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Welcome to Gibson’s Gaming Guides. Coming up in today’s video, Learn how to make Units in no man’s sky the fastest Way possible Today I’m going to share with you My Method to making Units as fast as possible in No Man’s Sky. This probably isn’t a secret or anything like that, but these are some of the strategies that I have used in the first few hours of gameplay to make over 1 million units as fast as possible and it can be repeated easily. Before we get into it, my No Man’s sky playthrough series will be uploaded very soon, so stay tuned to my channel for more No Man’s Sky videos and guides. The primary way to make money will be through trading. Right now you can make a ton of units through uploading discoveries, but it can take a large amount of time to 100% a planet, hours or even days of playtime if you can’t find that last speicies.

If you do 100% the planet you can potentally make over half a million units and that includes the big reward of 200 thousand units for completing it. That’s why it’s much easier to gather as many resources as you can while exploring the planets, then finding a alien trader or trading terminal and sell whatever you’ve gathered while exploring. There are two types of Items you can make a ton of units quickly with. Recources and trade commodities. Trade commodities can be found in the Green containers when unlocking beacons or waypoints.

They can also be found outside trading locations around the landing pads. These containers usually have items that sell for thousands of units each. It’s quick money and they aren’t hard to find, just fly twords the green question mark icons you see on the planet and they should be scattered around the becons. Now resources can obviously be found all over the planets, but the main resources I’m talking about here will be gold and Thamium9, the resource you use to fuel your ship.

Now Gold is pretty much found on every planet, some more than others and it’s pretty easy to spot and sells for quite a bit. You can also increase your profits if you search for a planet that might not have that much gold on it and therefore their trade prices will be higher due to the demand for the resource. You can easily make a few million units just selling gold to trading terminals in a few hours of play and be able to buy a huge ship. Now the second resource is the resource we all use to fuel our ships, Thamium9. This resource is super easy to gather, you simply fly into space and find some astroids and start blasting away. Collect as much fuel as your ship can hold and fly down to a trading station and sell the resources to the trading terminal and you’ll have enough units to buy that big shiny new ship you’ve dreamed of. Now after you’ve gathered all your trading commodities and resources you want to sell you’re going to have to find a trading station.

These can be found by visiting a beacon with the bright orange beam coming out of it and making a bypass card, then selecting transmission. It may take a few tries. If you can’t find one that way you can always use the green question mark icon method and hope to find one just exploring. Once you find a trading terminal, you will notice items have a red and green percentage next to them, and obviously green is good and red is bad.

So you will want to sell your items when the numbers are green. Now you could wait and hold on to your resources, and fly from planet to planet looking for a terminal that sells for an above average price, OR you could just sell at the first terminal you find. Either way you will make a Ton of units this way early in the game.

So these are just a few methods I have used to get units as fast as possible during my first few hours of playtime. It really doesn’t take that much time to hit a million units and buy your first ship from another alien trader. It’s really just a matter of finding the resources such as gold and then finding a terminal with an above average selling price so you can make a good profit. So I’d like to hear from you guys in the comments below, what are your methods and is there a resouce or item that you have found or tend to sell for tons of units besides the ones I have mentioned in this video? If you’ve learned something new or liked this video please don’t forget to hit that like button, and don’t forget to subscribe for more guides and videos.

Again thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video, talk to you guys next time..

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