This extra video is made possible due to a sponsorship from Amino for Overwatch. Amino for Overwatch is an app that allows to discover other Overwatch fans and discover all sorts of Overwatch content and discussions. You can create new posts to share thoughts or content or follow people who create or share content you like… like… you know… me… hopefully. And you can start one on one chats with other people like myself or join a chat room. I have been having a lot of fun discovering some of the silly stuff the Overwatch community comes up with, so if you want to join the fun check out the links in the bottom to get the app from google play or the apple store. Be sure to hit me up there once you do so! With that said there have been many, many requests on an update to the configuration file of Overwatch, since the game has gone through some changes thorough different updates and I decided to add another tiny tip as well that can make a difference on some slower CPUs.

Ok, let´s start with the obvious. On the Overwatch patch that was delivered on the second of Augusts blizzard removed the ability to deactivate all shadows of the game using commands. Why? Beats me, I am not happy about it and I am not the only one. Some of the other commands still work and you can still specify custom resolutions in windowed mode in the same way I explained in my last Overwatch video, so I have updated the configuration file and lowered to windowed resolution to 960 x 540 to compensate for the shadows. The results is linked in the description. However there is something really interesting that you might want to look at if you have a really slow CPU.

The launcher always seems to be running in the background and using some of your CPU´s power with some users reporting huge spikes in use from time to time something I have observed myself and that generates slowdowns in overwatch when you need every bit of the CPU you can get. The solution is obviously very simple. You can go into the options, and on general set up so it closes completely as soon as you launch a game. If you want to not have to deal with at all you can go to your Overwatch folder usually located at program files, overwatch and create a shortcut for Overwatch.exe rather than the Overwatch launcher and play the game from there. Be aware that to log in into the game you will need your email and password.

And that is it. With a little lower resolution and no taking away my CPU I can actually get a pretty decent performance, even under really heavy combat. Let me show you. I am trying to keep you people alive but you people are making it really hard for me. NOOOOOOO Ok. Oh god I was so close to saving that. He got me right in mid air. And I was the only one they killed. This is a little bit sad.

I am gonna try and heal from a distance and try not to do something stupid. Ok. So far so good. Come on, Come on! Ah ssssh… Where’s all my people at? Ok. Haha… ha. Oh god… I… Yeah, yeah. I get it. Stand back you beasts! Oh, this is going terribly. AAAARGH. I was so close to killing her. This is useless. That was such a bad play, I should had fled. Oh F***, F***, Zarya no. AAAAARGH. Ok. D.Va was clearly not the correct choice for this… Ah Dammit. Right, let’s see how much ultimate I have. If I am near being able to self destruct I will keep that. Otherwise I am going to go with something…. OOH. Perfect. Time for a little bit of a surprise. I have always wanted to do this. It is probably going to be a suicide move. But I always, always wanted to do this.

Oh! I executed it perfectly! Haha! Well that was useless. Oh ok. That was useless. Right. I have never played as soldier 76. I wonder if… mmm… So apparently Soldier 76 was inspired by all other shooter games online like Call of Duty and Battlfield. And his ultimate was inspired by people who use aimbots. Which is interesting. And that means, maybe, that my abilities in Call of Duty are going to transmit perfectly to this game. So… we are all f***ed. Don’t, don’t, hold. Hold. I am almost there. Oh f***, f*** That was… mmm… If I ever make a LowSpecGamer fails collection… this is going to be on it. Wow. What a mess. This is actually working. I think we won. Like this round. F*** yeah we actually did. I can’t aim for sh**t. But I am actually doing a lot of OH BOY.

And the performance is holding quite well for this amount of mess. Did I just kill 5 players. F***. F***. F***. F***. Wow, that is a good Tracer. Ok. It’s aimbot time. F*** 10 PLAYER KI… I never get this. This is amazing. Hahaha! How many? How many players did I kill? How many kills was that? That was insane! I am not even that good. How did that happen? HOW THE F… THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. How? Oh s***. This is literally my first time playing as this character… today! HOW?! Oh my god! That is all for this video. If you want to see the full almost 20 minute long extended version of this gameplay you can click here to go the side channel. Big thanks to the the people in Patreon and to amino for sponsoring this video and allowing this channel to continue going. This a bit of an extra video so, if you are looking for details on the next giveaway check out the other LowSpecGamer video. Goodbye..

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