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Mercy: Overwatch Beginners Guide for Console [Out of Date]



hey everyone Datsokay here and thank you for joining me on my first let’s play overwatch hero guide today we are going to be looking at the hero Mercy and talk about some tips and guidelines to playing her the most efficient way on counsole so let’s get started mercy is an every regard a healer but can also provide for teammates with additional damage support as well as use her resurrection ultimate to shift the momentum in teamfights to your team’s favor. this guide will be broken up into three main sections in this first section we will go over Mercy’s kit and abilities. Mercy’s kit is quite unique and diverse compared to other overwatch support heroes let’s begin with her passive abilities mercy can now passively regenerate her own health so long as she does not take damage it’s important to take advantage of this knowledge when you are the only healer on a team which we will go more into detail in the positioning section later on.


Her other passive ability angelic descent allows mercy to float while airborne this ability can also be manipulated with the guardian angel ability to increase her mobility as well as make it more difficult for enemies to hit he. Mercy’s main weapon the caduceus Staff can perform two different beams. her healing stream which is defaulted on the r2 button on ps4 can heal a team player at 60 health per second while her damage boost or r1 button can increase the targeted team members damage by 30% let’s take a moment to look at these beams and how to prioritize them while engaging in combat Mercy’s healing stream is very powerful in comparison to other healers it is also one of her main resources for generating her ultimate ability most players will pocket their tanks as they are large targets who will take damage regularly allowing mercy consistent Ultimate generation and a safety net to stand behind although this is in theory beneficial to you in your tank it is not to the rest of your team my best advice in prioritizing healing targets is to focus on which of your teammates is likely to be engaged in combat and take damage while also keeping your tanks health at least at half if they are not in immediate danger to summarize always prioritize nearby critical DPS teammates before fully topping off the tank this will ensure that you have your team’s DPS with you and an imminent team fight to come here’s a helpful tip to counsole players you are able to hold both r1 and r2 simultaneously whichever button you activated last will respectively activate if you let go of one of the buttons the other beam will automatically be placed on your target without delay the use of Mercy’s second weapon the cudeceous blaster is debatable Mercy’s damage boosts should always take precedence over the use of her gun however there are circumstances were pulling out your pistol to ensure a low health enemy does not get away and regain health can be acceptable I personally suggest not pulling out Marcy’s pistol unless it is a last resort or you can ensure a kill without your teammates dying in the process this takes practice in judgment something most is Mercy’s play style relies on the last of Mercy’s abilities is her ultimate resurrect which is without a doubt one of the biggest game changers mercy can res as many as her fallen allies that are in a 15 meter range while also giving her and her allies with temporary invulnerability.


With the heavy use of Mercy’s kit her ultimate charges with a very high rate allowing it to be used more often than most mercys allow. it may feel right to conserve your res for that 3 to 5 person raise but more often than not using the Res more frequently in an attempt to regain momentum is more beneficial each situation is circumstantial but a rule of thumb is to use your ultimate on a fallen tank a dps with an available ultimate or to save yourself some deaths while your team has a slight advantage knowing when to use your resurrect with never 100% and won’t always be successful I do however recommend saving a resurrect for the end of the match for overtime as this is the most crucial time to turn things around in this clip we can see how a small resurrect was able to turn a loss and to win during overtime let’s move on to our next section controls in this section we will go into the options menu and look at some of Mercy’s specific controls and discuss what works well on console beginning with sensitivity this is something I recommend increasing over time as having high sensitivity allows for quicker reaction times I currently am using 80 sensitivity on horizontal and 50 on vertical this can always be higher but try to push your comfort zone every once in a while you may find some improvement in your survivability as well as healing reticles are completely up to you I personally prefer less screen clutter and turn my bloom setting off on all my characters now for the big three toggle beam connection I don’t find this option very helpful for console players because im constantly switching targets and transitioning from damage boost to healing stream and having this option off allows for a more fluid experience on changing beam targets the guardian angel prefers beam target this option is widely debated and I originally kept this option on.


When it is on you will be able to fly to your beamed target while not looking at them and to many this option makes players feel safer in getting out of bad situations however with this option off you are able to keep your stream on a target and also fly to another I find that when this setting is off it is extremely valuable it allows for you to have more mobility as well as the ability to output more healing by healing one target and flying to the next while doing so I suggest trying both options and seeing what you feel more comfortable with if you choose to keep this setting on I strongly advise you play with the highest sensitivity you can manage to make up for the lost healing between targets toggle guardian angel for console players I recommend toggling this option off having it off will allow you to cut your guardian angels flight short when you let go of l1 you will still go the full distance by holding it down this increases your survivability a huge amount no more flying into teammates that are dead before you make it to them which usually leads to your death as well the last option I recommend changing is Mercy’s weapon switch button I changed my next weapon button to l-3 which allows me to easily change weapons without sacrificing any of my mobility this last section is an important one if you want to get better at surviving as mercy being aware of your team and enemy team’s locations is the major factor in overseeing the match and making good decisions playing mercy can sometimes be unforgiving the enemy team will often focus you and disregard your other teammates.


To survive this you need to be aware of your position and have escape plans running through your head at any given moment taking a moment to assess your team’s positions and your possible escape routes can be the difference in you dying or staying alive use the map to its fullest don’t leave yourself out in the open and don’t stay in any one location for more than a few seconds you should be constantly flying to various teammates and focusing on those who will likely engage in combat here are a few tips to remember after applying your beam to the target there is a delay before it disengages when you lose sight of them you can manipulate this buff to position yourself out of your enemy’s firing range and still heal a teammate and charge your ultimate do this as much as possible use Mercy’s guardian angel on teammates on upper levels of the map having an aerial overview grants you a positional advantage while also allowing you to assess the situation and pick out potential targets if you have a healthy amount of teammates near you don’t be afraid to include yourself in the fight staying at a range where you can either dive in or run away safely the only times you should disengage from a fight with allies is when you can anticipate an enemy ultimate that can kill most of your team allowing your survivability and your resurrect to come in and save the day however if you disengage from a fight to survive and use your ultimate you gain the risk of allowing your team to die off slowly whereas if you were present you could have prevented their death in the first place and finally know when to let someone die a simple “I am ready to resurrect you” can signal your teammates to gather on an objective and do what they can.


also know when your teammate is being foolish don’t chase after them if they push too far forward your life is more important than theirs I hope this small guide was of some help to you console players out there it’s not always an easy job and support players will often be the first to be blamed by their teammates but know that you have the potential to get better and your effort will always be appreciated thank you for watching, let me know what you thought of this video in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for more overwatch related videos and more Cheers.


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