10 Secret Tips to Winning EVERY Fight in Overwatch!


Wink! Multiplayer information from the Blizzard Guidelines Team battles are a strange and abstract concept And most of the players deal with him with sloppiness. You might think you know what it is all too well. But you probably don’t know many things. That’s why when Blizzard contacted me to sponsor a how-to video for you I knew I had to talk about squad battles. Here are your top 10 tips for winning all team battles. My name is Nate and welcome to Blizzard’s guidelines. Blizzard Instructions I will be brief so as not to waste your time But each of the 10 items on this list isn’t necessarily advice in and of itself. I’ll give you tips in each of the 10 sections of the video But I’ll talk about the four components of team battles In the first four points, then break down the errors I answer the important questions in the remaining six points. Let’s start the video. 10 Number 10 is the first stage of team battles It is the nudging stage.

Essentially speaking before every battle begins Where you only do damage and set up. As the preparation of the wings Or things like doom or shoot settings while jumping with WeDo. The goal of the nudging stage is not to be targeted, or to be targeted. And when it comes to it It’s not all about targeting it’s more about finding few features. Once you find that feature for your team Such as being targeted and not being targeted Or the enemy consumes Zaria friendly bubbles Or, Ryan holds back a lot Once you get this little feature, you have to get wild The second stage begins. But before the second stage starts, let’s talk about the players’ mistakes. First, they are targeted early avoid it. But second, players use wrong abilities at inappropriate times And most importantly, they are exhausting capacity. For example, Reinhart characters carrying their shields during the poking stage And lose armor after trying to engage in combat.

this is important. Burn important timeouts like Anna’s bomb Lucio’s speed, sprints, doom, hooks, arrowstorms, etc. Time-outs must be maintained primarily To exchange parties when you get that little advantage. If you don’t have timeouts with the little perk, you lose. And if you have many resources, the small advantage becomes very large. 9 And now number 9, the second stage of the engagement stage Where you benefit immediately A small advantage is the poking stage.

When you attack just before the fighting rages This is the stage of engagement. Where you activate most of your super skills If you don’t use super skills to win the poke stage. But most clashes begin with supernatural skills. For example, when using a black hole And when using the Hanzo Super skill And when you rush to get a little Jinji blade. The most important thing is setting priorities in the stage of engagement. Choose the easy goals And those outside the sites relative to your team. If they are too close to your team or too far and unable to receive help, choose them They are or are high-value targets Who you can kill They can turn the battle over to the side of the enemy team.

If the Widow Maker targets many people Apply pressure to it not to kill your team. You have to target those who will turn the tide of the battle Or those who are easy to kill to get a greater advantage. If you achieve them in the stage of engagement Which looks relatively easy as no one says it For diamond and pro level, you will advance very quickly. 8 And now number 8, the third stage is the mid-fight stage.

The line between engagement and mid-combat is very blurry But that’s where super skills come in. Those are the six seconds that Genji skates Or the Black Hole Dragon kills players. But here the battle turns And it gets very messy and you have to pay attention left Where is the tracer and right where is Hanzo, etc. It is also your last summon of paranormal skills. You had to use it during the engagement phase But if you think you are losing the battle, the Rhein strikes will not be enough For the scales to turn in your favor, you will have to use them. But it is the last summon for your superhuman skills. If you lose in the middle of the fight, do not use super skills.

The most important thing in the middle of the fighting is to control the spaces. You have to control the important areas that you created in the engagement stage And control. I’ll talk about this more later in the video So I’m not going to go deep into explaining what spaces are and how they work now. 7 last but not least The fourth stage is the purge at number 7. In short, you will not win If you are in the team that loses and gets eliminated. The most important thing you do as a winning team It’s getting started planning your super skills And what you will do in the next battle. Monitoring paranormal skills is knowing the super skills used and the percentage that you have reached And the approximate percentage reached by the enemies. If you think that Sigma has acquired super skills Plan what you will do when Sigma uses the skills against you in the next fight.

Don’t use health packs for low HP and have supporters turn in skills. Don’t kill the last of the rest if you have superhuman skills So your team can create more super skills. More skills cannot be charged if you already have skills. Do not kill those you delay killing. Like delaying killing the Mercy and Brigitte characters Diva or something. Who will not kill your team and you can kill them quickly. If you kill them and fight directly You will actually get an advantage because you have killed an enemy from them. 6 And now number 6, completing the information and talking about delays for the killing this is… It pisses me off a lot when thinking about it Here all players lose in every rank.

Do not delay killing yourselves! If you are at the end of the battle and lose, do not delay killing. Die and get out of the battle and don’t exhaust your superhuman skills. Don’t delay killing those with paranormal skills or yourselves. Exit from the battle by death or withdrawal. So you can stay alive for 5 seconds more than you need He can turn the fight into 2-3 if you do that in every battle. Team battles last from 15 to 30 seconds And if you add 5 to 10 seconds And you multiplied these numbers by the number of team fights You will have missed 2 or 3 team battles. So don’t delay killing. That’s why the pros say whether or not winning a fight is possible They say “it’s possible to win, win is possible” so you know you have to keep going. And when they indicate its loss and the end of the battle They don’t delay the killing, but they withdraw Because they don’t want to waste precious seconds It can be used in future team battles.

5 In # 5, I’d like to talk about another mistake the players make That is, tunnel vision. Don’t focus too long on things. For example, if there is a hammond at the back line It doesn’t kill your supporters – don’t focus too long on it. If it becomes a danger, focus on it. But you have to stop tunneling at things. Seems very simple topic but I see a lot of players They focus on only one thing and want to get rid of it And they end up losing the battle. A general rule of thumb: Ask yourself what you contribute to winning a team battle. And if you are not contributing anything to the battle Maybe you should stop what you’re doing. 4 At number 4 I’d like to talk about space And what matters about space and what it really means. Space is literally the areas you can be safely in The one where you are not safe is not space. When your team creates space, your tank creates a bubble or safe center You can be there to inflict damage or recover from it.

Or if you are the primary or secondary tank You are the one who creates the space. I divide the space into two areas: negative and positive. Negative space is the area of ??negative pressure Like the space left by a previous tank’s presence at a choke point. It is the area where the tank clears a safe space for you. And we have the positive space in which to direct the pressure. It is the point of conflict for your team. This is the point at which the shield will be in every battle. Here you show your ferocity and deal damage to the enemy team. The idea is to use positive space And positive pressure against the enemy team To provide negative space for your supporters to heal In that safe, free space.

This is what space means. Thats all about it. You have to learn to distinguish between the two types of space. And the clearest example of negative space It is that small area at the neck of Hanamura if you are attacking. With that neck cleared, Anna can stand up safely. And once there was a weed in that area up It is no longer a negative space but a positive one. Space became dangerous and here is the epicenter of conflict. You need another sniper there to handle the situation Or tank shield to protect you to create negative space. So recognize these matters, and know who to protect and when And where to create the space to get certain capabilities in certain places Or snipers in certain locations It is the foundation of mastery of overwatch and mastery of tank in general.

This extends to the use of the space the tank creates in your team. It includes everyone And it’s a very important concept that deserves a full video But today, that’s all I can say. 3 In No. 3, I would like to briefly explain my theory of metaphoric skills Super Skill originally referred to two players. And you have to treat the Super Skill as team battles in their own right. If the enemy has a Dragon Allure It makes sense to think that you need to lift a Zenata Or maybe Baptiste Lamb, or Lucio Pitt. You have to prepare the super skills of the enemy team Using your super skills Or specify the super skills that the enemy team will provide To resist your super skills. It’s the meta overwatch tour And all team battles can be visualized through your players or their positions Or your super skills and what you will use it for. You need to watch two types of team fights, as simple as that. And once you treat the super skills as players, you notice a big difference. 2 We got to # 2 I’ll quickly explain the difference between dry payment The real push and when are each important.

Dry Propulsion aims to build breakthrough skills And not focus on winning a site. Literally, it’s just doing damage or healing for more paranormal abilities. This is exactly that. Maybe you can attract more super abilities from the enemy team But the idea is to build paranormal capabilities. The real push is the investment of extraordinary resources or capabilities To kill enemies or assign powerful heroes to specific locations. For example, Put McCree on High Or put the Ash Mercy Center At the top left is Hanamura hike or something. So you have to distinguish between dry and real For you to understand what you’re really doing in battle of the teams And the condition you must be in to win that battle. 1 last but not least How to hire your teammates to do what they have to do in team battles. It’s very simple. There are two points first: Don’t manage your team in detail. Thats all about it. Ask to use only one or two abilities. Don’t summon all of the participants in battle It tells everyone which buttons to use and when.

As long as you set appropriate goals your team will move normally Toward safe sites based on the goals you set. This will stimulate the good moves and reduce the bad ones Even if your team doesn’t understand the basic four-team battle mechanics Or any of the other tips in this video. What I mean is that if you are targeting the enemy weird Your team will attack and jump the enemy if they respond in some way And if they did, they could be in a safer or more dangerous location.

So, setting priorities and goals carefully and after thinking It will help you create more space if your team needs it. Once again, I want to thank Blizzard for sponsoring this video. I can’t believe they contacted us and asked us to prepare a guide for them. This is something really fun and I’m really excited about. And I’m glad they are trying to reach the community of players For them to publish these videos. Thank you very much for sponsoring this video. Also I’d like to quickly point out that I haven’t prepared a transcript for this video But some key points I explained spontaneously. So, if you like this new style, let me know on Discord. And if you don’t like it, let me know on discord too. I try to come up with a better method that I enjoy the most And I think I’m close to making it happen. So tell me your opinions. Anyway, I hope you have fun and have a nice day! My name is Nate and these were Blizzard’s instructions.

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