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10 Workshop Modes that SUPER SIZE & SHRINK You in Overwatch


The workshop has introduced the brand new feature of hero shrinking and scaling, and with that comes the need to showcase such an awesome feature. Here are the 10 overwatch workshop game modes that take the workshop to the next level. My name is nate and welcome to blizzard guides. I want to give a huge shout out to andy gmb and the elo hell workshop community for helping me out with this video all of the fine creators over at that discord, submit their game modes for this video. So, if you’re looking to find undiscovered new gamers or even make your own links are in the description down below the workshop, is such an awesome feature, so the more attention and the better community it has. The more resources blizzard will provide the tool to make it bigger and better.

As always, the codes to all the game modes in this video will be in the description down below, but with that out of the way, let’s get into the video. Oh and this list is in no particular order coming in at number 10. This is my favorite game mode on this list. It’S mythic boss fight, but it’s actually just a world of warcraft style player versus player, enemy, boss fight game mode, with just an insane amount of mechanics and features. That will surprise you, this game mode, supports 5 players. So it’s perfect for those late night queues with your buddies and it is one of the craziest and best developed workshop game modes. I’Ve seen yet it’s a lot of fun so go check it out coming in at number. Nine hide and seek this game mode is as simple as it gets, and sometimes that’s what you need for a fun gaming experience. It does what it says on the box and it’s fun to play with randos or with your friends.

Both hiders and seekers can shrink. So if a hider is in an impossible to reach spot, it’s not something that can be abused by the hiders and it basically expands on those old mercy. Reinhardt hide and seek game modes. That used to be super popular back in the day, but actually makes it good, because there’s a lot more opportunity for some crazy cool hiding spots coming in at number, eight, this game mode doesn’t actually leverage the scaling feature as its main mechanic. It’S random math, ffa, a random event, ffa game mode. That puts you in a ton of crazy situations, some of which scale you to be huge or small. This game mode is great to play while you queue and it’s definitely a game mode. That’S some weird! Hybrid of total mayhem, mystery heroes, ffa and some of your favorite custom game modes.

This one is really well polished and it’s a ton of fun to play and i had a lot of great moments playing it. So if that’s your kind of thing go check it out from the links in the description and down below at number seven, we have a pest infestation. This game mode is every reinhardt’s worst nightmare, yet still somehow hilariously fun, freakishly tiny, divas zoom around you, as you fend for your life until wait when the divasult. They also turn into echoes, which makes it even more annoying. This vaguely reminds me of that. One moth meta, even though diva nor echo were part of it, i’m just having flashbacks, i guess, but flashback or not. This game mode is definitely worth checking out, especially because you get to annoy your friends while you play, which is the best way to play any game.

So definitely you should check this one out for number six. I’D honestly, be surprised if you haven’t already seen this game mode in the custom game browser, but it’s the 1v11 boss fight. This mode is really fun and it is very simple and straight to the point: it’s a good time waster and something that i’ve spent more time than i’d like to admit playing this week. So that’s how you know it’s a game mode that needs to be played. A lot it’s quite fun, trapping the boss into corners with your ultimates, but it’s also equally as fun, waffle, stomping, the tiny enemies trying to gun you down. So all in all, it’s a great game mode, that’s simple! And straight to the point. What is this? Oh, my god! Oh god! Oh no!

Oh god! Oh no! Oh at number, five! Actually tiny overwatch! These game modes were all of the rage when the workshop mode first dropped and now we have actually tiny overwatch. There’S honestly, really not that much to say about it. I personally prefer the regular tiny overwatch, but i still really enjoy checking this one out and seeing the maps from a new perspective, while blasting the hell out of tiny and looking enemies is also pretty fun. I guess that makes it a pretty good game mode, but compared to the others on this list it might seem a bit underwhelming, even though it’s a really solid game mode to play a few times. While you queue coming in at number, 4 agario aguardio modes were also very popular.

When the workshop first came out, and now we have a legitimate working version of it – that it’s just a ton of fun to play and really makes the game mode make a lot more sense. Instead of having those weird giant orb things with the road hogs, you can blink at the cost of your size and consume orbs. Just like the regular version of agario. I really enjoy this game mode and playing it in overwatch in 3d makes it way more engaging, and i already have it saved in my list of custom modes so that i can load it up really quickly. Just to play a few quick games with my friends or with randoms at number three kill to grow is a simple lobby mode. Where you you kill to grow, as the name implies. I really enjoy playing this game mode and i think you will too it’s a lot of fun just to sit back, relax and enjoy late at night and there’s not that much to it. Just try not to get too tilted if you’ve got a giant. That is being very annoying and only killing the level one players, it’s honestly pretty frustrating, but hey we’re overwatch players, so we’re used to being frustrated a lot.

This is one of my favorite ones on the list, so you should definitely check this one out and number two damage to grow. It’S wait. It’S exactly the same as the last one, except for it’s damaging to grow. Instead of kill to grow. Why have two game modes that are basically the same well they’re? Actually not the damage to grow plays a lot different than the kill to grow. It’S kind of more like a ffa 1k damage to next hero game mode than just a random, chill kill lobby. It’S actually made by the 1000 damage to next hero, gamemode guy. So that’s how you know it’s a good game mode. It’S really enjoyable, and it plays a lot more like that. So if you like that 1k damage game mode, you’ll like the 1k damage to grow or version – i guess – and last but not least at number one is prop hunt.

This one is kind of like hide and seek, except it relies on effects and orbs. Instead of just hiding in a good spot, the rules work just like the gmod version of prop hunt. So if that’s something you enjoy playing with friends, then you can check this game mode out to get the same experience from gmod. While you wait to queue for overwatch, which is honestly really sick, but anyway, that’s all. I have for you today again a big shout out to andy gmb and the elo hell workshop community. You can check out their social medias and discords in the link in the description down below.

Please show them some love, follow them and give them some support. The workshop needs all the support it can get because it’s such an awesome feature – and i want pleasure – to invest more into the workshop game modes to follow us on instagram or twitter. You can check that out from the link in the description down below or you can join our discord there as well. Honestly, just spend a lot of time in the description for this video, because that’s really what this video is for for you to find new things to check out so go check them out in the description, especially our social medias, but anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed this one have a nice day. My name is nate, and this was blizzard guides.

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