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Ladies and gentlemen hello everyone and welcome to this new video. Today I will try to teach you 10 techniques and other trick not necessarily known to most Overwatch players. This is the first episode of this series, I plan to do more in the future so feel free to tell me in the comments if you enjoyed it. We are also going to make a little game with this video. If you were not aware of any of the techniques on the list I encourage you to leave a like on the video. If you know them absolutely all, you can leave a ?dislike?, consider like a test! Go to the end of palaver and let’s start with the first trick.

– Mei’s ice wall has interesting properties. One of them allows Mei to save himself or an ally from a Jackal trap. To do this, simply place the wall under a trapped ally, it will destroy the trap and allow your teammate to get away without any problem. – Did you know, Winston has a Super Jump. Indeed this jump is a rather strange trick allowing Winston to fly again higher in the sky. To execute it, just perform a normal jump, then use your jumppack the moment you fall back to the ground. If you have the right timing, it will cause damage from landing to takeoff. and Winston will take off even higher. The only problem is that you will not inflict this landing damage on fallout, since you already inflicted them on takeoff. It’s pretty situational but some pros like the French player KnOxXx, who is besides at the origin of the discovery of this technique, use it regularly to take advantage of the increased jump range. – A technique little known by players who do not know Chopper is Melee Bait. It’s a simple technique of sending a melee attack when of a duel against a Genji or a Tracer.

Indeed in this kind of situation, the players of these characters are often on the long live and expect the famous Chopper traquelard. Performing this melee attack will launch an animation resembling it misunderstand the traquelard launch. Seeing this animation, most Genjis and Tracer will panic and use Blink, Reflect or Recall to dodge what they think is a Traquelard throw. This little technique is therefore perfect for putting your target in an unfavorable situation while keeping your precious tracker available when the time comes. – You probably know this technique if you are a McCree or Genji player hard work, but for others, this little technique can help you if you decide to learn to play either of these characters. McCree can stun a Genji while using his reflect. Indeed it is enough to aim at the sides, above him or below him to let the effect of the flash grenade affect Genji without its reflect hitbox being able touching McCree is a very powerful and essential technique to master to any McCree player dueling against Genji.

Practice throwing your grenade in this area where Genji cannot reflect it but will be affected, and believe me, your duels against cyberninja will be better. – Since we are talking about the Jackal trap, also know that a very simple way makes it possible to avoid death when you fall into a Jackal trap accompanied by a Mine. Indeed, this deadly combo is enough to kill any character with 200 life and can prove to be pest especially at the start of the game. A very simple method allows you to only suffer damage from the trap, not the mine. However, you have to be faster than the opponent’s Jackal reflex level. The technique is simply to destroy the Jackal mine as quickly as possible with your melee attack.

Flick down and do your melee attack, that will be enough to destroy the mine. If you are faster than the Jackal you can survive. – Since the Overwatch beta, some players think that Grim Reaper can reload faster his undertakers by inserting a melee attack during the reloading animation. Tests as well as developer posts on official forums have proven that was wrong, however, this technique is not entirely useless, since if the timing is perfectly executed, it optimizes its dps cycle provided that you are within melee attack range. Indeed, the melee attack added during this recharging cycle does not come not slow reloading if you execute it perfectly and allows to have a little 30 additional damage. But if you’re not perfectly comfortable and disciplined with this trick, I you do not recommend it, you are more likely to delay recharging than anything else.

– hacking and Sombra’s EMP are now powerful tools for doing wasting the ultis of certain heroes like Jackal, Hanzo but especially Lucio thanks to the last patch. Indeed Lucio now consumes his charge of ulti at the moment when the player presses the ultimate touch, and more when Lucio lands at the end of his little coupon. A reactive Sombra can therefore totally counter an Lucio ulti without even the DJ Brazilian has time to drop the beat. – Hanzo’s sonic arrow has a very strange persistent property on barriers. Indeed it is the only direct projectile in the game that can always inflict damage after its initial impact. If a Reinhardt receives the sonic arrow in his barrier, begins to advance and withdraws its barrier before the end of the sonic arrow effect, the latter will fall then down to the ground and inflict the same damage to the barrier at first opponent on the way.

Here the victim will mostly be Reinhardt. This mechanic applies to all barriers of the game like those of Winston or Orisa so be careful. – When you play Jackal and an opposing Reinhardt has a problem with his shield, you can create combos very easily using your mine. Just send it over Reinhardt’s shield, blow it up and the knight German will take off in the air, it’s a strange engine reaction physics but that’s how the mine works. The advantage here for Chacal and his team is that the opposing Reinhardt propelled in the air gives way to your own Reinhardt for a Seismic Shock or your McCree for a devastating High Noon. A very effective strategy widely used at professional level. – D.Va is probably the most effective character to counter a Pharah under ulti. And you can easily get rid of it by using its own ulti against she. As soon as you see Pharah start to ulti. Just use your matrix while firing your micro missiles and go for it without stopping. If the Pharah is not protected by a Zarya, the damage of its own ulti on your melee mech combined with micro missiles will be enough to eliminate the threat.

This is all for these first 10 tips and techniques, I have others in reserves and you will share them in the next episode of this series! In any case don’t hesitate to tell me what you thought of this format within comments. And before I finish I would like to thank DeGuN and Troma who helped me illustrate my About in Custom Game! In short, do not hesitate to subscribe for more Overwatch content and follow my news on Twitter for the next Stream schedules! Thanks for watching, see you next time, and be well!

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