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Hey there! In this guide we are discussing self VOD review for teams. We are going to talk about how and what to record and the best ways to use a VOD for the team’s improvement. Hello guys and welcome to the dojo! Reviewing our games is a big part of improvement. Everyone should be able to improve by themselves until they reach a plateau of their skill where it becomes essential to review games to continue getting better.

This is basically the same for individuals and for teams. When you are in a group setting, you will experience different challenges compared to your solo queue endeavor. A team needs to be able to raise over personal mistakes and see what went wrong on a team level, rather than focusing on mistakes made by their players (unless some of the players hinder the team’s ability to work together, but that’s another vastly different topic). In this video, we are going to see how best to record a team scrim and how to profit the most of scrim review sessions. We are really thankful for our Patrons who make it possible for us to keep working on the dojo guides. If you like what you see here and want to support the channel, head over to our Patreon! You can get coaching in return from our seasoned coaches. If you are a solo player, you might wonder what this video brings to the table for you.

Looking at recordings of teams playing this game can teach you tremendous amounts. We often make the mistake and forget that Overwatch is inherently a team game, therefore you need to be good not only as an individual, but as a team member too. Watching how teams work together, what combos they use or how they rotate around the map can help you as a solo player in improving your game sense, decision making, player predictions. Thinking on a team level can also help in acquiring critical in-game-leader and shotcaller skills which can be effectively used in the soloQ as well (given that your teammates are willing to play together). Now, let’s get back to teams and their improvement. First of all in order to be able to review your matches, some of you or a designated spectator needs to record it for you. Birds eye view recordings are more valuable as they give you a better overview on happenings during the game. You can still use player recorded VODs if you don’t have anything else, but there is more guesswork involved in these review sessions.

So it’s that easy to begin with, you need some videos of your matches. The next step you need to make is to have allocated time for reviewing your teamplay together with the members of the group. Again, this is vital if you want to improve and stop making the same kinds of mistakes again and again. We recommend that you cook up some kind of schedule and that you use about 10-20% of your available time on various forms of improvement. Of course if you are just together to have fun and play a few hours every week, this whole thing might be unnecessary, you decide. We recommend that you put review sessions in your schedule no longer than 50 minutes. People tend to get bored if they have to sit and listen actively without playing the game. You have to find the right duration for your team, but this is a good baseline. Agree on the start and finish time and designate a facilitator who pays attention to the time box you set for yourself.

Basic time management tools, but they work wonders. Ask everyone to respect the schedule and that they are there on time. Alright, let’s assume you have come together with the members to review a match. Take the following steps: Discuss which match is the best to review. Which was the most frustrating or the biggest loss? Search for situations where you could not understand why you lost, or where someone felt bad about how the game was played.

These are good candidates. Don’t review victories. Then load the video to a platform where everyone has access and can see and control the same thing. You can do a Discord call with screen sharing and Epic pen (links in the description), use watchtogether, rabbit or mayhem. If you know any other good tools, make sure to mention them in a comment below. Start dissecting the video, teamfight by teamfight. What you are looking for can be wildly different based on your rank and team experience, but cornerstones that you want to check are: Regroup phase: how quickly you come together, is everyone safe, or are you staggering? Try to look for positional mistakes or wasted resources. Poke phase: Are you taking too long to poke? Could you avoid feeding enemies? Anyone getting killed during poke phase? Teamfight: Is there a clear focus? Do players know how to approach the fight? Are combos and synergies working? How is communication? Do you have a single focus? Which ults do you use? Why are you winning or losing the fight? Cleanup: Staggering or wasted resources.

Discuss alternative ways that could have been done in the situations where you identified weaknesses. What do you need to do to avoid doing the same mishap again? Where do you need to improve as a team? Sometimes you want to practice team mechanics or discuss step by step strategies for maps and sections of maps. Make sure everyone can express their opinions. The review sessions should serve as a really good bonding experience and if you can formulate takeaways that you can keep in mind during your next scrims, you are on the right path of improvement. These session are valuable to the team and to the players, but sometimes they can become mundane. It?s also e asy to just do these and don?t spend time on actually fixing the issues that you find. And of course there are times when you try really hard and you are unable to make the next step forward. If you need help from our community, join our Discord and ask your questions, or contact us for dedicated team coaching. We have very good results. If you find that your players still need improvement on the personal level, that?s no biggie either.

You can trade personal VOD reviews in the team to help each other. The dojo Discord is also open if you have any questions. Individual improvement can also be boosted by Omnicoach, our AI software coach developed to help players improve. Click the card now to check it out. What to do next and how to keep improving? We recommend that you use some kind of team log where you keep a tally about the stuff that you have been working on as a team. We also love having pen and paper strategy books ready during any match which can be used to make quick decisions during the game.

The important stuff is to build your team layer by layer and to enjoy the path that leads to teamwork! Playing in a team is rewarding and fun. The dojo team is proud to have a community who is working together to get the most of our beloved game. If you like our videos, hit the subscribe button with the bell, and give us a like. We watch the comment section actively, so feel free to ask away. As we mentioned earlier, our Discord is always open, join us! See you guys in the next one!.

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