No Man’s Sky Optimization – How to run the game at 60 FPS


Alright hey guys, my name is Sunwind and welcome to another No Man’s sky video. So we all know that NMS does not run very well on the PC. Hello games have released a total of 8 patches, 4 on the ps4 and 4 on the PC. Around 85% of the initial issues have been fixed and they are working on more patches that will address the last remaining issues. However the game’s minimum requirements still don’t represent the truth about how the game runs. It definetely requires a beefier PC. Now I have a desktop that I use most of the time, however sometimes when I am not home I game on my laptop.

And the game doesn’t run good on the laptop. So I’ve decided to try and optimize the game as best I can in order to make it playable on my laptop. Playable for me means to have at least 45 FPS. I can’t stand anything sub 60 fps but sometimes that’s all you get. Let’s take a look at how the game ran when I first started it on my laptop and what I did to improve the frame-rate. Now my laptop is not half-bad. It’s rocking an i7 6700HQ 2.6 GHz processor, a 950m gtx with 4 gigs of Vram, an 8 gigs of DDR 4 ram and 120gigs of some generic laptop SSD. The weakest link is probably the ram. 8gb is just not enough and you will get lag spikes, no matter what you do. This is what the game looks like with the default settings when I first launched it. As you can see the main issue is the fact that the monitor of my laptop is full HD. I also have texture detail set on High which is taking a huge toll on the hardware.

Everything else is as low as possible, yet I still can’t even manage 30 fps. The first thing I did was to try and optimize it through Nvidia’s software. What that change was the resolution to a more native laptop resolution which is 1360 by 768, it also lowered the teture detail and set the game to fullscreen. This gained me about 10-13 FPS. It sure is playable now, but the textures are really really bad. Take a look at this landing pad for example. Yeah… Granted this is a temporary gaming station. I will probably not play on the laptop for more than 1 or 2 hours at a time so I think it’s still bareable. You wont have the same experience though, the game is definetely uglier. Let see If i can get it to run at 60 fps. The next thing I did was download Razer Cortex, now I am not a big fan of this software but I decided what the hell lets do it.

What this does is it disables some services and programs when you launch the game to free more ram. I also moved the game from the hard drive to the SSD to see if it will load faster. It did by the way. The last thing I did before launching was to download a mod that lowers the graphics even further than whats possible from the menu or from the settings file. Now prepare yourselves, the mod was called Potato mod and it has the most appropriate name ever.

The game will literally turn into a potato and can be run by a potato PC. Yeah the game is ugly as hell but we made it to 60 fps guys!WOoohooo, obviously we achieved 60 fps but at a great cost, this is unplayable for more than 30 minutes as it will just hurt your eyes. It seems of all the things I did the best version was to bring the resolution down and to optimize the game with nvidia’s software. Also it doesnt hurt to install razer cortex and to move the game on an SSD. That allowed me to play with about 40-45 fps which was pretty much alright. This is obviously a more nvidia oriented video as Nvidia is what i’ve got. Unfortunately i dont have the enveironemnt to test AMD cards, but i’ve left a bunch of links in the video description that lead to numerous guides plus mods that might improve the game for you. Hope you enjoyed the video and found it helpful.

See you in the next one!.

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