Vibrant Orange Crystal S-Class Experimental Multitool Location | No Man’s Sky Next Generation Guide


Today in no man’s sky i’m going to show you, how? To get this beautiful mt? Found, by lava? Lamp, 64., i, just – love, the – bright – orange – crystals on this it? Looks? Fantastic? It, has? A really nice contrast being so bright and vibrant on the white and black background, but also as well as awesome mts. The uas is currently doing a winter wonderland build off and still time to get involved. So if you want to get involved here is the poster, there are more details on the discord you can find that link to below in the channel uas build offs. There’S a pin comment with everything you would ever want to know, use any planet in the system and just have a bit of a winter wonderland. The holiday season. Theme of any kind doesn’t need to be christmas at all.

Not everyone celebrates christmas man i’ll be showcasing. All these builds on the 27th of december in the winter wonderland, build up showcase stream, so check it out, there’s still time to get involved right back into the video [ Music ]. So if you want to go and get this mt first you’re going to have to make sure you are in the euclid galaxy, which is the first one, so it’s nice and easy everyone should have access if you, for some reason, don’t have access because you travel To another one and didn’t have a base here or something so you can’t teleport there. Then you can just pop on the discord. Ask for hoover, join the game of someone in euclid and do from there. You will, of course, also need all of your portal glyphs, as you see here so the address you’re going to need is bird bird, face hex triangle, whale rocket, waypoint y and finally swirly swirly boat, then just head on through this is the view you should see Upon arriving on pc uh, this was discovered, of course, by lava lamp who found the actual mt itself uh, and it’s called sirens.

It will be called sirens on uh or, however, you should be on any platform except the xv and three eyes after it may be different on uh ps4. Now you shouldn’t need to actually get follow. The coordinates to find this place uh only the first couple, people who try and find it well, if you’re on pc um, i will have noted as we’ll have lava lamp with a comm station, but in case you do need to find it here on screen. Now. Are the coordinates, as well as a little voided tip that you can pause the screen to read if you are a bit rusty on uh traveling toward specific coordinates on planets, as if by magic, we have arrived?

The first thing we’re going to do is work out which bloody mt i’m going to swap look. I don’t have to i’ve only got two on the save huzzah awesome happy day, so i really want some tea. It is so pretty i shall be out. If i look at it and a josh clash of ghosts, thank you kindly loveland man for finding and sharing this mt. The man puts so much work into hunting down these mts he’s found well over a hundred at this point. It’S quite crazy in s-class, of course, um so yeah. Thank you massively lava lamp. I will now purchase this. You kidding me. Are you actually kidding me? I don’t have enough on this save hey.

Do i not right time to sell some stuff and come back to it? I have millions of worth of stuff in my freighter just grab all these things that are worth nothing now other than just selling fodder. Oh yeah uh-huh! That’S right! Much better! So yeah also make sure that you have enough to buy it, which uh this is obviously uh, just a blank full price, seven and a half million. If you’re part exchange, then uh. Essentially it’s you get. Seventy percent of your current multi-tool uh its value and as i have one that is worth 7.5 million um yeah. I get 5 million 250 000 off that price if i’m exchanging, but i’m not doing that, i’m buying it because i love my current empties too. There are also lava lamp specials. Oh, would you look at that? It’S bloody pretty into them.

I am a happy zaini and, of course before i go must put gum station and, of course, if you go bmt be sure to leave a thanks for lava lamp, healthier man. Thank you lavlamb again for finding this beautiful one. I was going to go inside because it’s storming and kind of horrendous at the moment don’t forget to check out the uis 2020 winter wonderland build off. It’S going to be pretty awesome. You’Ve got a little under a week to be able to get involved. If you want more details, just check in the discord link to below, we have a special channel called uas build-offs and that’s got a pin comment in it with uh all the info i’ll be showcasing all the builds in that system. This sunday so be sure to check it out and uh yeah. It should be really cool, i’m really looking forward. This have been some ones that have uh sort of been shown already and they look fantastic and people bum is building something crazy as well.

So, thank you for watching. If you want to help support the channel, we have a patreon, a merch store and youtube memberships. We also have a website with loads of useful information and some tools and a discord where everyone, just chats about games and no man’s sky and other such live stuff, art and whatnot yeah check it out thanks for watching guys. Everything in the pin comment have an amazing day:

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