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Twitch Drops! How To Get Your No Man’s Sky Cartographers Twitch Drops Setup So You Don’t Miss Out!


With how potentially confusing twitch drops can be for someone who has never participated in them, i thought it’d be a great idea to make a quick video showing you how to set it up and get your account linked as well as cover exactly what you need to Do on the day to receive your glorious, in-game loot for this upcoming namaskar expedition 3 cartographer’s twitch drops campaign. Firstly, twitch drops are essentially a bit of fun for watching live streams specifically for no man’s sky. You will unlock items in game for watching drops, enabled streams on twitch within the time period. Some games make it convoluted, but with no man’s sky. It’S nice and simple watch for 15 minutes and you get an item.

30 minutes gets you another item and so on up to 3 hours. This campaign will last for 5 days starting thursday, the 9th of september and running through till monday, the 13th each new drop day will start at 1pm utc. What rewards will be available has now been released. I won’t waste your time, naming them all, but here they are on screen. If you wish to pause, the rewards of note are for day one the apollo decal, as it just looks, epic and the special unique bone cap pet for day, two, the fireplace building part in the dinosaur unique pet day.

Three has an epic low-flying dragon style, pet. A fluorescent green blob pet for day 4 and a seriously epic looking unique purple and gold flying beetle pet on day 5.

So, for me, the main pull here is unique pets. They all look pretty fantastic. As for setting it up, so you can earn these rewards on the day.

You’Ll need to head to twitch.namaskar.com, where you can link your twitch account as well as any of your gaming platform accounts like steam and playstation. This will connect you to the hello games website and allow them to unlock the items in game for you. If you are planning on streaming on twitch during the twitch drops, you’ll need to go into your creator settings and enable twitch drops, depending on the campaign.

You may also have to enable the specific campaign so be sure to check the creator’s drop page for the cartographers campaign. As for when you are actually receiving the drops in order to get the items, you must be watching the stream of someone who is streaming. No man’s sky and has themselves opted in to have drops enabled this is displayed as a tag for their stream, while watching their stream. You can check your account menu to see that it is recording your view. This will show a timer counting till your next drop, provided you see that everything is going swimmingly, though there is one final step once you have earned the drop you need to go to the drops in your account, menu and claim all of the drops you have Earned once claimed they are yours and connected to your account.

If you don’t claim them, they will disappear and be unavailable by the end of that drop day, so be sure to claim them right away. So you don’t miss out once claiming these rewards can be claimed. In-Game from the quicksilver census bot in the anomaly at any time on any of your saves, you can have all rewards on all saves. There is no limit to your account. These items will also be available in game to any future saves you make, as they are bound to your specific account, not the saves in particular i’ll, be streaming every day of the twitch drops, making my way through the new expedition and just having a chill time Chatting with you all so, i hope to see you there be sure to subscribe and ring the bell.

So you can see when i’m live, but also for all the news and guides you could want for no man’s sky and more have a fantastic day.

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