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Welcome to Gibson’s Gaming Guides. Coming up in today’s video, I’m going to be showing you how to Learn the Alien Languages as Fast as possible using the strategies that I’ve learned in the time I’ve had with No Man’s Sky. Today I’m going to share with you my method to learning the alien languages as fast as you can, so you can understand what that particular species is saying and you can complete the challenges of each race very quickly and easily. These are just some of the strategies I used to learn the languages as fast as I could. Now these might not be the best or fastest possible, but they certainly helped me save some time learning the languages, and I hope it’ll help you guys out too. Now before we get into it, Make sure to check out my channel for more No Man’s Sky videos and guides.

Also I do have some other videos where I do let’s plays and beginner guides to help out others that are new to gaming in general. So far there are three alien races that I have come across in my time playing the game. The Vy’Keen, Korvax, and the Gek. Once you start communicating with them you will notice that they are speaking in a language that you just don’t understand. This will hinder your ability to trade, complete monoliths, unlock factory terminals to receive blueprints and overall communicate with the alien race altogether. There are four ways to learn the languages. One way would be through Plaques and Monoliths.

Plaques and Monoliths are huge relic like monuments that you will find all over the planets. The Plaques will teach you one alien word and give you some standing with the alien race linked to that plaque. The Monoliths work in a similar way, but will usually have 2 or 3 Knowledge stones around them along with having to complete the Monolith itself, therefore giving you possibly up to 4 alien words or 3 words and one atlas word and also some standing with that race.

Another way is by finding Knowledge Stones. Knowledge stones are Small relic like stones scattered all over the surface of the planet that can be found by running around and scanning with your Visor. The con to this method is, you can find yourself far away from your ship with no station in sight. Then have to find yourself a station with a landing pad or a station with a ship beacon to recall your ship to your location.

At one point I was traveling for over 30 minutes on foot trying to find a station to recall my ship. It was really annoying. The Plaques and Monoliths cannot be scanned while running on the ground. You must fly around in your ship aimlessly looking for them, OR you can scan with your ship and get random Green question mark Icons that you can visit and it might be or might not be a plaque or monolith. It could just be a some sort of station or one of the many buildings or beacons in the game that can be found. Personally I found this to be too RNG and didn’t use it at all. The next method to find them would be to use a signal scanner. Which is a small pod looking object with a bright orange beam shooting into the sky.

They are quite easy to spot and many of the stations and shelters found across the planets will have one nearby. To use the signal scanner you will have to make a bypass chip. From there you will get a choice of a few different options to select what you would like to scan for. The obvious choice here is Monolith. Now this won’t just scan for Monoliths only you will also get plaques too.

Which I guess are technically Monoliths, but I consider them two separate things because they one gives you so much more than the other which is the Monolith. You can repeat this process as many times as you want. I tried it out 20 or 30 times in a row to see if the signal scanner would repeat certain locations and I found that it does actually do this. So your best bet if you are going to use this method is to do around 10 or so at a time then move to a different scanner far away and try again after visiting the ones you discovered with the previous scanner. There is a weird bug that happens with the icons though that is very frustrating, especially when trying to do this as fast as possible. The icons usually show as a fully colored icon when you haven’t visited a location and grayed out when you have, but sometimes when the structure is not in your line of sight the icon will be in full color even if you’ve been there.

It will then Grey out if you’ve been there right when you get into sight of it. This is a BIG time waster. So this method although quite fast might not be for you if you get frustrated easily or you are limited to game time. The last method many say is an exploit and not intended, but it looks to me that it is. And that is, finding alien beings and communicating with them. When you first meet an alien the screen will go into this wide screen mode with the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. Your first interaction with your new friend will be a test of some sort usually with the alien asking you some sort of question or asking you to do something like recharge his suit because he can’t breathe or fill his ammunition in his multi-tool.

After you pass the test if you do, you will be rewarded with some money, or a blueprint, and sometimes even a new multi-tool. Your first few times will be total RNG guessing because you can’t understand what the alien is asking for, so don’t be discouraged because there are millions of aliens out there that will want to give you there nice new multi-tool. Then after the first interaction with the alien you can then pay the little greedy guy 20 carbon to talk to him again and he will most likely teach you a new word. And the so called exploit here is that you can repeat this over and over depending if you have enough carbon to give to the alien to keep interacting with him. And we all know how easy carbon is to get. After learning the new word the next interaction will just be the alien offering to give you money, heal you, or recharge your shield and sometimes there will be an option to ask for a gift. Although you need to be max standing with that race to choose that option.

The bad part about doing it this way is 1, you don’t receive standing with that race from learning the new words like you do with the other methods, and 2 it’s god damn boring and repetitive. It can take hours of sitting in one place doing this over and over. I’ve only learned the entire language of the Vy’Keen so far and I have around 480+ words learned and that’s including any random atlas words I’ve learned from the Monoliths. So I assume all the races have around 450-500+ words to learn so expect to take a couple days to learn the entire language.

If you don’t have much time to play, maybe an hour or two per day, I would go with the Signal Scanner method for sure. You learn the most words with this method plus you get Standing with that race. My second choice would be scanning on foot for knowledge stones. They are all over the place and the icons are easy to spot in the cluster of red/yellow/blue. The purple just stands out. Plus if you know how to do the melee jet pack boost trick it makes it much faster. Just remember that there is a chance you may be stranded for awhile without a ship if the stations are few and far between. So these are just a few methods I have used to learn the languages of the alien races of No Man’s Sky in my first few hours of playtime. It really doesn’t take that much time to learn the entire language of one race, you just have to keep at it until you see that “There is no more to learn” message. So I’d like to hear from you guys in the comments below, what are your methods and is there a super fast way you have found to learn the languages besides the ones I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comment section below.

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