Whether you’re a returning “No Man’s Sky” player or venturing off to explore the vastness of space for the first time, here’s your a helpful guide to the galaxy to get you started. The Next update’s main new feature is the ability to play alongside three friends to explore together. But if you prefer to go it alone, you can do just that. The new update doesn’t let players join your game as an avatar unless you grant them permission but they’re still able to join in as a talking glowing orb. But you can turn that off too if you want. Just go to the options menu and select “Network and Voice.” Turn off off Network Play and now you can be the anti-social astronaut you always wanted to be.

If you’re jumping back into a previous save, you’ll find a bunch of junk in your inventory. You can go ahead and sell these at the nearest space station and rack up tons of credits to use on… a new ride perhaps? Some older items can be transformed into “technology modules.” You might wanna hang on to a few of these. They’ll come in handy later. A lot of recipes have been switched up now. For example, your Launch Thrusters, Pulse Jump, and Hyperdrive all require different things now to be refueled. Keep a lookout for Di-hydrogen, Tritium, Ferrite Dust and rare metals like Copper. Di-hydrogen are the blue crystals jutting out of the ground on planets. You can combine Di-hydrogen with metal sheeting, which you can make lots of using Ferrite Dust, to help to fuel your launch thrusters. Tritium can be mined from asteroids with your photon cannon and it’s used to fuel your Pulse Jump. Copper is used in the process of making Antimatter which is essential for your Hyperdrive. Scan planets from space to see if they have copper prior to landing. And if you ever need a helping hand, you can pin recipes to your Log for reference.

Some recipes will require that certain ingredients be refined before they can be used. This is where the handy Portable Refiner comes into play. Pressing up on your d-pad will bring up your build menu on console or by pressing the Z key on PC. Once that’s built, you’ll need to find some Carbon to fuel the refiner which you can usually find from any nearby flora or trees. Load metals like Copper to create Chromatic Metal. It’s a good idea to stock up on Chromatic Metal since you’ll probably be using that a lot. Also, keep in mind that the Portable Refiner is indeed portable. So pick it up before you leave and place it down wherever your journey takes you.

Your Mining Beam, Terrain Manipulator and even shields for your ship are gonna need juice along the way. Hitting down on the d-pad for console or X on PC brings up a quick menu for you to refuel on the fly. Select the battery icon and refuel whatever’s been depleted. This is really handy if you’re in the middle of a fight and need to bring your shields back online pretty quickly. If you need to rack up some Nanites for upgrades to your Suit or Multi-Tool, remember to scan and upload your findings. You used to get credits for uploading discoveries but now you get Nanites instead. These are crucial for obtaining new blueprints for upgrades. Scroll over to the Discoveries tab and upload everything you found from the flora, fauna, and waypoint menus. Some planets along the way seem like they’re doing everything they can to kill you. Whether it’s boiling rain or freezing temperatures, sometimes you’ll find yourself far from your ship with no launch fuel to call your ship back to you.

The latest update gives you the option to build a simple base anywhere by using Carbon which can pretty much be found all over the place. Build a humble little shack to ride out the storm or catch your breath for a bit. Claiming a base is a little different now too. Instead of finding an abandoned base on a planet and claiming it, you’ll need to build a Base Computer. That’s in the same menu as the Portable Refiner and you’ll need those Chromatic Metals you’ve been stockpiling to make one. Use the computer to make a base on whatever planet your Heart of Gold takes you. Good luck. Godspeed. And practice that melee jump..

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