Let’s Git Gud | Overwatch Scrim Gameplay – Guide & Tips


Okay today we are playing a game on King’s Row and it’s a very unusual game because it is a scrim game! The last scrim game we played was also on King’s Row, so how about that for some consistency for you? So our heroes are the blue team, our Boys in Blue, and they’re fighting against the Red Menace, they have UWU over there, So that’s how you know they are in fact, the menace. So this is a best-of-three, third game, and we lost the last game apparently and… Our heroes were not super ecstatic about that, I was informed and after watching this game earlier, oh boy, did it sound like we weren’t particularly happy about it. There was a lot of not super productive comms. So basically like every game of Overwatch to ever exist.

So anyway enough of that. So what about our team comps? Well, we’re running Goats, against Goats, so there’s gonna be a lot of high impact gameplay happening today. There’s gonna be a lot of interesting decisions for both teams to make and they have a lot of things available to them to… augment their gameplay to increase their chances of victory such as: So one difference between our team comps is that we have an Ana and they have a Moira. Now in the world of Goat versus Goat, the team with the Ana is at a significant advantage, because if the enemy team can’t heal, it’s very hard to be a Goat. So a lot of our gameplay is gonna be waiting to see if Ana lands a sick grenade. If she does, [lizard laugh.gif] But if she doesn’t, [BigL.jpg] So there’s that, there’s a lot of variants in our gameplay today. That’s what we’re gonna be watching for, if Ana lands those sick grenades. So let’s start the game.

So our Boys in Blue, they’re gonna be defending first. The red team, they’ve got it– they’ve got it all planned out. They’re gonna come out the side. They’re gonna snake around the back side over here, Watch for it. There. They come, see, they’re creeping around, creeping around… Oh, well fuck get back over here, says the cameraman and oh, they’re pushing in. Hmm. Hold on, very interesting decision right there. Oh, they’re pushing in right now. Oh, look at that! There’s not a star in the sky tonight. How about that! Isn’t that interesting. Oh right, shit. Sorry gameplay, my bad, my bad. So the red team, the Red Menace… Communists that they are, they aren’t content to have their own spawn. They’ve got to take our spawn as well. So they just push straight past us and take our side of the map from us. How rude of them. So now our cameraman, he’s a little bit unsure of where the gameplay is happening exactly…

He’s like– oh, what’s happening in here, oh, not very much actually, oh shit right, they’re over here, I think. Wait no, are they? Where are they at exactly right now? Oh here they come, thank goodness. Our cameraman’s got some interesting cinematography ideas here. So they’re now up above us… This is all very inconvenient for us. And oh look, they’ve made an adjustment to their team comp! They aren’t just Goats anymore.

Now they have a Widowmaker. We’re mostly tanks. It’s not really the end of the world to us. Also their whole team’s over there right now, on our side of the map, whereas their Widowmaker’s on their side of the map… … entirely alone. So D.Va can just kind of go and get that boy. Now, we do have to worry about the rest of them coming up behind us and killing us while D.Va’s doing that, but we also don’t want to be looking over here while Widow’s shooting us from behind at the same time. So hopefully our boi D.Va can deal with that situation. He’s going off to deal with that situation right now. So now here comes the fight, and we can see Ana’s thrown her grenade, and she’s hit two people. She hit Moira, and she hit L?cio. Now L?cio dies, because he gets pinned, and Moira uses Fade. So overall that was pretty… [BigL.jpg] not fantastic for us. What’s the other button? Oh, that one. There we go. I’ve got all kinds of buttons wired up today.

So that one wasn’t very good, now we have killed their L?cio, so that’s good for us. However, then our Moi– not our Moira, our Brigitte gets pinned immediately afterwards, and died. So the thing is their L?cio, they’re already in position so they’re not really that upset about losing their L?cio, all things considered, but us losing our… Brigitte is a lot more inconvenient because now we don’t really have, you know, Brigitte here to annoy people to death, really. D.Va’s up to no good over here harassing Widow, but unfortunately it all starts to fall apart for us over there, because, uh, Reinhardt tries to push into the hallway and he gets fucking murdered, because… he didn’t really have very many people with him, at the time, other than Thighblaster, which is a good name for Zarya by the way, and, uh… Thighblaster wasn’t quite good enough, unfortunately, and D.Va was off trying to kill Widowmaker, so that didn’t go great for us. And now they’ve got some ult advantage on us, their Reinhardt’s got his ultimate.

Moira used her ultimate. So that’s convenient for us. And then their Zarya… is significantly further ahead of our Zarya. So that’s very sad for us. Our Reinhardt’s basically got Earth Shatter. So there’s that and we’ve basically got Nano Boost as well, because that charges up very quickly. So we’ve got a plan right? We’ve got a plan. There’s been a lot of… shouting, and upsetness happening in the background and you know, That’s very productive, but we’ve got a plan now. Our plan’s gonna be: push through the hallway on the left hand side and pick a fight with them. Now– There is potential for disaster with this plan, because they’ve got their Earth Shatter. We don’t have our Earth Shatter yet. And we’re gonna be coming out of a narrow hallway at them, basically single-file. So if our Reinhardt doesn’t block their Earth Shatter, oh boy! Could we be pretty fucking sad, pretty fast! ‘Cause that’s gonna hit everybody coming out of the hallway if it lands, so.

Brigitte’s a little bit further ahead. It’s not the end of the world. Here we go getting into a fight. Our Reinhardt’s just pushed the charge button, so that’s very scary for us. There he goes and now their Reinhardt’s like: Let’s go! He’s thinking, [Lizard laugh.gif] *that* right now, so he’s hit our entire team– except L?cio, So good job SwedishBalls, you get to survive and our Reinhardt’s over there. Now he did actually get Earth Shatter, so he gets to ult behind them! So I guess in the end it all works out, doesn’t it? Unfortunately their Widow changed to Hanzo and he’s killed Zarya. So Zarya’s not gonna be building up any ult charge in the near future, either, out of this teamfight.

So she’s gonna be even further behind their Zarya, ult-wise, which is very tragic for us. So we do have Self-Destruct, to sort of try and drive them off a little bit. We’ve managed to kill their Reinhardt and their Moira and then basically that’s all it, that’s it over for them at that point, because they’ve only got the two healers. So as soon as they lose Moira, they’re pretty fucking hosed overall. So even though our Reinhardt, who’s named Blondie, which is very good name for a Reinhardt player, fucked it up, It’s alright! It recovered in the end. Our cameraman’s going in deep for some backstage action right now. Look at this. Ooh, look at that dramatic pan through the house over there– the hotel, it’s not a house, so now suddenly we actually have a fair few ultimates. Our Brigitte’s just used her ultimate a little bit ahead of schedule, but they’re pushing in right now, it’s not the end of the world.

But now, I would like to… point out we do have more ultimates than them. They only have two ultimates and we have four, if we count the currently active Brigitte ultimate. But look at the two ultimates that the Red Menace has ready to go. So they’ve still favored in this fight and… A bunch of people are in the Graviton right now. We use the Beat, but the Beat doesn’t save you from this combo, so, uh… Ah, hmm… We had more ultimates than them, but their ultimates were better than ours, so that didn’t go super well for us. Our Zarya is at least most of the way towards her Graviton. But our combo is significantly less good than theirs. But, redeeming fact: we do– we’re about to have, uh… Graviton, you know Self-Destruct is not exactly a good combo with Graviton, But we can Nanoboost Reinhardt, who could just run in and start swinging into the Graviton, and that’s pretty scary.

Their Reinhardt’s got his ult ready, but that’s basically all they’ve got at this point. They’re about to have Sound Barrier. But they’re coming at us with not many ultimates and we’ve got like all our big money ultimates, basically. Reinhardt doesn’t have his yet, but like, he’s only got to hit a couple people and he’s gonna have his, Zarya’s basically got hers, so we’re actually– we’re looking pretty good for this fight coming up, as long as Blondie doesn’t let like their Reinhardt land the sickest Shatter in recorded history, in which case it all could quickly fall apart. Good job on their Zarya. She’s already got 40% of her ult even though she used her ultimate about four nanoseconds ago. So they haven’t quite captured the checkpoint, thrown that in there, Ehhh…

Lot of people got Earth Shattered right there off that one. Got pushed back. That’s fine. Whatever. A lot of people got Earth Shattered, so we don’t really get to throw a lot of shit in and then… but it’s okay. They weren’t looking at the Self-Destruct. There it went a *lot* better than it had any right to, given our whole team got Earth Shattered. But you’ll notice Hanzo still just killed two people from behind us and now he’s got his ultimate, and Zarya’s really close to having her ultimate.

So we did also just use all four of our ultimates on that teamfight right there, so now we’ve got no ultimates. We’re nowhere near having any ultimates, except for Rally and we’re halfway towards Sound Barrier. So there’s that and they’re about to have a lot of ultimates. So, ah, we won the fight, we didn’t really have any right to, but we over committed a lot of resources to that one, So now we get to eat shit on the next teamfight basically, is pretty much how that one goes now. Unless they execute like awful, like if they fuck it up? We’re looking good. If they execute even just mediocrely, Then they’re gonna dunk on us. ‘Cause that’s just how Overwatch is. You run at them, you got four ults they got no ults, you lose. I’m sorry. That’s how it is. That’s how the game is. So their Brigitte’s just popped her ult, so they’re about to start going in.

They’re building up a lot of ults, we’re not building up a lot of ults. Then Brigitte dies right at the start of the fight, Reinhardt dies right at the start of the fight, We were pretty far up, weren’t we, hold on. Yeah, like our Pogchamp over here is going for some pretty Pogchamp plays, and he’s mad far up compared to the rest of the team and then gets eaten by a dragon, which is very unfortunate.

And then Brigitte managed to kill, uh… Reinhardt right before, that it’s all over, it’s all over, it’s all over. They didn’t even have to use many ultimates. They only had to use… three of their ultimates, they still have three ults ready to go. We have no ults ready to go. We are about to have Sound Barrier to be fair. We got that one. There goes Reinhardt, there goes Reinhardt. I thought he just fell in. So honestly, I’m glad he got booped in, but that’s very depressing all the same, isn’t it? Sick stagger right there, my dude. Our cameraman, he couldn’t believe it. He’s gonna go down into the fucking furnaces! He’s checking to see if Reinhardt’s still alive down there! He’s not still alive down there. He’s down in fucking Moria right now So, we gotta wait for Reinhardt to get back. Zarya’s at least starting to get close to her ultimate at this point, as well.

Reinhardt could have his ultimate if he didn’t get pushed off earlier. They got their Widow back. We still got D.Va, she can go off and harass that one. Ooh, their Zarya just went pretty far up. But now they’re gonna try and pick a fight, Reinhardt got put to sleep, but then immediately woke back up. We lost L?cio. L?cio got picked by Widowmaker. So now we don’t have our defensive ultimate. They’ve got Graviton.

It’s not– that’s not looking good for us, and then we’re in the Graviton. Reinhardt got booped off again, my god. Oh, Jesus Christ, ohh. So, I mean, you know, it’s like… … yeah, you might as well, D.Va. You might as well. She got Zarya. Zarya already ulted. Um, so… Our Zarya’s dead. Ah… she, she didn’t get to use her ultimate. Nice. Oh, we… we are, you know, we… arghh… It’s not looking good for our Boys in Blue. The Red Menace, they’ve… They really, they really gave us a paddling right there, to be certain. It’s alright. It doesn’t matter if you fail to defend, as long as you attack better than the enemy team does. The video’s only seven minutes long. Eight minutes long. [world-weary sighing] It’s not looking good for our Boys in Blue. You never know, you never know. We might– we could thoroughly spank them, right? We could push through, in just record time, full hold them and then capture the first tick, right? You never know.

You never know. So we’ve elected to still continue running Goats, and they are, ah… not running Goats anymore. They’ve gone for the Reddit classic from like two seasons ago, with the Orisa-Roadhog, And then they’ve got, you know, the Doomfist, because I mean why wouldn’t you have the Doomfist? You are in… too many servers, my friend.

I like how two of them have the same icon also, so that’s cool. So. Widow’s up there. She’s fuckin’ ready to go. Imagine if we also had a Widow and she could just like dunk on her, right there for this… *drastically* illegal maneuver that she’s just not gonna get punished for, because, how could she? Unless Ana just absolutely just annihilated her. Thighblaster! Gone through quite the sudden shift hasn’t they, because they were the Thigh Master– Zarya. And now they’re Ana. Significant downgrade in the thigh blasting right there. So Doomfist’s over on the side, the rest of them, they’re all holed up on the high ground.

Widow’s over there. You know, they have to– our Boys in Blue, they have to look at a lot of different things as they push in right now, ’cause they got Widow up there. They obviously wanna look up, I can’t draw on the screen ’cause I’ve only got one monitor, so it would be a fucking nightmare to try and draw right now. They gotta look straight ahead at the Orisa up there, right up here, I’ll just point with the cursor.

They gotta look at that, but then there’s also your boy down here. Distracting them, and then as they push in, they want to be looking here, because this is where the bulk of their force is congregated, right? There’s even a Roadhog up here. So they got to block the hook as well. But then there’s also the Widow over there. Abusing the line of sight because we gotta look at them. But then Widow gets to shoot in at our team as we’re looking at them. So it makes it a very awkward angle for us, where we can’t really look at everything. And then Doomfist of course, gonna be trying to do Doomfist things at the same time. Our, and our Reinhardt’s ended up in an interesting position. Position, thanks to Doomfist right there. So we try and push around the backhand side over here, basically, trying to repeat what they did previously. We also have to try and like do something about the Widowmaker so if we can get around the backhand side, we could just try and kill her but– Ahh, L?cio is dead now, so it’s not exactly looking good.

We didn’t get through here nearly as decisively as the boys did on their team, did we? They fucking walked in and they were fucking through in like point-two seconds. You blinked and you missed their engage. Meanwhile, we’re just ambling our way through. I don’t know if our boy L?cio even had Speed Boost on for most of this push.

Because it looks like we’re going mad slow. No, he’s got the Speed Boost on in there. It just looks like we’re going *so* slow, they probably speed boosted through and we didn’t do that. Well, they amped it up through is what I should say. Whereas we did not, so they’re after us. They’ve hooked our Reinhardt back in, Our Reinhardt is not doing a good job of avoiding those crowd control effects, is he? He’s been getting in some unfortunate positions. So Ana, building up her ultimate, Reinhardt’s basically got his ultimate, D.Va’s managed to kill Widowmaker. So things are actually starting to look better for us at this point. Zarya has gone and isolated herself from us. But it’s alright, she’s managed to get back across. Now Reinhardt’s got his ultimate. Ana’s about to have her ultimate. So hey, maybe we can make this work.

L?cio’s got picked off again, it’s not the greatest Earth Shatter in the world, and then they just get pushed away from us, ’cause D.Va, our boi D.Va, Bacanjee? Backenge? Bahan? Bacanja, I don’t know, our boy, he goes in, pushes them both to safety. Just gives them a good ol’ push, that there? That’s right along the same lines as when I Earth Shatter four people and then Roadhog goes, “That was a good idea!” “I’ll ult too.” and then I watch them get shoved to safety.

They are now split off from their team, but we didn’t exactly get to do big dick damage to them. We’ve now lost Ana. Ana is our main healer. We’ve now only got the two off healers to go. We’ve got, you know, the AoE heals, but as soon as we lose our main healer, oh boy! L?cio has also been dead, like literally this entire round now that I think about it, as well, hasn’t he? So we’ve actually still only had Brigitte this entire time. As soon as we lose Ana, It’s basically all over for us.

So losing Ana was very bad. Now bright side, silver lining, we do have three ultimates. No, we… yeah, we do have three ultimates, no–that’s, that’s, uh… Call Mech, that’s not Self-destruct, is it? I thought we had three ultimates but I’m apparently like having a stroke. Yeah, that’s Call Mech she’s building up right there. We’ve basically got, uh…. Graviton built up, Ana just got picked off as well.

So, you know, right after walking out of the spawn. So there’s a lot of staggering going on right now. Brigitte’s popped her ult *way* too soon! Way, way too soon. Nowhere even approaching the time we’re gonna be going in there. Just gonna chip this armor off us before we pick any kind of fight. So they do have, uh… So we’ve got like a few ultimates ready to go, we’ve almost got… Graviton ready to go as well. Now unfortunately, though, they’ve got Roadhog’s ultimate. So as long as he doesn’t get hit by this upcoming Earth Shatter, they can basically just call the entire thing off, pretty much. So that’ll be upsetting for us and then Doomfist will be like, “Yeah, let’s go.” So Roadhog pops his ult, oh? Reinhardt used his ultimate.

How did this work? Oh. So Reinhardt’s got his ultimate, he speed boosts in… He got shoved as he started ulting, ’cause they saw… Roadhog saw the speed boost coming in, and you know what he decided? He decided he didn’t want to have that team fight, so he pushed Reinhardt back and basically devoured Reinhardt’s Earth Shatter. Ana, hey, they got a Doomfist. Doomfist had his ultimate. That means Ana’s gonna die. That’s just the facts of life right there. So that push didn’t exactly go great for us. We did trade ultimates back and forth, but they used… like… they took two of our good ultimates for Roadhog’s only OK ultimate, so they definitely won that trade. We do have Graviton, but right now we don’t have like anything to combo with it. Ana’s close to having her ultimate, so she could Nano Boost the Reinhardt in to swing into the Graviton. but Graviton’s not necessarily gonna get us much value right now, especially if it only catches Doomfist. Which is, you know, that’s what’s happening over here. I mean fuck Doomfist, am I right? I can sympathize, certainly, with fuck Doomfist, but that’s perhaps a little bit over the top.

So they’ve got both their support ultimates and we just use our Graviton to kill one person… so, uh… Our– we haven’t got a great amount of like forward momentum, like… we haven’t got a lot to keep going, but Reinhard’s managed to build up his Earth Shatter again, ’cause he got Nano Boosted in this fight, and he got to do some damage. So miraculously enough, it actually all worked out. Even though you know, our Graviton was really bad. They actually, even though they have both support ultimates, They weren’t able to survive the initial fight regardless, so great job, them. Thanks, Red Menace. Here they come, back again Reinhardt, big whiff, our boy. He had his ultimate and he hit nobody.

He sure did show that window, though, didn’t he. That window? It’ll never look– it’ll never look the same. The phone box actually was more… more dead on, I thought it hit like those two windows like square on, nah nah. That phone box is what got really fucked up. So, uh… Mmm, eh, not great. They are staggering back on, so. We’ve got, we managed to build up some more ultimates, we’d like to not have to use them considering how close we were to capturing the checkpoint. But I mean, we don’t want to risk it at the same time ’cause we’re in overtime. So we gotta capture this checkpoint. So they’ve changed to like, they got a Tracer, Tracer’s been doing some stalling. Tracer’s stalled us out quite a lot actually. Oh, look here they come again… Oh and then our boy! Our boy’s not doing a good job of blocking those Earth Shatters! I mean, to be fair, everybody’s in front of him right now because he’s at the back, and they got Earth Shattered.

But I mean… If your team gets Earth Shattered, that’s your Reinhardt’s fault, and uh, He’s not been doing a good job at blocking those Earth Shatters so far, so we end up having to invest yet more resources into this fight, though really, like… We could have won sooner, but we didn’t execute super well on that. So Zarya’s actually managed to build Graviton again. That’s how long that fight went on for, and Reinhardt has his ultimate as well. Ana built her ultimate fast because I mean, we’re running Goats and he’s playing Ana. Our cameraman is being left behind right now. Oh, here we go, oh, Hurts me, it hurts me so much… oh, Oh, a sleepy boy! Sleepy boy, oh, what could we do? Well, we could pin him, or we could just smack him in the face, OOP! He’s just fuckin’…

Gone, just like that and now Ana? She’s got to be thinking “Not like this, not like this. Please not like this.” Doomfist decides not to go straight for the Ana. So that’s a good day for her. Well, oh god, Ooh, does it just… oh why, why pin him, right, why pin him? I could do a little bit more damage if I get this one swing in first, right? Fuck. Ahh. I could just hear someone going “pin him, pin him!!” It’s just so, so… aw, but he didn’t do it. He didn’t do it. By the way, just so you understand the general level of communications we’ve been having this whole time, because you can’t hear it… Basically, the more time goes by, the more I wanna die as I listen to the people talking in this game. So that should give you roughly the idea of what we’re at right now. So we’ve still got our two ultimates. They’ve got no ultimates right now. That’s good for us. However, Uh, Reinhardt? The Earth Shatter? It wasn’t very good.

L?cio’s dead again. That’s just kind of, that’s just kind of how his life has been right now. He’s not been having a good day. L?cio’s experience in London today has been pretty akin to your average, like… actual ethnic person in London’s day has been, honestly. So, yeah, he’s got his ultimate now finally, you know, 30 minutes later. L?cio has managed to build up his ultimate. So we got three ultimates. They’ve got a lot of ultimates. And their ultimates just kind of blanketly are a little bit better than ours. Our cameraman missed them using two of their ultimates, but it’s alright. It doesn’t look like they really got very much done with it. But we did in fact, miss the money right there. So that’s very sad. Ah, L?cio… That’s not L?cio, that’s Tracer. Also a fast hero, but not, not quite the same thing. Managed to kill Thighblaster. so… Here comes uh, Doomfist, they’re basically just throwing ultimates at us for the sake of it at this point.

Like they’re pretty much just like eh, I might as well push the button right? So our Ana’s Nano Boosted D.Va, for some reason. Um… It didn’t do much. Ana’s dead again, because why would Tracer do anything other than try and kill Ana when they’re playing against Goats? Right? Brigitte doing a very bad job of keeping Ana alive. Blondie, once again, does not block the Earth Shatter. They use both of those ultimates that they just, they just used Earth Shatter and Graviton on us a second ago. They have them again. Tracer’s got her ultimate again. So Ana’s like sentenced to death in the near future, right? You gotta be, she’s gotta be like, “As soon as I see Grandma, I got a nice present for her.” So…

Ohh, Blondie! Blondie!! It’s okay, L?cio managed to get there. Oh, Brigitte was over there as well. Almost a C9. It was only a C8. Here they come, we managed to get back. Ooh, Blondie’s fucking going places. Please Zarya use your ultimate before the game ends. So she’s dead again, Ana’s dead again. Tra– like, fuckin’… Just what was she ever gonna do, right? Look yeah, y’know… Zarya has ulted. So many times. And she has ulted three times in the last like, minute and a half, that’s absolutely insane. Yes, she should have all the gold medals, look at Zarya, look at Zarya. What a fucking Titan. Very, you know.. MVP of the Red Menace, appropriately enough, it was Zarya! Oh! [User] RedBacon: Blondie is pissing me off. I was certainly pissed off by how every single Earth Shatter in recorded history hit us.

Ah, everybody’s upset… Nobody’s happy except the Red Menace. They’re pretty stoked. Also, you know, Bacanje? Pretty stoked to have gotten play of the game. Our only card is like… Brigitte? Which is pretty sad, honestly. So, you know it was a bad day for our Boys in Blue, hold on. [swig] Suddenly felt like I swallowed a fucking cactus. So it’s a bad day for our Boys in Blue, communism wins another battle today. How tragic. So… Yeah, hmm, block those Earth Shatters, kids, block those Earth Shatters, cause uh… You don’t want to be like Blondie. Don’t want to be like Blondie. So thank you very much for watching if you did, if you have any questions feel free to ask, I’m more than happy to answer, If you haven’t already you can join our Discord and ask questions more directly and have a conversation about them, or just shitpost with us.

And I hope you found the video helpful or entertaining. Something, you know, ideally..

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