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Overwatch Guide to positioning in overwatch for Tanks By: FalconCat69


Hi, I’m a gm peak support. But I burnt out of that role and now I’m trying to get my tank game up. I hit masters before during super shields Orisa+Sigma meta while not having any idea what I was doing right or wrong, also known as inadvertantly boosting myself. Right now I’m at 3150, but I know that my tank game has never been better for this reason specifically. I understand positioning and the mindset a tank player needs to have to always be in good positioning. Maybe this won’t be news to anyone, or maybe some people do this without conscious effort, but if anyone else who has been hardstuck like me after 1000+ hours in the game gets some rating increase from this advice it will be worth it.

If you have played enough of the game you will certainly know ‘in theory’ the best positioning for your team to be in. It is as follows: Main tank in front, Off tank right behind them, Dps behind the tanks shooting through them, and the healers bringing up the rear. Obviously with flankers this changes things but don’t worry about that now.

As a maintank (rein/orisa only, winston is different I’ll get to that) you need to know that simply being in the right position for your team is essentially carrying the game. If you are in such a position that your team stacks up like I just mentioned behind you, then you are creating an insane impact on the game without doing anything other than existing. However, if you get out of that position for too long for any reason at all your whole team could come crashing around you and you have turned from a huge carry to a huge throw even if it was not you who died, even if you got a kill from being out of position.

Now, this makes sense but you need to put it into practice. While playing you should be thinking all the time “Am I in the right position for my role?” which takes the form of “As maintank am I the frontmost player of my team with all of the enemies infront of me?” or “As offtank am I in between my maintank and my dps/healers?” If the answer is yes, then you can think to yourself “Holy shit my positioning right now is GOD TIER ALL BOW BEFORE ME THE GOSU CARRY GAMER!” If the answer is no, then you can think “Okay, let me just waddle to where my best guess for the proper positioning is.” The fact that you have to guess here is okay, that is how you learn. Guess where the best place for you to be is based off your idea of the perfect formation for your team and then get there.

Winston and Ball do positioning a little different. Their positioning is either behind cover, obscured completely from the enemy, or getting onto the enemy’s healers. But the method of finding the correct positioning is still the same. You are constantly asking yourself is my positioning helping my team get to that optimal battle configuration or is it not.

tl;dr We all know the optimal positions for our team. Positioning is a matter of identifying where that slot is for your character and getting there in game, constantly and all the time.

If you do this you will be able to see the way your abilities help your character take dominance in this position, and you will carry games without even realizing you are carrying. Good luck climbers.


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