Hey what’s going on guys my name is KarQ and today I’m going to present to you 10 Map Tricks & Map Jumps you may not know, a continuation of my previous 5 Map Jumps video, which is linked in the description. I’ve tried my best to compile a list of useful map jumps and tricks that are actually practical, and applicable to your games. The first three jumps on the list are general jumps that every hero can perform The first jump I wanna show you is going to be on Nepal on shrine. It’s come to my surprise that many players don’t this jump exists here because I see them take the long way back up most of the time. This jump is really simple. Just jump onto the wooden piece and up onto the upper level. Just note that you can’t make the jump from the lower part of the snow bank so jump up from the elevated portion of the snow The second jump here is on Ilios on Ruins.

Begin by hopping onto the crumbled pieces until you reach the top. This can be a sneaky spot for many heroes in the game to hide in while waiting for enemies to pass on to the point. The 3rd jump is on Watchpoint Gibraltar during the airplane phase of this map you can quickly get back onto the high ground here instead of taking the stairs by using the forklift to quickly reposition yourself. First jump up on the wheel once on the wheel the next part is a little difficult you have to hold the forklift direction while jumping to make this next part.

From here on it’s smooth sailing just jump up on the metal bars up on the box and onto the high ground. So that’s it for regular map jumps. The next four jumps are going to be rocket jumps performed by soldier 76 and potentially Zarya. The fourth Jump is primarily for attacking point B on Volskya Industry’s. Most people should know about this flank but I thought I would include it as it is a very practical and viable rocket jump for soldier to perform to help sneak up behind enemy healers. The fifth jump is also for attacking point B on Volskaya. Primarily used to surprise defenders up here or to quickly get on high ground while waiting for defenders to respawn while your team captures the point.

Jump up on the electrical box and rocket jump to the top for both soldier and Zarya. The sixth jump I want to talk about is going to be on Hollywood, primarily for attackers for point A. Soldier 76 can directly rocket jump to the top of the cafe to surprise enemies playing up here. Zarya however cannot jump as high so her method of getting up here requires a rocket jump to the top of the electrical box first, and then a jump up to the top. The next rocket jump I want to go over is for soldier and it’s very practical in order to quickly retake high ground On Point A of Anubis.

For example let’s say your Symmetra places her teleporter inside this room. You, as Soldier can quickly come out and directly rocket jump onto the panel and sprint up to the top. For Zarya it’s a different story she can’t actually make this direct rocket jump so the only way for her to reach this side of the high ground is to actually rocket jump from the opposite high ground.

Now the last three jumps i’m going to show you are the juiciest part of the video. I’m going to go over soldier 76 rocket jumps that require a lucio to be on speed boost in order to reach these areas. A shout out to Yajji gaming for helping me film here. His channel can be found in the description. The first speed boost jump is back on Watchpoint Gibraltar, primarily used for the attacking team. Rocket jump from this platform with an amped-up speed boost from Lucio in order to make it to the top of the plane and drop down behind them for a cheeky tactical visor. The next speed boost jump I want to show you is on Lijiang Tower at night market. In cases where you’re controlling the choke point you can come up to the statue and rocket jump with lucio speed boost to make it up to the high ground here.

This is a great angle to get a nano boost from Ana for a nano visor combo and to surprise any unsuspecting enemies who come up here from their spawn. The final speed boost jump i want to show you and the final jump for this video is going to be on Ilios’s lighthouse. From here you’re going to need a speed boost again from lucio and you can rocket jump all the way to the roof of the point. This spot is great for a tactical visor or to generally even play in, as you have great cover from the shape of the building. Anyways guys that’s all the jumps and tricks I have for now I hope you guys have a great day.

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