1 2 3 Hey guys! It’s d-ueh- DaFrog here! with a new guide. aahh-uh-uh I’m-I’m-I’mma here to tell you the proven way, well it..i-it worked for me.. BUT the proven way! to get, level 5, endorsement. look it’s here I have it I have it right here. See? So if you’re ever stuck on uhh low endorsement level like: one, or two, or ae-ae-ae anything lower than five then this is, this is the guide for you dude so uhh ill just show you the-.. little bit a proof, here.. pardon the- p-..cursor look there we go guys it’s a..

Isz-uhh, szuh-szuh one I preparred earlier. (HAHA GOOD JOKE) isa..- KEEP IT UP, THUMBS UP guys liklelilekgehthat (look at that) level 5, and uh -ts keepin it up, and you know.. ..Good work! ..g-y’know gettin my four lootboxes very valuable precious lootboxes when im: two portrait gold star (I meant gold portrait 2 stars FUCK!!!) so I’ll just put that away.. so um it’sa very, straightforward guide, but it’s not for everyone uuhh~ I put it- auhht i’d say it’s v-ueh- i-it-its easy to understand but hard to master, right, it’s something like that right, it’s auhhh~ and you’ll see why, so what you want to do is is that you just want to: INSTA LOCK ANA in quick play, and like you’re small like, arcade games like TDM or so, you know just just-, just immediately just- BE ANA it’s all you gotta be uuhhm i mean-, you-aghh yo-you- I guess you can’t just BE Ana, y’know you have to be pretty alright with her.

Duh- (ignore everything down here) But you just eeugh-eh-ehh I mean what what I do, is that y’know I’m about.. I’m a bit like, usually like, LOW SR. Masters. Low masters or something. But I mean… i-i-it’s tenuwhyh (tell you why?) so you could probably be lower SR and you’ll probably be alright or so, uuhhh I meanuuhh-uhh~ it is kinda hard to, judge that though, cuz I-,I-I’ve y’know I kinda just do my placements you can see there.

And I like, don’t do competatitve. I haven’t been doing competitive recently these days so y’know. I mean. I mean even down here is kind of.. sketchy or whatever you know uhgll li-ughhll like just doin placements and.. not getting masters :(!!! but y’know LLYLYLL masters pretty alright I suppose it’s the benchmark you know, uhh, I haven’t been doing placements so I don’t know how high I can get cuz y’know I- in the past I have a been, been a bit higher when I was playing a lot more so that might be into account of a maybe bit higher… BUT AT LEAST! AT LEAST y’know like… MMmm-.. -low masters should get you, OR like mid, mu-mid masters to low GM’ll be pretty alright. for ya, its uh it’s what worked for me. But- I meaannn you can’t exactly just, do her just, pick up Ana and.. y’know bein’ a masters player you gotta have alot of experience with her you know, you know I-uhhh I’ve played her a lot before, y’know you can’t just: pick her up and go, you have to have some experience.

That-. That’ll probably help you out. uuuhhhhhh it’s what worked for me y’know but umm, I’ll just uh.. there we go.. That’s my stats for her! in uh, quick play! you can uh pause the video and look at that, if you just wanna.. replicate that. You’ll be alright. Yeah there you are. And UMM and A and A *clap* and A AND-AND-AND THAT’S IT. That’s the guide on how to get: level 5 endorsement guys. uhh- it worked for me! tskuhh w-wel-well worked is a loose term I never really strived for it. I was just, kinda doing what I always was, and just playing Ana ahh if you don’t got a keyboard! ahuh I’d advise to you to get one, it would help out alot.

But if you don’t have a keyboard to like type to people, or push-to-talk or y’know if you- or even if you have one (keyboard) and you don’t have the words per minute (WPM) to type to people inbetween spawns uh don’t worry about it to talk to people! you can-.. I never- talked to anyone so you could probably just, get about fine, about, not talking to people.. you’ll be, alright I suppose I never really talk to anyone. uhhmm.. I just play Ana and do okay with her. Uh you COULD try and just be an alright nice person and talk to people, and other players, and get endorsed that way. Though I don’t know if that will get you to (level) 5 but I mean, It’s not what I did. Well I mean…? I’m still nice to people? as much as i can be online cause that’s the normal thing, to be polite to people.

But it’s not how I got my endorsement or.. “tried to get” my endorsement. I never really thought “I need a small piece of UI to tell me to be nice to people.” But uh, you could try! don’t know if it works. uhhhhhhh at my SR, like low masters or so, uh (in) OCE i dont think it works? I’ve heard that people don’t really endorse people.. in OCE masters or so. Sooo, u- might wanna stick to quick play if your that higher up or if you’re lower, maybe, people will like you if you’re more polite.

Uh my placements were alright I didn’t think I got.. too much. But it was- it was somethin uhhmm ..yeah that’s it so if you guys got any questions um.. DON’T comment me, about it. uuhh- I’ve explained precisely WHAT I KNOW and only WHAT I KNOW. And only what I do. (trust me thats what i said) So if you ask me anything else about the system. I would most likely just, know, as much as you do.

so urhm.. thanks for watchin! uhh hope it helps! and uh you know get out there and get those uh keep it up thumbs up guys! Y’know keep it up! -ahh~! Thumbs up! get those endorsements guys, I trust. And uh-aha-have a gg guys! catchyou in the next onnnee. Yeah..

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