Hello everyone, my name is KarQ Today I invited DrRiku If it is not the strongest or the most terrifying roadblocker on the NA list Hey Anan, this is Riku The main corner of Riku is a roadblock pig and has gone through all the changes of this character Today I will share with you “Tricks of dealing with each character” Hope you like it When Destroyed Boxer just ran out of a meteor drop or earthquake strike No resistance to injury or chain hooks Grab this moment to kill him and turn the tide Contrary to Genji, remember to use his melee to cheat him. In this way, he can only flee Or being hooked for overconfidence Keep an eye on McCarley’s location Remember to keep your right button and at least the chain hook So that he ca n?t show up, you wo n?t die When you feel Farah has a rocket barrage, reserve your hook If you use the hook, remember to keep the right distance So you can kill her right away, or kill her so that your teammates can take her away Against Death It’s important to find the balance between “active” and “too active For example, when Death uses Deathbloom Stand by your super thick blood, walk into him Shoot one or two on his head Or kill him with a chain hook Combo You have so much blood, and you have so much time to respond to his big move.

That’s too bad for you to die When soldiers lock up with tactics Try to fire him out of the locked range with full fire Make good use of chokes (single narrow entrances) or any feature on the map When he tried to advance, the probe sprayed him back If you see the halo throwing out the phase shifter, sneak in and stay beside She reasonably wouldn’t have a way to react, this head can be said to be free * * * Idiot !!! Your dog ?- Facing flash If she used a pulse bomb on you Try sucking it up again and walking towards her Use Chain Hooks to Release the Guardian Sentinel Mode Or hook him in tank mode and waste his time If you are fast enough, you can use your body to block the cannonball and suck it up again. Let him slowly blow himself to death When Hanzo found that you were going to attack him Try to suck up again with initiative and walk towards him Remember to turn your back to him and lower your head so that he cannot head over In this case, you should be able to close for free, because he (old version of Hanzo) has no escape skills Many people don’t know You can use its practical chain hook or move the tires with full firepower You can pull the flywheel away from your teammates and keep them Or fire full, push it away and destroy If Xiaomei uses Frost Barrier Walk into her and give her a chance to be bullied and chained to kill her immediately Of course, if her threat is really that big You can kill her instantly with fire when the ice cube bursts Meet Tobian Try to find a good place to destroy the turret with 2 ~ 3 rounds Or directly attack the turret with your face, directly destroy the turret, or directly fire it (the old version of the turret in the movie is a level 3 turret) When grabbing a daughter Wait until she uses the claw hook and then the chain hook At this point her movement must be straight.

Reserve some space, easily throw the hook, it should be easy to hit If you are in a position where you can hook a self-destructing mech Try hooking it and pressing the E key (E key has damage reduction effect) This should save yourself and all your teammates Anyone in D.Va where they could be bombed will be saved by you But be careful If messed up, this could kill you and your other teammates. What I love about Orissa is, Fire up her fortified defenses Because during the fortified defense, she is immune to all CCs Means she will eat all the fire you fired Give it a try, man! Actually, it’s super fun! When dealing with Reinhardt, remember that the chain hook can stop his movement You can stop him charging your teammates You can also stop ground splitting And even let him drop the barrier.

Make him unable to resist those big moves to turn the tide But know, if you plan to cancel the ground split with a hook, this is extremely difficult to achieve. Rather than reflection, the predictive component is still the majority But there is still a way Can do it, friend, can do it! Pig-to-pig single hop focuses on long-range targeting Who else is more timid Usually, a pig who picks up blood in the jar first will die first Because the hook can interrupt the treatment So remember to leave the hooks for him to use for blood to kill him easily.

When Winston used wild fury, he was fired at the right time to push him away. Keep him from meeting you or your teammates If you know it, you can push him to the corner Make him really “can’t do anything” One tip for everyone is Hit the chain hook and immediately use firepower to fully open You can cover your movement of pulling the target in front of you But when you use the big move, the action of the opponent getting closer still continues. This technique is not so commonly used Sometimes for some heroes … Not so easy to use This is more experimental … But I teach you this trick. If you want to use it, use it. To Zaria, really lie to her to let her use her barrier And count the time, hook her when the shield disappears This way Zaria cannot get energy Also makes it easier for you to hit the hook and receive the head Because she has no shield! I think the most important thing to Anna against a pig Yes: Combo !!! Following is Combo Determine the situation <left / right> Then <chain hook> Then <half step forward> Then <Left Button>, and finally <Melee> At this point the opponent should be dead.

Or the residual blood is enough for your teammates to breathe This trick is not only effective for Anna, but applies to all heroes in the special battle But why is it so important to Anna? Because if you * screw up You will be sleep If you are sleep You will lose And if you lose The game is not fun! Then * he * Anna !!!!!!!!!! * He * whole set of *** broken games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When fighting with Lucio Remember you can stop his sonic barrier release with a hook Whether you succeed in killing him In any case, he still keeps the sonic barrier (old setting) So remember they still have this big (ult tracking) If you accidentally let (old) Mercy resurrect your teammates Put yourself in a position to assassinate another player right away Meaning if you really succeed in assassination You can also count as preventing a player from being resurrected It turned out that he was never resurrected Contrast (older version) Simmeta, you would want her to lose her shield Then you can actively walk through it She’s super fragile, and when you catch her, she can’t compete with you at all With sufficient requirements Hooking to Zenyatta can give your team the opportunity to destroy the enemy In some cases, you can also kill Zenyata terrain Hey everyone !! It’s me DrRiku Better than Riku Because uh …

Everyone usually calls it like this ? If you want to see me live on Twitch Go to twitch.tv/DrRiku I open the stage every day! That’s right You can follow my YouTube channel youtube.com/undeadriku There are a lot of game videos there. A lot of things i made You can follow me on twitter.com/DrRikuTV There will be updates for anything in the future So you can take a look Thanks everyone for listening Thank you KarQ for making this come true Thank you so much And …

again, thank you for accompanying me to this point It’s too fierce if you are still listening He is still listening Because … so amazing Thanks everyone … Hmm! Just sauce! Dear! Love you! See you in the future! BYE BYE! BYE BYE !!! (Translator has fallen)

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