No Mans Sky Refinery Replication and Renewable Resources By: Nyrocthul


I’ve been having a lot of fun hanging out in my base or my freighter building things. And I mean a lot of things. So as you know that means I’ll burn through my inventory after a few parts. Going out to get those resources can be pretty darn annoying (especially when I completely forget what I’m mining for and spend hours working on other stuff). So I wanted to compile a small guide on what you can pump into your refiners and get more out.


CarbonCCondensed CarbonC+
Pure FerriteFe+Magnetized FerriteFe++
SodiumNaSodium NitrateNa+
CobaltCoIonized CobaltCo+
Chromatic MetalChSilverAg
Fungal MouldMlFrost CrystalFc
Gamma RootGrCactus FleshCc
SolaniumSoStar BulbSb
Marrow BulbMb

What cannot be duplicated through crafting/refining?

  • Deuterium & Tritium

  • Oxygen

  • Salt & Chlorine

  • Ferrite Dust

  • Basalt (Has no recipes)

  • Pugneum

  • Sulphurine, Radon, Nitrogen

  • Activated Copper, Cadmium, Emirel, Indium

  • The Jn materials

Everything else can be duplicated through refining materials together.


See Condensed Carbon

Condensed Carbon (2x)

Need: Di-Hydrogen

H & C+ > Mo | Mo & C+ > 4x Fa | 4x Fa & 4x C+ > 12x C+

Di-Hydrogen (1.2x or 1.66x)

Need: 30 or 40 starting Di-Hydrogen

40x H = Di-Hydrogen Jelly | Di-Hydrogen Jelly > 50x H
30x H > Di-Hydrogen Jelly

Refining Di-Hydrogen into Di-Hydrogen Jelly takes 4 minutes per cycle. It’s quicker to craft it and then throw it in the refiner.

Pure Ferrite (6x)

See Magnetized Ferrite

Magnetized Ferrite (6x)

Need: Condensed Carbon

Fe++ > 2x Fe+ | 2x Fe+ & 2x C+ > 6x Fe++


See Sodium Nitrate

Sodium Nitrate (4x)

Need: Condensed Carbon

Na+ > 2x Na | 2x Na & 2x C+ > 4x Na+


See Ionized Cobalt

Ionized Cobalt (4x)

Need: Sodium Nitrate and Mordite

2x Co+ > 4x Co | Na+ & Mo > 4x Mb | 4x Co & 4x Mb > 8x Co+

Copper, Cadmium, Emeril, Indium (2x)

Need: Chromatic Metal

(Cu, Cd, Em, or In) & Ch > 2x (Cu, Cd, Em, or In)

See Chromatic Metal

Chromatic Metal (3x, 5x, 7x)

Need: Pure Ferrite and Cadmium, Emeril, or Indium.

Note: Do NOT use up all of your Cu, Cd, Em, or In or else you

Ch & Cd > 2x Cd | 2x Cd & 2x Fe+ > 4x Ch | Ch & Cd > 2x Cd

Ch & Em > 2x Em | 2x Em & 2x Fe+ > 6x Ch | Ch & Em > 2x Em

Ch & In > 2x In | 2x In & 2x Fe+ > 8x Ch | Ch & In > 2x In


See Ammonia


See Ammonia


Need: Pure Ferrite, Sodium Nitrate, Condensed Carbon

16x C+ & 16x Na+ > 32x CO2 | 32x CO2 & 16 Fe+ > 16x P | 16x P & 8x Fe+ > 8x U | 8x U & 4x Fe+ > 4x Py | 4x Py & 2x Fe+ > 2x Pf | 2x Pf & 1x Fe+ > NH3


See Ammonia


See Ammonia


See Ammonia


See Condensed Carbon

Silver (12.5x)

Need: Pyrite, Pure Ferrite

30x Py & 60x Fe+ & 20x Ag > Dirty Bronze | Dirty Bronze > 250x Ag
50x Py & 100x Fe+ = Dirty Bronze

Gold (12.5x)

Need: Uranium, Pure Ferrite

30x U & 60x Fe+ & 10x Au > Lemmium | Lemmium > 125x Au
50x U & 100x Fe+ = Lemmium


Need: Silver, Gold

Ag & Au > Pt

Biome Plants (2x)

Biome Plants (BP) [Fungal Mould, Frost Crystal, Gamma Root, Cactus Flesh, Solanium, Star Bulb] can all be doubled by refining them with Biome Materials (BM) [Ammonia, Dioxite, Uranium, Pyrite, Phosphorus, Paraffinium] respectively.

BP & BM > 2x BP

Marrow Bulb

See Ionized Cobalt


See Condensed Carbon

Oxygen (O2) Expansion

Oxygen cannot be duplicated with refiner or crafting recipes. It can however be harvested with an Oxygen Harvester or Gas Extractor. This adds a few additional resources that can be gained through refining. Additionally, a few of the resources above (such as Cobalt) can be multiplied much easier.

Ferrite Dust (4x Fe)

Fe > Fe+ | Fe+ & O2 > 2x Rusted Metal | 2x Rusted Metal > 4x Fe

Salt (NaCl)

Need: Chlorine (Cl)

Cl > 2x NaCl

Chlorine (6x Cl)

Cl & 2 O2 > 6x Cl

Rusted Metal

See Ferrite Dust

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