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Settlement Fix OUT NOW! No Man’s Sky Frontiers Update 2021 Gameplay


Welcome back to no man’s sky, everyone jason here and the patch is out right now this is going to be a quick video. I just wanted to tell you guys that patch 3.63 for frontiers came out this morning monday morning september 6th the patch is out, and so what why the big deal? Why are we making a big deal out of this? The biggest note in this patch note, so everyone was complaining about this earlier, fixed an issue that can cause some settlements to fail to generate any decisions for their overseer.

Decisions are now expected at intervals of 15 minutes to hours, which means everyone who got a settlement and nothing was happening. You were just sitting there like waiting for something to happen once this update hits and you get the update, it should fix all of those issues. Now it’s not going to be immediate you’re still going to fire it up and you’re still going to have to wait at least 15 minutes it’s going to be 15 to 2 hours. Most of the people who’ve been playing the experimental over on steam. They’Ve been saying, it hits around 45 minutes to an hour actually most of the time every once in a while, it’s faster every once in a while, it’s longer, but about every 45 minutes to an hour of playing.

You will get some kind of a decision either. Hey go talk to some people because they’re fighting or build a building, or anything like that, so it has been fixed in the newest update. The second question is gon na be, i know you guys hey. When do i get the update, it should be out on pc right now like this minute. If you load up uh no man’s sky, it’ll say on steam, wait wait, wait.

We have to do an update first, that’s how you know you’ll get it xbox and playstation. Usually follow a little bit later so think this afternoon, so maybe three to four hours from now, you’ll – probably get it from this recording anyway, if you’re watching this in the future, then you probably already have it, but by monday afternoon, united states time, which is about Two three, maybe four hours from now, you should start seeing it pop up on xbox and playstation. So keep that in mind get in there play it. Let me know down in those comments: are you playing the new update is or the new patch i should say? Are you playing a frontiers update as well, and did it fix the issues now, if there’s a lot more notes over here, so i’m going to link them down into the description down below there’s a lot more notes, there’s a whole bunch.

They’Re fixing and they’re still fixing it so they’re getting ready for the expedition number three. That’S coming up this week, probably more than likely, we don’t know that the date for sure no one knows it’s all just rumor and speculation, but they should have an update. No, the patch coming out now there should be another patch, probably tomorrow, and then we’re mmm, i’m i’m thinking in my mind, i’m just guessing and speculating. We will get the expedition 3 on wednesday. That’S my guess.

I think that’s what’s going to happen, but they wanted more time to fix all the bugs and there’s been a lot of bugs, especially for you guys over on the xbox. So hopefully you guys liked it, and hopefully you guys are playing it and it fixes everything. Let me know down in those comments and i’ll see you guys next time: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], you

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