Are you tired of trying in videos games? Do you want to be able to bask in the rewards of victory while doing hardly any work? Do you find yourself with hundreds of saved Mercy wallpapers? Then fear not! Being a Mercy main is clearly for you! (Mercy main btw). Now, some people might criticize you and question you on why you only play Mercy, and why you choose the the easiest hero of them all to play. And, they’re probably right….but you know what is even more interesting question? Did you know that Mercy’s Pistol does a surprising amount of damage. Now, if you are a Mercy main, you’re probably one of those kids that wanted a trophy for everything. You probably have tons of participation awards from sports like soccer when you did nothing and when your team won you felt important because you were there and contributed, when in reality you were in the outfield picking grass and playing with bugs.

You also probably played healers only in games like TF2. But in Overwatch you get a halo which feeds your ego making you think you are a literal divine creation made to save your noob team like the goddess you think you are. You also probably don’t have a good sense of humor and can’t tell this is a satire video and is obviously a joke. No really, look at the dislikes and comments.

There’s going to be more than just a few that can’t tell this video is a fucking joke. Now, playing Mercy is pretty straight forward. (Mercy Main btw). Infact Mercy is the easiest hero to play. Just press Mouse 1 to heal your teammates, and when you get your ultimate, just hide and let your team die so you can get POTG with your 5 man res. That’s pretty much it. Mercy is literally the easiest hero to play. Now, there’s going to be mercy mains in the comments saying “oh but there’s so much more depth to playing Mercy…” No. FUCK THAT. Mercy is so easy to play you can literally play her blind and deaf.

And I’m going to prove it. Alright, so I have the game set to the lowest possible resolution with 50% render scale on top of that and all settings on low. If you were to wake up one morning and saw this, you would be considered legally blind. Now I’m just going to turn game sounds off, and there you have it. I’m now playing legally blind and deaf. I don’t even need to be in voice chat to communicate with my team. I don’t need to tell them to die together because they are going to get graviton’d and nano boosted reaper anyways. Alrighty so there you have it.

You can see just how easy it is to play Mercy and that you can literally play her blind and deaf. So tune in next time as I show you how to be a Hanzo main, And remember, you are the single most important hero in the entire match and everything revolves around you like the goddess you are..

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