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Hey, what’s going on guys my name is KarQ and today. I’m joined by FitzyHere. Hey guys. I’m FitzyHere I’m a Sombra one trick. Hey guys. I’m FitzyHere, and I’m a Sombra main. We’re gonna be sharing with you one Sombra tip versus every hero, but first Here’s a general Sombra mechanic that Fitzy recommends you learn and understand first, a good general tip to remember when going for an EMP is to use stealth throw your translocator in decloak then translocate and EMP. This will get rid of the delay when you try to EMP after you translocate and it will also play the voice line of decloaking at your original location Instead of in the middle of the entire enemy line and with that let’s get started. And with that let’s get started. Against Doomfist hacking leaves him with only his primary fire.

Additionally hacking can cancel his channeled abilities so if he’s in the middle of using one of his abilities it will cancel instantly. Against Genji it’s really important to hack or EMP him during his ultimate startup. Genji’s dash reset is a huge part of his dragon blade combos and the hack lasts for six seconds this matches the entire duration of Dragon blade. Against Mccree when he uses his High Noon the enemy team will start to push forward. You can counter initiate by using your EMP to cancel the High Noon and hit all of the grouped up enemies. Additionally if you’re invisible behind enemy lines McCree will feel safe to use High Noon so you can either shoot his head point blank or even hack him. Against Pharah this is actually a Sombra favorite match up as long as you have high ground to jump to and she’s not being pocketed by mercy once she starts to shoot you can jump of the high ground you can jump off the high ground and if she tries to shoot you as you’re falling.

She has to get direct hits if you’re hit once you can wait for the second rocket to shoot before you go back to your translocator. Against Reaper there’s not much to say about this match up stay far enough away that you can get a hack or EMP off during his Death blossom. Against Soldier 76 try to get a hack off before engaging Sombra has no burst damage, so if he gets off his biotic field it’s very difficult to take him out especially since the Sombra has a reload time of 1.5 seconds. Against another Sombra if you anticipate the enemy EMP hide and counter initiate with your own.

This way the enemy team will be grouped up to push with their EMP making for an easy counter. Against Tracer hacking her stops her mobility Makes her very easy target to take out look to try to hack her in between her reload animations. Another cool tip is if you’re stuck by a pulse bomb You could translocate to disappear from the map briefly and drop the pulse bomb on the ground. Against Bastion in Bastion team comps Sombra is a fantastic counter. You can hack him out of his turret form try to have your team take a bit of poke damage to build up your EMP.

Once you have EMP you can completely destroy all barriers as well as take Bastion out of his turret form. Against Hanzo a nifty trick that you can use that is unique to Sombra is that if you’re invisible. The word detected will display in bright bold red letters if you’re in Hanzo sonic arrow additionally hack can cancel dragon strike during its cast animation . Against Junkrat you can cancel his rip tire during his casting animation with hack or EMP. Against mei typically she’s used to stall the point on two CP maps.

Once she puts her wall up try to hack her and she can’t use her cryofreeze to stall. Against Torbjorn EMP will hack the turret hack normally lasts for six seconds. But against a turret it actually lasts for ten. This could completely negate the level three turret from molten core since that also lasts ten seconds. Against a Widowmaker if you choose to contest her. Typically they’ll be on the high ground you can use a translocator and stealth at the same time to get right next to her wait for your translocator to come off cooldown before you come out of stealth and that way if she uses grapple to get away you have a translocator ready to chase her.

When playing against D.va will try to call her mech right after her she uses her nuke Translocate past to dodge the nuke and EMP or hack the D.va while she’s calling her mecha She will lose all of her ult charge. If caught trying to call the mecha. Against Orisa shields will be destroyed with EMP and supercharger will be silenced use EMP to counter initiate. Against Reinhardt if he has a teammate pinned you can use hack to stop him in his tracks and save your teammate. Against Roadhog when he uses take a breather go for the hack since you can’t damage you to stop it And it will cancel take a breather. Against Winston Hack the Winston when he uses Primal rage because he will be unable to take advantage of his two second leaps Preventing him from creating space and throwing your teammates around.

Against Zarya It’s important to understand how the EMP interaction works, first EMP can remove projected barriers and shields however, if the hero has natural shields, the barrier will be removed, but the shields will not additionally if you destroy a barrier with EMP Zarya, will gain 40 energy for each barrier destroyed. Against Ana Try to hack her before engaging sleep darts very deadly for Sombra. Especially if your translocator timer is about to run out. When playing against Lucio try to discipline yourself to wait for the enemy team to initiate with Beat drop. They will all be grouped up and EMP will remove the barrier provided. Additionally you can hack or EMP during Lucio’s animation to cancel the Beat drop Against Mercy use hack or EMP to deny the res during the 1.75 second cast time.

Verse Pharah Mercy you can hack the mercy so she can’t use guardian angel to fly up to the Pharah making both of them vulnerable. Against Symmetra shield generator and teleporter have 350 shields and 50 health you could one clip each of these. But if you’re in a hurry you can EMP and bring them down to 50 HP. Against Moira 1v1 it’s very difficult because you don’t have any burst damage. But Moira’s positioning is very reliant on Fade. Try to hack her and have your team finish her off as a side note, hack also completely cancels coalescence. Against Zenyatta EMP is Zen’s biggest counter because we’ll leave him with 50 HP making for a very easy kill, keep in mind this doesn’t work if he uses transcendence first, so you need to get the jump on him and that wraps up all the Sombra tips.

Hope you guys learn something Thank You Fitzy for joining me, and I’ll see you guys next time Thanks for having me KarQ. You can find me at twitch.tv/FItzyHere most days at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and check out more in-depth Sombra guides at my Youtube channel. Subscribe and like to KarQ.

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