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Kabaji – Tracer Tips and Educational Gameplay – Countering Brigitte, Pulse Bombs, Game Sense



Subtitles by Miazure I like to add commentary onto my games, most of the time when I play. If I say stuff that I’m doing, it’s because I want you guys to learn something out of it. Okay, I’ll sum up Tracer for you. You need to keep Brigette really far away from you. If they go Brigitte and just camp you, switch. If they go Moria, Lucio, Brigitte, (you) switch. If they got GOATS, don’t play into GOATS. It’s just not worth the time. And if you want to play into GOATS, constantly stick it (bomb) to Brigitte. Just constantly stick it to Brigitte, else you’re just gonna get fucked. “They got a Zen and Zarya.” Could’ve probably ran at Zarya.


It’s good that they have Zen, I can easily kill Zen with Tracer. (He) Kinda fucked up. “Genji low.” I could have actually finish him off with a melee and recall. But I didn’t reach him with the melee. The melee would have finished him off. Usually you wanna anticipate against Genjis if they deflect or dash, he deflected and fucked up. And since he didn’t want- Oh! I blinked. Unlucky. Since he deflected and didn’t dash into me, I could have 1 clipped him there. I got flashed by the McCree, that was unlucky. “Get him! Nice.” “Rein is really low guys.” I think the Zen doesn’t see me right now. I’m gonna go on him. I need to be careful of the McCree. I’m gonna blink up to his side, melee recall out, all in on him, nice. McCree still up on the side. I got firestriked, I blinked in and I got firestriked from the back. Watch. He didn’t even see me. The firestrike has a cone, if he firestrike and I’m exactly behind him, it still hits me even though I’m not in front of him.


McCree might be camping. I gotta be careful of the stun. He is not camping. “I can probably sticky bomb the tanks, guys. Can we finish them off? Let’s go.” I just combo-ed with the Orisa here. I saw that she was booping everybody in so I just stick it exactly on the side. You can combo with your Orisa. She sucks everybody together and (you) just sticky. I’m gonna flank from the back, maybe I can get a pick. That was really close. “I forced transcendence, guys.” It’s actually insane we forced transcendence. It’s really really good. Roadhog actually can pop off. Careful the stun, careful the stun. He is not stunning but he has the orb. It’s kinda unfortunate that he has the orb and not someone else, nice. I’m still creating space. Good sleep by the Ana. Genji might try to kill me. I don’t need to recall, do I? Nah.


Nice, I got him. Else Ana would have healed (him). I’m gonna sticky the Ana. I got her. I wanted to get behind the shield so I can sticky. I was waiting for her to jump so she can be predictable in that momentum. So I can sticky her like that, behind the shield. The sticky comes off pretty fast because I insta-sticky. I pressed Q like (sticky) first, like shift for me, and then I blinked. It’s a combo you can do with Tracer. You can look it up on Youtube, on my description.


It comes off instantly instead of waiting; the animation is cancelled. They got a Brigitte now for me. That’s gonna be annoying. But we can still probably pop off. I need to use the sticky for the Brigitte now because she is really annoying. Brigitte can fuck you up easily. Oh, she fucked up. I might get her if she fucks up her heal, she didn’t. “Rein low Rein low, Rein 1” Get the Rein. I got slept and stun- oh! I survived! Wtf. I’m pretty dead here. I’m gonna try to get the health pack and then run.


I might not make it though. Let’s see. Okay, I can make it. “Nice guys, nice.” I’m gonna get up on the high ground again. The problem also with Brigitte is the armor negates me. The armor completely denies me most of the time. (Denies) A lot of damage. Because Tracer damage- (is low and armor reduce damage by 50% but no reduction of more than 5) “Can we touch?” “Aww. I’m sorry. I tried.” “No problem.” I don’t think we could have won it anyways, they have a lot full ult. “Break the shield” I might die here, can you heal me? I can go Widow here but- whatever. I’m gonna stay Tracer for now. If I see it’s really not working out, I’m gonna go Widow. Cause Brigitte is really annoying. I can’t go into anyone anymore without getting killed easily. If I would’ve know Genji is 1.


“Heal me please?” I’m trying to kill Zayra to force her to grav. Oh I got her to grav, it’s huge. I’m gonna get the health pack and then maybe try to go on point. “Get on payload, get on payload.” I’m gonna wait, I’m gonna be chill. Careful the sleep, careful the sleep, careful the stun. “Ana 1, Ana 1, I need healing.” I’m getting healed by the Zen’s orb so it’s fine. I blinked away so that I don’t get booped by Lucio. It’s essential. If you wanna kill the Lucio, you wanna anticipate when he is gonna boop and blink it out. Blink away as soon as he boops. Or blink behind him. I’m gonna get the stun off from Brigitte.


Didn’t? Okay. “You can nano me next fight, okay? I’m gonna be on the highground.” I’m gonna get up on the highground here. I’m gonna wait till they come in and then I’m gonna try to 1 clip the Ana or Brigitte. “The Genji is gonna try to blade next fight, guys.” “I’m gonna try to get their healers, okay? Just nano me immediately.” “Nano me nano me, I’m above you, above you.” “I don’t see you, I don’t see you, I don’t see you! I’m geting swarmed dude!” “Nano me, nano me, above you.” Unfortunate. We got the Ana which is not bad. It’s a good beginning pick. Unlucky. “We can still win this. Just try to stall point, I’m gonna go in.” “Just go on point immediately. They don’t have Ana and Genji.” “You can still keep the nano, McJohn. I’m the Tracer.” “Can you nano me?” “Nano me nano me fast? Ana nano me?” That’s fine.


That’s also good. That’s also good. Gonna recall that so I don’t die. Just gonna leave her to my teammates. I’m gonna go back. “Don’t stay on point, guys. Don’t stay on point. I’m gonna go and get some picks.” I’m gonna try to not let them go on point for free. “Hammond is coming in.” “He is half, I almost killed him. Huge.” “Ana is coming in. Lucio.” “He is 1.” I might die here, I’m gonna hold E. Gonna die. PLEASAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh yes! I’m just waiting for her to get exactly into blink range so that I can sticky her insta(ntly). Get behind payload. EZ Clap Why did they ignore me? Because they thought they can 1 shot me and they wanted to get on point at the same time. That’s good for us. Holding E for recall is better than spamming E. “I’m sorry dude. I was above you. I wanted to jump on them, yeah.


That was my bad that was my bad.” If you just hold E, doesn’t matter if you’re stunned or not. As soon as you get out of stun, the enemy fucked up their combo. For example, Brigitte or Roadhog, you still survive. I sometimes spam E out of- I don’t know. I just did that back in the day all the time.


I was spamming but you don’t need to. I’m gonna go from the left side. I don’t like to engage from the front. I might get spammed. “Hmm. Are they hiding?” “Ah, no. It’s Rein and Zarya. McCree Reinhardt Zarya Moira.” This is kinda like GOATS but it’s actually not GOATS. “Get the Rein get the Rein, Rein low.” Just helping my teammates with Rein. We can get him easily. Okay, Rein is dead, they got the Zen. Moira is dead. I’m just being careful right now. Just being really really careful. Wait wait wait wait wait. Shoot. Shoot when the shield drops, nice. There we go. Now we go in the backline and get the McCree. She is gonna scope in, I should have gone for the McCree actually.


There is too many, I’m gonna back out. I don’t wanna fight that. “You can nano me, okay McJohn?” When they come in, just nano me, okay?” “I’m ready” Just wait just wait just wait. “Nano me, nano me, nano me?” I killed myself. Anlarky. I wanted to get the Zarya shield down before the pulse bomb drops. Because you can shield the pulse bomb- I mean, you can pulse bomb her shield and then you can kill the shield off. And when the shield drops, she explodes at the same time, if you time it right. Then she dies. Can’t really 1 clip something like that- Ooo. That’s really huge. Okay, they’re using a lot of ults to get the Genji. Oh! Big. Get the Ana first, McCree is in the back, wait it up wait it up. “I need healing I need healing I need healing!” AYAYA Now we go in.


I wanna actually stay behind the shield, huge Zarya pick. But now I don’t need to anymore, we’re all pushing anyways. McCree still has stun up so I gotta be careful. I got melee-d because I blinked up to front. It doesn’t really matter. “Naisu.” “I can nano you again.” “Nice nice. I’m gonna get up on the highground.” We’re just gonna wait until the team fight starts.


“I’m gonna be up on this window here, okay? Just so you know.” “Okay kay kay.” “I’m gonna try to ruin the Rein shield up. Just get the Zarya’s shield down. Tell me if the Zarya is still living.” “Nano me nano me here, here? Fast.” Should be dead. “Moira low.” Careful the sleep. I’m gonna recall that back to safety. I think she still has her grenade up, so I gotta be careful. “Ana 1.” Oh, my team died. I might get grenaded up here.


She dropped down? Yeah, she did. I’m gonna recall that, back to the highground. Anlarky. We got some picks but it wasn’t enough. “I need some healing, careful the shatter guys, I think he is looking for a shatter.” Oh no. Unlucky. “McCree up on the highground, he might ult.” “McCree low.” “1 for 1? I’m almost there.” “We can probably use the Soldier ult because they don’t have a Reinhardt shield right now. I can distract them while you’re ulting, okay?” “Alright, ready Soldier? Let’s go?” Just juking the Zarya right now. “RUN SOLDIER. Shoot Genji Genji.” Omg he juked him so hard. I thought I actually sticky the Reinhardt behind his shield. “Rein’s shield is really low.” But it hits the shield which is not bad either. I don’t wanna give him nano. Hmm. She grenaded me. She should’ve actually grenaded her teammate. Because they are gonna die now.


“It’s fine, it’s fine.” “McCree ult in the back, be careful, guys. Just wait the ult up.” “Huge.” He still has stun up so I gotta be careful and the Ana is with him. I’m gonna try to dodge the stun and then the sleep at the same time. You need to engage- ah just need to wait. Just waiting, I’m just waiting. I can be patient. Yeah, I got nano-ed. Ana has no sleep, they’re fucked.


They’re so dead. Like there’s no way. As long as I don’t get picked randomly. Very good. BOOM!.



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