Hey, what’s going on guys, my name is KarQ and today we’re gonna go over one common mistake for every offense hero in the order that you see them here. First up is Genji and obviously the common mistake here is forgetting that you must spam “I need healing.” No, but for real a common mistake is dashing too far, especially in a 1V1 situation. In other words I feel a lot of genji players are underutilizing the “short dash.” We know the dash is great to go long distances and hit multiple targets, but what if you’re already in an enemy’s face? In these situations It’s much better to short dash – or dash into the ground to prevent yourself from going too far So you’re in range for Melee or a secondary fire, Which is much more effective at close range. Next is McCree. And this common mistake is quite impactful in the current meta I feel many McCree players are under utilizing the ‘fan the hammer’ ability, not necessarily against other players But against barriers and shields.So for example with Winston very prevalent in the current meta good players will drop their bubbles in high-traffic Areas such as choke points to zone off enemies.

As an Ana player myself I get extremely frustrated if an enemy Winston drops a great bubble And I can’t heal or throw my mate to anyone in or beyond it. Well McCree’s fan the Hammer does 270 damage very quickly at close range, and if he rolls and does it again He can almost break the 600 HP bubble by himself in under 2 seconds So please keep this in mind as it helps the team significantly. Third on the list is Pharah and the common mistake here is just simply floating and not utilizing or mixing up the much faster aerial movements of freefall, concussive blast and jump jet. If you just float into a teamfight Especially without a pocket Mercy you’re an extremely easy target to hit Try to use the mobility built into your kit to avoid getting shot at and to take enemies by surprise Next up is reaper, and I don’t want to call this one a common mistake, but rather a situational mistake so this goes out to all the reapers that are just fighting in line of sight and suddenly you wraith form and head straight into a group of enemies, I’m sure you all know what this means So obviously this sort of thing is very common And in many cases can work out if you recognize the enemies have no abilities to stop your death blossom However keep in mind that it’s extremely telegraphed if you do this So unless you’re mentally tracking the cooldowns of enemy sleep darts and flashbangs for example.

Try to be a little bit more unpredictable. Soldier 76 is the next one on the list and the common mistake here is poor Biotic field discipline which really irks me as a support main, I can’t even tell you the amount of times I see a soldier taking just a bit of damage like he has 150/200 HP and dropping his biotic field behind Line-of-sight after both teams are just poking each other all it would take for me as a lucio for example is stand near him for two seconds, but instead we lose this healing ability from Soldier for 15 seconds. Please remember that the best usage of Biotic field is when the enemy team is committed in a fight or duel against you or if You’re supplementing your team for example it is an absolute godsend if your team gets Graviton Surge by the enemies Zarya and you drop your Biotic field below your team If your Ana follows up with a Biotic grenade you get a huge amped up healing station below you or as I like to call it a little ‘budget transcendence’ So please soldier players discipline your usage of this terrific, terrific ability Next up is Sombra, and the common mistake here is forgetting that stealth has a little time period of seconds before any ability can be used.

So in a game like Overwatch where every second counts It’s important to keep this in mind when using a big ability like EMP. I’ve noticed that some Sombras will throw the Translocator in the Air and hang out in the sky for a little bit to break stealth and then EMP. The more experienced Sombra players will usually time to teleport into EMP right when stealth is about to naturally end or press the melee button right before translocating so the EMP is smooth and seamless. And the final hero on the list is Tracer I’d say a common general mistake is not playing tracer in her effective range which is 10 meters from the target you’re shooting. Tracer’s bullets do 6 damage each so with 40 shots you can unload 240 damage and body shots on unarmored Targets as long as they’re within 10 meters.

If they’re further than that you will notice a considerable damage drop-off as each bullet now does Damage each which is a quarter of a damage potential. Factor in the bolt spread of her guns and you pretty much tickle enemies beyond this range Therefore you want to be taking fights closer than 10 meters to keep her bullet damage high and to minimize spread. Just a quick tip, Tracers blink distance is 7 meters so use that as a reference. All right? I think that covers it all Thank you all for watching and have yourselves a wonderful day.

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