1 LUCIO TIP vs EVERY HERO ft. Redshell (2020)


Hey what’s going on guys my name is KarQ and you know… I’ve actually done quite a few Lucio videos in the channel before and today is gonna be no exception this time we’re gonna be updating the old “1 Lucio tip for every hero” featuring a face that hasn’t been on the channel before, Redshell. Hello everyone my name is Redshell here. I’m a known griefer in high SR… commonly known for my aggressive Lucio playstyle and I’m here to give some tips that I have when it comes to Lucio 1v1’s and yeah…

That’s about it. I love KarQ Let’s kick things off with the general tip. The key to playing Lucio is surviving and mobility. There?s nothing more obnoxious than trying to shoot down a Lucio and he’s dodging all your cooldowns. Other than learning how to wallride like a god, Lucio’s hitbox is specifically very dodgy and very funky, especially if you A-D spam… it’s very not in a diagonal way, so his hitbox actually glitches a lot so you can play with your hitbox you can make yourself really hard to hit. Usually just stick to A-D movement and jump only when you want to go to a wall.

This will immediately improve your Lucio gameplay. And with that out of the way let’s get started. Against D.Va, boop her upwards when she’s in baby form so she can?t remech because they only allow you to remech when she’s on the ground. Another really good tip against Dva is when she uses bomb and she’s stuck in re-mech animation you can very easily land 4 headshots…

Or a couple of body shots with a headshot + melee + boop. The Orisa matchup is very hard especially if they have Halt. Usually there’s not much you can do as Lucio in a 1v1 scenario but if you do fight Orisa the best advice is to play the long game and prioritize not dying over killing, and seeing if you can force any cooldowns. For example, if you can safely get close enough to boop her past her shield, they will probably panic and pop FORTIFY. What I usually do against Reinhardt is when they want to charge, I try to Boop them towards walls or places that my teammates are not gonna get hit by it be careful though, a really badly time boop can kill your teammate.

Also you can very easily bully on Reinhardt by shooting while moving backwards. Another extra tip if you fart up your wallride and you end up in range of a Rein swing, you can use the momentum of his swing like a baseball bat, and jump at the same time he’s swinging and propel yourself away from him. Roadhog overall is a very hard character to kill due to his tankyness and his kill pressure. The best way to deal with a Roadhog is to use your own team as bait and when they get hooked you can save them before he has a chance of shooting them. Another tip is when he says he’s using his healing animation he’s very vulnerable because he has no more sustain so you can go around him and boop him towards your teammates so they have an easier chance to kill him.

When fighting a Sigma the best advice is to fight on walls because they have a harder time hitting you and in case they do rock you, your momentum will still carry on making you hard to hit. Your sound barrier is the best counter to a Sigma ult, but in case you don’t have it, a well timed healing amp in the air can help you team stay above the 50% HP threshold. Then when they’re landing on the ground you can switch to speed so your teammates can get the fudge out.

Winston is very weak against Lucio, you can literally facetank like an entire clip of his primary, with a well-timed healing amp. An advanced tip that I know is that you can play around Winston’s 6 second jump cooldown, and cancel it with a well-timed boop. The biggest counter to BALL is a very aware Lucio and using boop correctly. You can use it to cancel his fireball while he’s trying to engage your teammates, or when he’s spinning in circles. You can also time it at the beginning of his piledrive animation so you can mess it up. Zarya honestly is a very easy hero to fight when she’s low charge. People use Zarya to combo with ults, like for example Hanzo ult… and it all comes down to timing of the beat.

Ppeople tend to panic and ULT instantly when they’re gravved, but in reality it’s a lot better to wait and be patient and when you see the follow-up damage to maximize the extra hp. Against Ashe, if she has coach gun it?s is very hard to 1v1 but once everything is used, the character is very easy to kill. Rremember, Bob works like a bad Reinhardt, so you can boop Bob into places that he cant do damage. Against Bastion, honestly this is a team effort but you can try going for flanks where Bastion’s exposed from behind, forcing him to turn around and shoot you.

You probably will never be in an scenario where you have to 1v1 a bastion but if you do, try jumping on top of his head so he has a harder time shooting you. Against Doomfist try to stay on walls and high ground so he cannot reach you with his abilities as easily. However if you’re on the ground and a Doomfist is charging his rocket punch, you can boop him in the air so he doesn’t have a target to punch anymore. The best tip against Echo is to not waste time trying to do duel her in the sky in a 1v1. It’s a waste of time because you don’t do much damage to her and she cannot do anything to you either. So I think a better tip would be to an eye on her ULT, because depending on what character she changes to, you can boop her away and try to minimize the value she gets out of it. For example if she changes to Reinhardt I will try to boop her away and speed my team out.

Genji is literally Lucio…but worse. Never be afraid of taking the 1v1 and use boop at the last second because Genji’s usually tend to deflect to run away or try to stall the fight so you can catch him off-guard. Remember, boop cannot be deflected. Against Hanzo he’s a very hard character to 1v1, due to his one-shot nature. If you do plan to rush a Hanzo, make sure to use your sound cues and attack him when he has no LEAP, so he’s more vulnerable.

If he has Dragonstrike, you do have a small window where you can boop him and mess up his aim. Junkrat is a very hit-or-miss target keep your Keep your distance while shooting him makes it very easy to kill. You can also boop TIRE, to save your teammates. You will probably still die from it, but there’s a small chance that the extra distance might just save you or someone else.

Also your boop actually can destroy his mine, so if Junkrat has one set under his feet, you can boop it, to break it and mess up his escape. Against McCree bait flashbang by rushing him and changing directions. If you’re in a position where getting flashbang is bound to happen you can boop McCree upwards so he has a harder chance to shoot you while you’re stuck in the stun animation. Against Mei, your amp cooldown on both heal/speed can counter different parts of her kit. The amp speed will help you get out of her primary fire and it can help you escape her ult, even if you’re at the center of it! With your heal amp, you can out-heal the primary fire that initially freezes a teammate which will prevent them from being comboed into an icicle.

In general tho, a lot of Mei’s will be really aggressive due to her cooldowns so when you see a Mei use ice block quickly rush behind her and boop her towards your teammates because once you she has no defensive cooldowns, she’s a very easy kill. Against Pharah, she’s another flying matchup like Echo and overall a bad idea to fight. But in any case you’re feeling funky just jump around the sky and dodging rockets because F it why not? Reaper is a hero that relies on being close, so you can completely nullify his presence by booping him away and keeping your distance on walls and shooting from far away. When you know he has ULT, be very aware of these locations because even if he comes from above you can boop him in the air and shut down his ULT.

Against Soldier, it’s another very basic matchup. JUST FORCE COOLDOWNS, and run away because he’s very hard to kill because of his sustain. IF he’s not focusing you and he has Biotic Field down, you can boop him away from his field to reduce his sustain and chase him down before he has time to react. The amp speed can also help a teammate catch up to his legs so there’s escape if he gets caught. Sombra, the enemy of every Lucio player. As long as you aren’t hacked, you win 90% of the matchups against her. Be very aware where she is and save boop to cancel hack since your bullets travel very slow. When she translocates out you can see where her direction is so you can chase her down.

Against Symmetra, honestly this is one of the DPS characters that you can have an easy kill. She has no defense abilities aside from turrets, so rushing her and catching her alone is a good strat. Special note: Your MELEE 1-shots turrets, but your boop doesnt. Against Torb since you have no fall-off damage, shooting turrets from far away is something you need to do constantly especially because Lucio relies on mobility and the turret has aimbot. You can bait his OVERLOAD by faking an engagement, then run away and re-engage after. Tracer is another easy matchup. You have better sustain and your mobility makes you hard to hit. The most important thing is TIMING your boop correctly against Tracer, don’t just randomly use it. Tracer’s usually BLINK + SHOOT then BLINK again then SHOOT. The moment Tracer commits to the shooting, you want to boop her so she misses most of her clip on you. Sometimes good Tracers will do some double blinks first to throw you off, then shoot. So always wait for her to commit on the shooting to get the most value. Against Widowmaker it’s the same thing as Tracer usually when rushing a Widowmaker you can see the animation of her scoping in or you can hear the click sound.

So make a mental timer of how long it takes for her to get enough charge on one shot when that happens… boop her out of it. Against Ana you don’t have to kill her to get value. Sometimes just firing a few shots against her while she’s scoped, you can force her to nade herself. If you’re in a 1v1 against Ana, try booping her upwards so she can’t splash the nade on you and herself. When Baptiste is going to die they usually throw LAMP, so you have 2 choices. If you force LAMP, it’s already a win in my book, so you can just run away and re-engage 5 seconds later after it’s gone.

The other choice is to get them down to the minimum lamp HP then boop him out of it, primary fire + melee. Oh Brigitte my favourite character dude EXODIA herself. If you want to 1v1 her you should shoot from far away and avoid her cooldowns. If she procs inspire you already lost the teamfight bro. The Lucio 1v1 dude the matchup of the wet noodle fight. If you’re stuck in a 1v1, booping him towards a corner reduces his advantage of mobility and makes it easier to kill him. Against Mercy it’s obvious but keep your boop available because the worst thing in the world seeing a Mercy REZ and realizing it’s on cooldown and you can’t do anything about it. Other than that Mercy’s a very easy target to kill. As long as you do a small amounts of damage you can negate her passive forcing her to play safe. Against Moira, dude honestly on god, don’t even f-ing bother dude, f that.

Against Zenyatta this is a very easy matchup if you can catch him off-guard. If you’re discorded, he still needs to land 4 body-shots to kill you and his shots are kinda slow so keep that as a mental check. If he’s charging his secondary firing booping him while he’s shooting should protect you from his burst damage. Also who the F plays Zen let’s face it… dead character..

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