1 ANA TIP vs EVERY HERO ft. mL7 (2020)


Hey what’s going on guys my name is KarQ and FINALLY, we are updating the old Ana 1 tip video back from September 2017… that’s two and a half years ago from the date of this upload. And who better than mL7. Hello there I’m mL7 and I’m a content creator for ENVY. I specialize in support gameplay having multiple accounts in top 50 on the ladder and my signature hero is Ana. Let’s get this rolling. The general tip for Ana is learning her reload animation cancel. Her reload animation is in three motions.

First she pulls the cartridge out, then puts another one in, then COCKS the gun. After she does the first two actions you can skip the third action, the cocking, and do any action other than shooting. So that’s melee, nade, sleep, or nano. And with that out of the way, let’s get started. When D.Va dives, most Ana’s panic and use sleep dart immediately, but you should always wait out the matrix first. One method I find that works best is to do a 180 turn and run away. This will make D.Va stop using her defense matrix because there’s nothing for her to ea,t giving you an opportunity to turn back around and use your nade or sleep back on her. Be very fast with this though. Against Orisa, there?s a few obvious tips that are simple and straightforward, but are so important in the matchup. The first is to avoid her ?HALT? ability.

If you get pulled, point your crosshair to the ground so that you make your head harder to hit. The other simple tip is to keep an eye out for her ?FORTIFY? in which she turns all gold and shiny. Even after my thousands of hours on Ana I still accidently sleep Fortifying Orisa?s, and I want to encourage you all to be mindful of the ability and try to minimize this mistake.

Other than that, if the Orisa puts the shield near a wall, you can easily splash the nade over it or to the side. Against Rein, you can nano a teammate that?s pinned to ensure they don?t get 1-shot (unless its Tracer or baby D.va) because the 50% damage reduction lowers the 300 damage charge to 150 damage instead. Additionally, when Rein shatters, try to jump to a safe spot right before you get slammed – you will get stunned in mid-air he will get stunned in midair but the momentum will still carry you and you but the momentum will still carry you and you might be able to get into cover and out of line of sight. Ana is one of Roadhog?s biggest counters amongst the support heroes. This being said, try to save your abilities for him as he is easy to hit. Use your sleep or nade when he is using ‘whole hog’ ‘take a breather,’ or hooks somebody.

If you can’t see him just listen to his noisy footsteps or hook to help you react faster. If you don’t have sleep don’t be afraid to nano your teammate that got hooked. An extra tip against Roadhog is this, Ana’s hitbox is a little wonky so if you get hooked immediately couch to lower your hitbox so Roadhog potentially misses some pellets. When Sigma ULTS your team your job as Ana is to prioritize healing on those who are under 50% HP If Zen is being focused for example, heal the Zen. You usually have time for 2 shots then a nade when they hit the ground. If you are the target of Sigma ULT, try to sleep them in the air to cancel it. If you miss it your next best option is to look at the floor and throw an nade just before you hit the ground so you don’t die to the 100 damage impact. Alternatively, if your near a wall you can splash it off that to keep yourself healthy enough as well. If Winston leaps on you you want to press jump and move in the same direction he’s booping you, which will increase the distance between you two.

If you are not low HP and he is using Primal Rage, use sleep dart right after he punches you as he will displace you if use it too early and mess up your aim. Against a Wrecking Ball, you can sleep dart him right as he starts his Pile-Driving animation in the air so you can cancel it and don’t take any damage. However if you do get hit by the Piledrive + Minefield combo you can turn around and shoot to destroy one of the mines before it gets deployed to escape his ultimate this is kind of hard to do though… so worst case, just nade yourself on the ground right after you land to self-heal and clear the mines around you.

When you sleep somebody from the enemy team their Zarya will look to bubble them when they receive damage. You can bait out her bubble if you fake to shoot the slept target. Just aim above or to the side. Most Zarya’s will waste friendly bubble thinking they’ll protect them or get energy. Against Ashe, this one is obvious but please keep your sleepdart for BoB. Keep in mind that BoB lasts for 10 seconds after he collides with a wall or teammate, and sleep dart lasts for 5 seconds so analyze the situation accordingly.

If she’s being damage boosted by a Mercy, do not try to 1v1 her at short-medium distance as she can one-shot you. I fell for this many times thinking she needs to hit me twice but after tons of KEKW’s, I learned my lesson. As Ana this is how you deny a Bastion setup. If it’s a ‘Protect-the-President’ strategy on a payload map, try to find a spot on the map where the payload takes the first corner and look for a place to hide from to look for a nade or sleep dart.

If it’s a defensive setup with Bastion you should try to flank but let your team know your plan beforehand so they don’t take any damage and die. If you don’t like this approach wait for your team to break the shields. If your teammates are the ones holding you back from your dream SR, try and find a flaw in the enemy shield placement. Throw the nade above, to the side, maybe the enemy Orisa places a new shield two seconds after the initial one expired… the possibilities are endless. Okay now against Doomfist I know this is a very tough matchup so I’m gonna start with some specific tips and then I’m gonna try to come up with like a general way of how to play against them. First and foremost it’s important to understand the best time to sleep dart him. This would be during the uppercut movement, or catching him mid seismic slam, or after he uses his ultimate.

Another tip, if he uppercuts you and you do not have sleep dart, you have a brief moment to splash the nade off his body or a wall so it anti’s him and heals you as well. In general though the best way to play against Doomfist is to learn his rollouts and stay away from them. If you’re having a hard time against him please keep all your cooldowns for him. When he slams you, nade yourself. When he uppercuts you sleep him. If you don’t have your abilities and your team doesn’t help you out, the most you can do is to move in the direction he is pushing you towards with the uppercut, for example press S so you get away from his bullet spread. Good luck. Against Echo you can’t stay scoped in for too long because you need to keep moving to avoid her sticky bombs.

It’s kind of like the same as you’d play against the Pharah, move move move. Other than that, keep in mind that Echo’s beam does 4x the damage it normally does on players with less than half HP. Her sticky bombs can take most heroes down to half HP or more. So the moment you see any allies get stuck with them, prioritize healing them immediately so they don’t get followed up with the laser. Against Genji use melee to bait out his deflect. If you’re going tight room, nade the ceiling when uses deflect and you’ll be able to splash the anti effect on him and the healing effect on you. Now against his Dragonblade… sleeping him will always be a low % success rate play no matter what SR you’re at, I mean you should still go for it most of the cases, but in my experience I find that the safer option is to NANO the teammate he’s blading, and pocket them so he doesn’t get any dash resets. If you’re playing alone in the back, Hanzo’s will usually throw a sonic arrow near you to see when you’re going to peek for healing.

Take for example Hanamura second point defense at the right side of your spawn. You’re peeking to do some heals and then the enemy Hanzo kills you with a well-timed arrow. The Sonic Arrow has a distinct sound compared to the normal arrow, so listen carefully to avoid getting logged by him. Against Junkrat, if there’s no one shooting the riptire, your shot into nade combo can kill it instantly. In addition to this some Junkrat’s get very greedy and get the Riptire very close… you can use melee on it. But here’s a very good non-mechanical tip.

When he’s using Riptire, just run away from your team. He will probably go for the healers and the more spread you are from your team the less kills he is probably going to get. Be careful with where you run though, you don’t want to be in the crosshairs of the enemy team. When playing against a McCree, keep your sleep dart for high noon since he’s almost stationary when casting it. Depending on the distance, you might have to aim directly to one side since McCree will usually slow strafe to one direction.

Versus Mei, use quickscopes and unscoped shots only when fighting her in mid-long range because she does 150 damage with the Icicle to the head and has no damage fall-off. If you stay scoped in, you’re an easy target to hit. If you’re playing on a 2CP and are trying to cap the point, players will usually swap to Mei to stall. If the situation allows you (no one is focusing you, or there are already enough people capping etc.) try to walk close to her spawn to sleep her or at least force her ice block so she doesn’t have it to contest the point. If you just stay on point, she will dodge your sleep dart and contest the point with an ice block. Against Pharah, don’t be afraid to shoot and pressure her even with the pocket healer, actively taking time out of your healing to put a shot or two on her prevents her from flying for free and forces the Pharah to play difficulty to search for cover.

This will make your healing job way easier since she’s no longer spamming for free and will also help the hitscans in your team responsible with taking her down. In addition to this if she’s playing cocky without any cover and being pocketed by a Mercy, and your team doesn’t need any healing… keep in mind that you need 7 shots in a rrrrrrow to kill her.

Against Reaper his biggest utility is his Wraith Form. You can bait out his Wraith by melee’ing, since the look like you’re trying to sleep dart him, then keep your nade to use after he comes out of it to cancel the healing he gets when doing damage. Small Ana animation cancel here to take note of. Unscoped shot + Nade is an instant cast so smash those buttons together to get your APM higher. Against most 200 hp heroes, the general combo is to land a shot + nade + shot. However when you’re facing an enemy soldier you want to open with the nade FIRST, then follow up with 2 shots when he uses his legs and starts running. This is because if you do the general combo, most soldiers will drop the healing station and by the time the nade hits he’ll heal up the damage from the 1st shot, even though it’s just a little bit… forcing you to take two more shots anyways. I found that the best way to play against Sombra especially when she’s farming EMP is as soon as you hear her uncloak and she starts shooting YEET your sleep at her, even if it is not precise.

She usually doesn’t farm EMP on you, but she will hear the sleepdart cue and maybe recall back. If you hit the sleep, congratulations here is a medal. And here’s an extra tip, recently they changed the animation for EMP making it longer so if you feel like you’re fast and precise with your sleepdart you can go for the sleep on her when she EMPs, thus canceling it. Good luck. If you?re anticipating a Symmetra teleporter play, camp the common spot for it and get ready for a p h a t anti which wins the play. She is one of your biggest counters when she has her ULT up, so, the best way to play around it is to tell your team on which side of the wall should they play on. You can say, “hug the left side” or “play on the right side” If someone is caught on the other side, saving your nano to heal them is something very smart to do.

Against Torb focus turret if possible if your team can’t destroy it. You can shoulder peek it with unscoped shots to avoid any damage. If he’s trying to disrespect you with a hammer kill turn around and run away from him with your ass facing him so you both run at the same speed and he has a nice view. Vs Tracer, One of the coolest things to do is nano a teammate if they get stuck by a pulse bomb to keep them alive as long as they aren’t Tracer or baby Dva since it reduces it from 350 damage to 175. In case you get pulse bombed, walk into her because we don’t wanna die alone in this world… 🙁 Against Widow, you can challenge her if you?re behind a shield call for your tank to protect you with a shield while you peek and put a shot or two into her. This will force Widow to take a new angle or drop from certain high grounds. Little things like this helps so much in these matchups because it prevents Widow from doing whatever she wants since there’s no one dueling her. Additionally try to do a soulder peek sleepdart against her as she’s focused at you shoulder peeking again.

It kind of looks like this… peek once to see where the Widow is then peek again to throw the sleepdart, and then you’re just gonna wait for the sleepdart to hit. If you do it fast enough Widow’s will be too focused on aiming at your head barely peeking, rather than even acknowledging the sleep dart and trying to dodge it. Another tip is when you want to cross a part of the map where the Widow is holding and you have no shield, you put your head to the ground and put your back facing the part where Widow is holding so that your headshot hitbox is smaller. Doing some crouch spams and good left/right strafes will increase your chances of making it the other side alive. When playing against an Ana, if you don’t need to heal your teammates try to put a couple of shots into her in the middle of the teamfight to pleasure her a bit.

This will force her to change angles and can potentially put her in a vulnerable position or at least make her use the nade on herself. Versus Baptiste try to use your grenade at the end of his immortality field so that after the immortality effect ends, your anti effect will still be there and they won’t get any healing. By the way you can stay on top of his immortality field or splash a grenade on it so keep that in mind. Against Brig, tried to save your nade for her Rally because if you don’t anti her, she feels like a RAID BOSS.

Math time, her shield is currently 200 HP, you do 70 damage. This means that you can destroy her shield in 3 shots… so do it! When facing a Lucio, the same tip for soldier applies with the general 200 HP damage combo. You want to open with the nade instead of going for the shot + nade + shot because again, the travel distance for the nade will usually allow Lucio on healing aura to regain enough health to survive, requiring a 3rd shot. Mercy dies in 3 hits from you. If you miss 1 shot, you will still be able to kill her increase shots because the passive won’t kick in yet.

But if you miss 2 shots, you require another extra shot. To make it simpler you have to hit 3/4 shots if you shoot them right one after another to kill her. Against Moira, her Fade cleanses the anti-healing effect from your grenade. Use your grenade as a finishing blow if she’s low or after uses Fade. Now the common strategy that Moira’s do against Ana, is that they throw a damage orb at them if they’re playing alone in the back somewhere…. so if you see a damage orb flying towards you, know that it has your name on it and move closer to your team to get healing from a secondary support so you’re not forced to use nade on yourself. Against Zenyetta the obvious tip is to name the enemy Transcendence. A cool thing to take note of is to listen for his Volley charge as it makes a very specific sound.

You want to always be in cover when he has his volley fully charged to not die randomly if you don’t have any cover or even if you are playing behind your Reinhardt shield or any other type of cover, to not die from Zen’s volley after you Rein drops his shield randomly. Now here’s something a bit more advanced when the enemy team has ZEN, and the main tanks matchup is Reinhardt vs Reinhardt, look for the discord orb being applied to your main tank.

If it gets applied, the other Rein will become very aggressive with his hammer swings so you can look for easy nades or sleep darts on to him..

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