Hello everyone I’m mL7, a top 500 player, specializing in Anna This is a tutorial about Anna Weapons In this tutorial, I will cover the techniques of not opening the mirror, opening the mirror and deep instantaneous mirrors. I have been planning this video for a long time I decided to divide it into two areas The first part, how to complete the instant mirror operation And how to choose different firing methods In the second part, I will explain in depth everything I can think of Any mistakes and omissions are welcome to add If you just want to learn how to use instant mirrors to increase your practical skills You can just watch the first part If you want to know what are the suitable situations for no mirror, open mirror, instant mirror If you want to know what are the suitable situations for no mirror, open mirror, instant mirror Then the second part is full of hypnosis, but full of information If you just like my voice, you can listen, but you can learn something I will put some practical analysis in the second part, which will be more vivid.

(Author’s note: although not) Gossip less, let’s get started To complete the instant mirror, first you need a mouse and a hand I will show my method below My setting is to turn on the mirror by one click, so this method may not be applicable to the setting of turning off a mirror This is how to complete the instant mirror under the one-button mirror setting Place your hand on the mouse, right click once, left click again, then right click How simple The screen shows the effect of your normal right-click and double-click If you press quickly, the instant mirror effect will appear The moment you press the right button, You can see the moment the opening photo animation appears The opening animation appears and then disappears The moment it disappears, press the left button immediately, Cycle The specific effect is this Right and left Right and left Look at my hand like this Anna holds a multifunctional weapon, which can be viewed from two perspectives First, it has both instantaneous and delayed bullets.

On the other hand, it can heal teammates and attack enemies Of course, healing and attack cannot be performed at the same time, only bio-grenades can achieve that effect. Bio-grenade deals 70 damage and 75 healing at the same time This video was recorded in late November 2018 Specific values ??may change over time Note: Opening shots will leave a trajectory, which means that enemies and teammates will listen to the sound You can also judge your location by looking at the ballistic source Shooting without a mirror has no trajectory, but close-range enemies can still find your position Non-mirror shooting does not limit field of vision and hinder mobility But it is delayed trajectory This shows that after you shoot, it takes a while for the bullet to hit the target, and the time increases with distance Without the mirror design, the bullet is flying at a speed of 90 meters per second. So it ?s hard to hit at long distances Because you have to predict where the target is Specifically, you are shooting from a distance without a mirror, and the crosshair is accurately placed on the target character’s ground.

But if he just moved after you shot Then you may not be able to hit because the bullet is moving very slowly, In the future, people may be able to change the bullet type in advance. No kidding, just to see if you listen well It should be noted that this is not to say that you ca n?t use non-mirror shooting at a long distance. At least one situation is worth doing When your teammates want to have a show For example, you are defending section C of King’s Avenue Your sledgehammer tells you he wants to be LYB In other words, he would hide behind the enemy, When they pass, take a turn and stun But when he hid, he was half blood. Although unlikely, he may still be found by the enemy In this case, in order to ensure that he can start a team fight with full blood At this point you need to treat him without opening the mirror The enemy wo n?t know who you ?re healing In this way, the sledgehammer will not be exposed, but will also be full of milk.

What other circumstances need to be shot without a mirror? At close range, if you can guarantee to hit the target, you can not open the mirror Not to avoid exposing teammates, But to heal them faster Unopened speed is 0.16 seconds / round, while open speed is 0.25 seconds / round So, at close range, it’s better not to open the lens I want to emphasize hits, because at close range, sometimes, hits are very low without a shot Because your teammate’s model is small For example, Tracer, compared to the sledgehammer, her model is very small.

To heal this character, in order to guarantee a hit, Snapshot or simple opening are better choices Opening the mirror will limit the field of vision and reduce mobility compared to not opening the mirror You aim at the target and then shoot If the delay is not too great You can hit Other notes: First, opening the mirror leaves a trajectory, So the enemy can judge where you are, And the location of the teammates being treated. Second, open the mirror to reduce the field of vision (cannot observe some conditions around you) Third, opening the mirror reduces mobility. For open-frame shooting, you need to stand still. In a fast-paced game like Overwatch, you need to keep moving to avoid attacks. Based on I highly recommend: use open shots when you know you won’t be easily killed Here are some questions you need to pay attention to before shooting First, if I stay on the mirror, will I be killed from a long distance? (Example: Lily, Hanzo, Monk, etc.) If I keep the mirror open, will I be killed at close range? (For example, you know there is a Tracer behind the team, she is looking for opportunities to take you away -At this point, if you shoot in the mirror, you will be in the middle of your heart) Do I need to run? Example: Orangutan and D.Va opposite -You can shoot in a mirror But remember: at this point you have very little mobility, If you are not out of position, you will be a perfect kill Do I need to observe the situation around me? This is very subjective But what I want to say is, Sometimes, because the field of vision is limited, you only know a part of the battle.

If the field of vision after opening the mirror can meet your needs -When five teammates and six enemies are in front of you Then the answer to all the above questions is: no need In other words, you do n?t have to watch your body most of the time So you can safely shoot in the mirror Another condition If you are shooting in the mirror But you have a teammate waiting for milk on the left Because you’re driving the mirror So your vision is limited, you ca n?t see him Then he died I do n?t want to dive into this, it ?s complicated Just pay attention to the problem I mentioned earlier in conclusion If you know you won’t be killed If you think you will win a team fight, just open the mirror.

These judgments are based on game experience Understand what can kill you and how it can kill you You also have to pay attention to where the longer goal is Choose the shooting method according to the situation. Instant mirrors can be hit instantly, And allows you to run while shooting If the mirror switch timing is correct, The field of view limitation due to the opening animation will not exceed one frame on the screen. The instant lens can make the shortcomings of “limiting the field of view caused by the lens opening” have almost no effect The only problem is that the instantaneous mirror has a slower rate of fire than the non-open mirror and open mirror. So it will take longer to lift blood This is why high-end Anna uses three different shooting methods depending on the situation.

Snapshot skills have been covered in the first part of the video The way to practice instant mirrors is to play Anna Room as much as possible Or you can play a training range or a custom game, just keep practicing Make practice blinkers a habit The more practice time you spend, the faster and smoother you can use the instant mirror accordingly. In my own words, at first, I would n?t have an instant mirror. But after two weeks of continuous practice, I started using instant So don’t give up and find your own practice For example, you can train your robot with a blinker for 15 minutes. Then play three rounds of Anna in one shot Finally start ranking Practice time is in place and you will improve to sum up First, you can make sure that you can hit at short distances; at long distances, your teammates are in the same position for a long time, In both cases Second, when the situation allows, open the shot Impossible in advanced competitions, So Instant Mirror is an essential skill to become a professional Anna player Third, in the case of not being able to open the mirror, If you feel you can’t hit without opening the mirror, use the instant lens If you need to run, you have to do it without the mirror and the instant mirror I hope this tutorial is very easy to understand at the end All in all, if someone can learn something from this video, then my mission is achieved Nevertheless, I hope you like If you want to know more about me and my videos Come see me live on Twitch, or visit my Ins and Twitter The video description also includes an invitation link to my Discord community I wish you all a good mood every day, thank you for watching ~

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