Mans Sky How to safely travel to multiple galaxies in a very short time By: Ezzy_Black



I wrote this guide in two parts. Part 1 is the basics, if you are an experienced player that may be all you need. It describes the method to drastically cut down on the time needed to get through multiple galaxies. Part 2 goes into more detail and has some tips on minimizing damage etc. Players who have already been to a few galaxies and know what to expect can safely skip that part.

Part I

I recently decided to take a bit of a voyage. I love starships and regularly hunt them to post on NMSCE. So I decided to take that just a bit farther. OK, quite a bit farther. I went all the way to the Teyaypilny (galaxy 50) and found interesting ships on all the galaxies in between.

Of course, now people are seeing the results of that and are daunted by the thought of heading out to Wucetosucc to pick up a starship. Understandable, but it’s not as hard as you may think.

I have 4 different saves that I still play regularly. Just yesterday morning I decided I wanted one of the system freighters I had found in Wotyorogii (29). On that save, I had only been as far as Elkupalos (11).

In all, it took me about 2 hours, and after that two hours I had permanent access to the first 30 galaxies. Sudzerbal (30) was right next door and is a lush galaxy so I popped in there as well.

My new freighter was worth the trip…

There is one absolute secret that you need to know. Black Holes. You don’t need a black hole to get to the center of the galaxy you start in, just use these coordinates. Don’t worry about what galaxy you’re in, those coordinates will work with any galaxy, even if the portal gives you an error.

Now you have a starting point near the center of your current galaxy. Drop down a base computer and activate it. You don’t need anything else, just a base near the center. There are some unfounded concerns over the number of bases you can have. I have well over 100, you won’t run out. I’ve also seen advice saying you need a base teleporter. Nope, just the base computer is fine. You can always come back there without a teleporter and expand the base further if you want to.

Now, do the most absurd thing you can think of, being already near the center of the galaxy, find a black hole, and go through. At this point you cannot reload the game or you’ll need to go through another black hole. As long as you haven’t reloaded you can go through the galaxy center and it will place you in the center of the next galaxy, only one, or possibly two jumps to the following galaxy. Again, until you reload or restart the game, you can go through as many galaxies this was as you want.

  1. Use a portal to go to the center of whatever galaxy you’re in.

  2. Establish a base.

  3. Go through a black hole just once unless you restart the game, you don’t need to do it in each galaxy you visit.

  4. Head through the galaxy center.

  5. In the new galaxy, drop down a base computer.

  6. Head out to the next galaxy.

Using this method you will literally spend more time waiting on new galaxies to load than you actually will getting to them. You can probably cross 10 galaxies an hour once you get the hang of it because you always arrive within jump range of the next galaxy center.

Part II

OK, that was the short version. More experienced players can take that and run with it. If you’re new to moving across galaxies, read on for some tips.

The one thing that frightens most players about going through galaxies is that their equipment will break. I’m here to tell you, your equipment will break. Every piece of equipment on your ship, multi-tool, and exosuit that isn’t in a technology slot is going to break.

The strategy should be obvious. Everything important should be in a technology slot. While multi-tools don’t have tech slots, you can have three of them. Only your currently equipped multi-tool will break. I think you can figure that one out, just equip an old, crappy multi-tool from when you started out, or grab one from the nearest tool vendor. C Class tools have never been more valuable than when they sacrifice themselves so your fully equipped S Class tool may live!

Captain Obvious here even named his sacrificial multi-tool

You can go through a galaxy center in any ship. I have ships that I use only for hauling building supplies, and while they are S-48/21 ships (I use guppy-ball exotics for that purpose), all 48 main slots are reserved for building supplies. Perfect! You can’t break magnetized ferrite after all.

Your ship doesn’t have to be that large, but it does need enough tech slots to hold a reasonable amount of stuff. Efficient launch thrusters and recharges are a must, and you’ll still run out of launch fuel after 3 or 4 galaxies (bring plenty of extras). You need at least an Indium drive or you can’t go through a galaxy center at all, and I recommend some hyperdrive upgrades to get you to the next galaxy center (800-1000ly range will do). You’ll also need a large supply of ordinary warp cores as you must have a 100% charged hyperdrive to go through to the next galaxy. Using the more advanced Warp Hypercores to bring it from 90% to 100% would just be a waste.

She’s been through 50 galaxy cores and is none the worse for wear

And still, stuff will break. I saw a photo last week of a player’s main exosuit inventory and he had it completely full of technology. I have no idea what it’s all needed for. Here’s mine after 1500 hours of play, for example.

Basic Hazard Protection, Life Support, and Movement are all in the tech slots.

Mind you I did have a character in NMS suffer a death. I think it was last September. Why someone believes they really need all those extra water, heat, cold, etc, modules is beyond me. Buy some batteries for crying out loud!

The key to the exosuit is to make sure you have a bit of movement, life support, and basic hazard protection in your tech slots. While galaxy hopping you won’t spend two whole minutes on a planet. All of your ship’s systems are in tech slots. So, once you arrive:

  1. Summon your ship

  2. Drop down a base computer while it’s landing

  3. Take off and head to the next galaxy.

As long as you have basic hazard protection, you aren’t going to die in that short time. It is kind of like the beginning of the game, but you’re much smarter now and you’re prepared by having important stuff in tech slots. It will be fine.

As for everything else in your main exosuit slots, just let it break and leave it until you get to your final destination galaxy. No reason to constantly fix stuff until you’re done. As for my exosuit, fixing that took less than a minute. But apparently I travel quite a bit lighter than some others.

Don’t worry about weirdness on the galaxy map. It is confusing. It seems that the galaxy map, wait for it, doesn’t actually know what galaxy it’s in. If, for instance, you have visited a system or built a base at particular coordinates in one galaxy, it shows up in every galaxy.

No, I don’t have 16 bases in one system in the Wotyarogii galaxy. That’s the system coordinates where you are placed in each new galaxy (same as where you exited the black hole).

Don’t forget to check the launch fuel before going through a galaxy center. Nothing causes you to face-palm more than trying to summon your ship on the hellacious planet you were just placed on and having it out of launch fuel. Don’t panic, just summon another of your ships. You’ll have to also summon your freighter and reload the game there (to get your ship off the surface). That means you’ll have to go through another black hole before the next galaxy center. Otherwise you’ll arrive 700k from the center. Alternately you could just swap multi-tools to an unbroken one with a working scanner and just go to your ship. Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll promptly forget to swap the multi-tool back before going through the next galaxy… *sigh* I do make these mistakes so you don’t have to!

So go on, get out there. With a bit of a black hole trick and a common sense approach it’s not hard at all. There’s some cool things out there to see!

You too could have a beach house on a tropical paradise in the 48th galaxy!



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