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No Man’s Sky Origins Guide to Suspicious X-Class Technology & The Black Market | NMS 3.0 Update


No Man’s Sky Origins added a great many things, one of which is the Black Market, through which you can obtain a new classification of Procedural Technology Upgrades as well as make a whole lot of easy nanites. These Illegal Banned upgrades are marked as X Class and are proper wild cards for bonuses. I have gathered all of the stats and bonus ranges these tech can have, so let’s go into how they work, where to find them & how they work in relation to Nanite gain. <title> The basic idea here is that X Class Black Market upgrades are super unstable, and so didn’t pass quality checks, this makes them anywhere from super terrible, to better than best S Class.

Investing in them is a risk, but of course, any min maxers out there are going to want to eventually have a full set of perfect X Class tech in their Exosuit, Multitools and Ships. So let’s first go over where to get them. <Where To Get X Class Tech> X Class Technology Upgrades can be obtained in a few different ways, the most simple and consistent is from Scrap Dealers on Space Stations.

These are the same chaps you get your Emergency Beacons for hunting down Derelict Freighters as well as where you sell the Manifests and Captain’s Logs. These fine pillars of the community, will sell you dodgey Black Market Technology upgrades for Pugneum. It is an odd currency for this, but also a really nice way to get them, Pugneum is very easy to obtain, as you can simply purchase it from most space stations, it also drops en masse from filthy sentinel scum, so you could now say that farming Sentinels is quite lucrative indeed, as on top of the standard Nanites you get from obliterating them, you can also use the pugneum for more than just refining into tiny quantities of nanites. These Scrap Dealers do have very low stocks however, they usually only sell a few types, so you’ll need to travel around a little to get the one you’re after, but we had to do that for standard tech from vendors anyway.

Lastly on these dealer, this is also how you would get nanites through Pugneum, but i’ll go over the min maxing of that shortly. Another way of obtaining these new upgrades is through travelling traders who will randomly land near you while you’re exploring and offer trade. These fine traders are pure black market, and will sell Upgrades as well as NipNip buds, which up until now, were hard to come by.

Prior to this update NipNip Buds were the only item in the game files marked as illegal, though it’s pretty cool to have it and more with the dodgey stigma in game. These traders will want Nanites for their cursed wares, however, and not Pugneum. The last way that I am aware of for obtaining these, is through buried caches, buried around planets. You can search for these chaches with your analysis visor, they have the little chest icon, which is the same as the cargo drops.

These caches can gives many things, like nanites and materials, but also seemingly rarely, they can drop X Class Technology modules. I will note it is possible that there are other methods to find them, or that more ways will be introduced, but as of this moment, these 3 are all I have found from in game, the game files and even checking reddit just in case. <Types & Stats: Exosuit> For your Exosuit, there are just 4 types of X Class Upgrades, these are Life Support, Movement System, Defense System and the New and only to X Class Hazard Protection.

The Life Support Upgrades have a chance at either 1 or 2 stats being on them, the chance of 2 is rare. The 2 possible stats they can have are Life Support Tanks and Solar Panel Power. As you can see on screen now, both of these range from the lowest a C Class could be, to higher than the S Class version could possibly be at 110% max for the Life Support Tanks and 75% for the Solar Panel Power. Next is the Movement System, which will have between 2 and 4 of a possible 6 stat types, as with all of them, getting the max is rare. The 6 Stats on Jetpack Movement tech are, Jetpack Tanks, Sprint Distance, Sprint Recovery Time, Fuel Efficiency, Initial Boost Power & Recharge Rate.

Continuing the trend that all of these X Class tech have of the lowest in the range being the same as the lowest a C Class version of the tech can go, and the highest being higher than the S Class, from here on out, i’ll just show the S Class vs the X Class. Jetpack Tanks max out at 230%, Sprint Distance 60%, Sprint Recovery Time 60%, Fuel Efficiency 25%, Initial Boost Power 15% and Recharge Rate 30%. Next is the Defense System, which can have 1-2 stats at X Class.

This one is nice and simple, yet also quite odd. It has Shield Strength and Core Health as the possible stats, Core Health being static through all of the upgrades at a flat 33%, regardless of what class the upgrade is, which removes some rng for getting your best case scenario. Shield Strength is a strange one, which goes lower the better the upgrade, I expect this is either a visual bug, or an actual issue with the tech. C Class can go as high as 95%, where as s class max out at 90, c class only go as low as 90, but X Class can be between 75 and 95%. It’s very odd and I don’t really know what to tell you here. The last one for Exosuits is a new unique one, it is Hazard protection, but doesn’t focus on any particular type, this could really be one of the most sought after of all these new X Class tech.

This Hazard Protection X Class module is also special in that it doesn’t count toward any of the other tech of that type. What I mean by this is that as standard, you can have 3 of each type of tech regardless of class per inventory type, being main and tech etc. These X Class modules are part of that, so would replace your S Class that you already have, if you already have them of course; But this Hazard Protection X Class module is it’s own upgrade type, and so can be installed along with the chargable Specific Type Hazard Protection modules and of course the blueprints. This module gives you all 4 stats no matter what, and those stats are Resistance to each of the 4 main hazard types of Hot, Cold, Radioactive and Toxic, it does not include Water Breathing, which makes sense.

Each stat can be between 1 and 10% resistance, so I would highly recommend this particular one to everyone, as things have gotten more crazy with Hazards these days. I expect that resistence may even count toward Lava damage from the top of a volcano. <Types & Stats: Multi-tool> Next are the 8 Multi-Tool X Class upgrades. We’ll start with the Mining Beam. The Mining Beam X Class Upgrade will have 1-3 out of a possible 4 Stat types, which is odd as an S Class is gaurunteed to have all 4, but these are still worth getting.

The stat types are Mining Speed, which was fixed in this update making it actually affect the speed now, Heat Dispersion, Fuel Efficiency and Overheat Downtime. The least useful of these stats is certainly overheat downtime, as a well travelled interloper will usually pay attention to the heat and pulse at times to keep it from overheating. Also a fully upgraded multitool will last a long long time. Mining Speed is capped at the same as S Class, being 20%, but of course it can also be as low as C Class, so this isn’t great, but it can be as good. Heat Dispersion can go to a maximum of 55%, which is 5% above the S Class cap, so that one is swish. Fuel Efficiency can go to a maximum of 25%, though, it may appear as 26% in game as an S Class is a gauranteed 20% which displays as 21% in game.

Overheat downtime, which is likely what you’ll want to avoid, can be as good as -25%, with the best s class hit -20%. This all makes Mining even more of a min max when it comes to X Class tech, it will be harder to get a better module than your S Class ones, but it is also one of the most used in general while playing. Next we have another one that will be very much sought after by people who Explore as their primary playstyle. This is the Analysis Visor Scanner X Class Tech. This will give 1-3 of 3 possible stat types. The types are Scan Radius, Fauna Analysis Rewards and Flora Analysis Rewards. This tech is well known for being extremely lucrative for the explorer as S class tech min maxed can give over 500,000 units for a rare Fauna scan, trees give high tens of thousands and they are of course, everywhere.

You can make millions in a minute just landing on a new world. The Scan Radius can go as high as 50% over the S Classes highest of 40, and the Fauna and Flora can go to a whopping 11,000% increase on the units gained from scanning them, the S Class max being 10,000, and as you can of course have 3 of these, it could be very very nice to have on your multi-tool, though be warned, they can also be as low as 1000%. Last are the 6 Weapon upgrades, weapon damage is an odd one and is usually not obvious how it translates the numbers from the files, to a percentage in game. I wish to tackle this in a future comprehensive guide toward both Multitools and Ship Weaponry, but for now, I’ll just say that each of these weapons stats do increase by between 10-20% on the best S Class for that weapon damage as that is the best I can discern at this moment. The Majority of Weapon stats are very basic and repetitive between the weapons, and as most people will only focus on 1 of these weapons, I won’t read out the other 5 you don’t care about, so here are the graphics with all the information for each one.

Get ready to pause if you want to take a closer look at your focus of interest. My favourite is the Scatterblaster. So we have the Boltcaster; Blaze Javelin; Scatter Blaster; Pulse Spitter; Plasma Launcher; and the Geology Cannon. <Type & Stats Starships> Black Market X Class tech upgrades for Starships is pretty darn swish, there are 8 different types, 5 of which are weapons. Firstly, the Pulse Engine, which can have 1-3 stats of a possible 3, which are Pulse Drive Fuel Efficiency, Boost and Maneuverability. There is a 4th stat, which is also labelled as a secondary maneuverability, it has no weighting and does not change is stat quality over any of the classes. Pulse Drive Fuel Efficiency can max out at 25%, on s class this is a static 20%, but as X Class goes between the lowest C Class and higher than S Class usually, the lowest the X Class can go to is 5%. Boost can go to a max of 20%, which is 5% above the max of S Class and Maneuverability can go as high as 14%, which is 2% above the max of S Class.

Next up we have Hyperdrive, this is the cadillac of ship upgrades, as that total warp distance has some serious bragging rights with it. This gives between 1 and 2 stats out of a possible 2, these stats are Hyperdrive Range and Warp Cell Efficiency. Warp Cell Efficiency is always just a flat 100% regardless of class, although it is not a possible stat for C and B class Hyperdrive modules. Hyperdrive range however on X Class tech has a possible max of 300, which is 50 above the max for S Class, meaning that you could potentially add another 540 Light years on to your ships range.

540 is on a ship with 80% bonus to Hyperdrive and does not include the differences to adjacency bonuses. Now for a nice and simple shield. Shields are gaurunteed to have the one and only stat. The numbers in the files say 0.2, which would imply 20%, but in game they show as 30%, with this we might assume that the max a X Class can go being 0.25, makes the ingmae percentage as 37.5, but i’m not completely sure, as the 0.2 may just not be a percentage and instead just an additive number to the overall shield strength, even then, the percentage should expectedly be 37.5, but there are often hidden modifiers we don’t know about at play in this game, so results may differ from this. And finally for the Ship Weapons. As with the multitool, I won’t go through their individual stats as most won’t use all of them, but here are all of the graphics for their stats for your perousal. We have the Photon Cannon; Infra Knife Accelerator; Phase Beam; Cyclotron Ballista; and my favourite, the Positron Ejector.

In my opinion, the Postiron Ejector is still the king of Dog Fighting, it’s damage is unmatched, though it’s range isn’t the best, same with it’s spread, but of course, any of these weapons can be used very effectively, so it really is just what you prefer, what fits with your playstyle. <Black Market, Nanites & You> The new Black Market vendors and items are a really cool addition to No Man’s Sky, it just adds another layer of depth to the overall economy of the game. You can get some pretty darn cool stuff from it to. First of all, gaining Nanites from the Black Market. This method requires you to Buy Pugneum, or farm it of course, but buying is easier for anyone with units. Then, just buy the Suspicious tech and Suspicious Packets for Technology and Weaponry, then sell the tech you get from those to a Procedural upgrade vendor. The pricing of these tech modules is a little all over the place, so it’s a bit tricky to mathematically formulate a conversion rate of units to pugneum, but it appears to be around a 20% increase of their basic value, where as selling back is around 5% above or below.

This gives us a conversion rate of 165:1 units to nanites which might sound a lot, but it’s actually way better than any other way of converting Units to Nanites, also the least effort. You can obtain huge amounts of Pugneum very easily by purchasing from high economy system’s Space Stations, from both the Galactic Trade Terminals, while they both share stock numbers in the same station, Pugneum is so common you should find it on one of them. Then from Ships that land, which will have the 2500-5000 stocks that are separate from the station, but share the pricing. The stock, pricing and items that each ship sells is the same for that model of ship, so if you see pugneum on a shuttle model you saw fly in, all of the ships of that shuttle model that land will have it, so you can just buy from one and then the next and so forth. The primary limiting factor here is the stock levels of the Scrap Dealer himself. He will only have 1-3 of a very limited stock list, which will include Suspcious Goods, Suspicious Technology and Suspicious Weaponry, 1-3 Specific Suspicious tech items and a wild card, that is often not even anything considered illegal, but never the less available for pugneum.

Those last items should generally be avoided as the exchange rate is insane. On this note of Stock Lists, as with many, these are quite consistent. By this I mean that a Scrap Dealer Vendor that you see in a space station. The items he sell, the amount of them he has for sale and even the price is fully consistent over every platform. So if you find a scrap dealer with an item someone is looking for, you could just give them the portal code and the galaxy, and they could come and get it. Another note that these stocks do replenish on reload. We can’t leave, however, without also talking about the Suspicious Packets they sell. These are a sort of ingame friendly loot box, they have a list of things they could contain, with percentage chances and all that jazz, well, I have all the items and percentage chances; I’ve even calculated them down into overall worth. Suspicious Packet of Goods can contain a whole lot of stuff, some of it is crap, some is quite cool. They will cost you around 41-42,000 units worth of Pugneum each and will give on average around 29,000 worth back, though that doesn’t include procedural products that could drop, which are about 6.6% of the total pool.

The interesting items here that may make it worth it for you are Starship Inventory Augments at a 0.33% drop rate, Multi-tool Inventory Augments at an equally awful 0.33% drop rate, and both Living Pearls and Crystal Sulphide, which are both at a 3.3% drop rate. If you have a whole lot of cash and are farming these vendors for the modules anyway, you may as well get these to bank up your buildable items stocks for underwater bases and a low chance at MT upgrade. But otherwise they aren’t really worth it. Suspsicious Packet of Technology is a different ball game, it does have an 18% chance of just dropping a procedural item, these are noted as common and are drops from the new buried caches found in planets, but as these are common version, there is no chance of it being tech, just items then when used will give a 100 nanites or so or some basic materials. But the rest of the drop rate is shared over these 9 tech covering X Class versions of non-weaponry upgrade tech. This packet is rated at 258 nanites on average not including the small chance of a procedural item, so it is a little more than that, and will cost you around 58,000 units, for a conversion of around 225:1.

Lastly is the Suspicious Pack of Weaponry. This will cost you around 83,000 units worth of Pugneum, and reward 300 or so Nanites worth of tech on average. This only has a 4.35% chance of dropping a common procedural item, with the rest being split evenly over the different X Class Weaponry Modules. What of these items you get will depend both what you are after, but also how efficient you are trying to be, it is generally most efficient to simply buy the specific suspicious module you are after for conversion of units to nanites. Though if you enter time spent into this, then it is generally worth just buying all but the random non tech item and the Goods Packet as reload or travelling to another station takes time. <Outro> Thank you for watching good people, if you aren’t subscribed yet, hopefully i’ve earned it today. More Guides, Livestreams and News coming your way for No Man’s Sky. All tables in this guide can be found on my website xainesworld.com for reference, it is linked in the pinned comment next to the discord link and the various ways you can support my work.

A huge thank you to all my Patron and Members who enable me to do these videos. If you wish to join the ranks and get Early Access to non-time sensitive videos, vote of what guides I make and more, check out the link below. It has been pleasure fine people, have a fantastic day!.

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