Single Player Easy(ish) Nanite Guide By: icastfist


If you’re looking for a way to get lots of nanites easily, I’ll share the two main methods to get them that don’t need luck or multiplayer. They do need time and some patience.

Method One – Food for Cronus

First, you’ll need access to the Nutrient Processor and the Space Anomaly.

You’ll be making lots of Mystery Stew. 2 pieces of any meat (except salty fingers) can be made into it, even 2 of the same. This is even better because animals often leave mordite when you kill them, which can be processed twice to be turned into Meaty Chunks, which you can combine into the stew. Organs, such as Offal Sac and Feline Liver, need to be processed into Processed Meat first. If you only have 1 stack, remember you can separate it by scrolling the mouse wheel (dunno what’s the equivalent console button). The nutrient processor window will look like this:

[Meaty Chunks] --
[Meaty Chunks] ---- [Mystery Stew]
[------------] --

The more nutrient processors you have, the more stuff you can put into work at the same time. Do note that the limit is 50 processed foods per processor.

And here’s the boring part: you’ll need to deliver it all to Iteration: Cronus, which takes roughly 10 seconds per unit. Each stew has a chance of being highly praised by him, but he might also complain. You’re looking at 10, 40, 70 or 129 nanites to be earned by each mystery stew. I’ve got a total of 3965 nanites delivering 59 stews, which averages to ~67 nanites per stew.

If you’re feeling extra patient or adventurous, you can go after Gamma Roots or Fungal Molds. Process them twice to get Steamed Vegetables. Then, process 1 Steamed Vegetable + 1 Steamed Vegetable to get 1 Flavoursome Sauce. Keep in mind, you’ll need a ratio of 2 veggies for 1 stew, so if you have 50 stews ready, you’ll need 100 gamma roots, for instance.

You can combine this sauce with the mystery stew to get a higher valued and fully processed food, which has a higher chance of getting the larger nanite bonuses from Cronus. With my testing, after 132 Herb Encrusted Stews, I gained a total of 12413 nanites, which averages to 94 nanites per stew. Note to self: check and compare the average nanite gain of steamed veggies and the sauce.

If you’re on PC, you’re in luck because you can set up a macro! I personally recommend using XMouse, which allows you to remap any mouse input. I’ve set a small macro to run once I press the middle mouse button and stop once I press it again (option 7 in the settings). So, I just set it loose with a full inventory and go do something else. The macro is this one:


Once you’re done using the macro, remember to right-click and close the program on the taskbar.

METHOD TWO – Goop refining

This method is not recommended if you’re playing on survival, due to limits on stacks. It is a lot simpler and doesn’t need such constant interaction or macros, but it also takes time.

You will need Medium Refiners + Large Refiners for the best results. Access to the Storage buildings also helps.

Stand around the landing zone of a space station and wait for pilots to come by. Check what they have for sale and buy ALL the Residual Goop they have. If there aren’t many ships coming and going, try a different station. It is possible that waiting in a station that sells the goop also increases the chance of the pilots to carry it for sale. Pilots that do have them in stock usually have around 2200. Basically, every 5 goop will eventually become 1 nanite, so a full 9999 stack becomes 1999 nanites.

The downside is that each refiner only refines up to 4995 units, which takes around 40 minutes. That means that transforming ~5k Residual Goop -> Viscous Fluid -> Living Slime -> Runaway Mold takes roughly 160 minutes total. On the bright side, you won’t have to bore yourself with repeatedly delivering food to an ugly alien.

Happy farming! 🙂

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