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Best Bastion and Torbjorn Turret Spots – Volskaya Industries (Overwatch Beta Guide)



Hey there, guys. This is Reckles with WTBGold and today I have some good news! First of all, I got into the Overwatch Beta, so I can start bringing you some guides on that. So we’re going to start off with a series for all of the best Bastion and Torbjorn turret spots in the game. I’m going to go map by map because, there are honestly a lot of good spots and I want to make it kind of bitesize for you guys. So, we’re going to start off with Volskaya Industries. This is where all the robots are made. It’s a point capture map, dual point capture, and we’re going to start off with one of the coolest spots in the game. Now, this building right here. There are three entrances. Right there. Right there. And then on the other side of that building. So, if you can get a turret up on top of this building, that’s amazing and you know what? We can. So, what you do, you go over here to this little snowpatch. You jump up on it, right in this little nook, kindof angle yourself over.


Get up. Get up again. And then you’re on. Alriiiiight. Now, where I like to put the turret is actually over here out of range of being killed by people actually in their spawn point, but able to hit, you want to be able to hit the health pack. So people think, you know, they take a little bit of damage over here. Your team is all fighting down here, they take a little bit of damage, go over to the health pack to heal up and boom boom boom boom. They’re dead. But, the cool thing about the Torbjorn changes is you can put down a level 2 turret right from the start now. It doesn’t take scrap to upgrade your turrets anymore. So, once you put a turret down, you can just leave, bounce immediately, and go to your next spot because there are lots of aerial players, and come over here. So, what you can do here. You want to try to make sure for all of your spots that you’re either behind a wall or letting your turret tank all the damage for you, and here, you’re just healing up your turret and letting it tank all the damage for you because there’s this amazing funnel, straight into your turret, and it just kills everyone.


If they do push through, you can hop down here. Heal up using this healing pack, and drop a turret right there. Again, you’re totally…the car is blocking all damage you’re taking, and it’s shooting anyone coming in through that bottleneck, and anyone trying to gank you from the capture point area. Now, the best turret spot in this area is right here, it’s defending the capture point. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew for turrets in general. You want to cover a specific area or bottleneck and you want it to be near a health pack.


Here, you’re actually on top of the health pack, so while it’s killing everything, you’re just healing up. One of the great ways you can gank on this map, and just overpower the defenders, is by coming up around this side area right here. There are two entrances: this long long hallway and then that staircase. So, I would recommend, probably a Bastion right here, rather than a Torbjorn, but Torb works. The main reason I don’t like Torbjorn here is because Torb has to jump down here to grab this health pack to heal, and this is just a bad spot for a Torbjorn to be in, because in order to get up, he has to go run towards whoever was just killing him in order to get to the staircase. Alright, so let’s move on. Let’s say we lost Point A Oh no, where am I? Let’s say you lost point A, and you need to leave, you need to just get out. So let’s do that. So, we’re going to stand here, hop a lift, and we’re going to go to point B. Throw a turret on one of these moving platforms, and it will help you out in the meantime. Like, while you’re setting up your main defense turret, that will just do some damage and get a kill or two for you.


It will distract them. A big thing that turret characters do is just stopping people from moving forward. This is probably the best turret spot in the game. Set up right here. You’re behind this great cover of the wall, super hard to hit and you can just keep healing up. Now, another cool spot that you can get up to is…you can get up on top of that ledge with a Mei wall. And I’ll show you some footage of getting up on top of this guy with a Mei wall. But that’s it. That’s my turret progression for Volskaya Industries. If you liked the video, go ahead and like it, subscribe down below and I’ll see you on the next map!


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