Muma’s Overwatch Tank Guide: How to play Reinhardt, Counter Brigitte, & Winston Tips


Main tanking is fun for me because I’m a really selfless player, the way I play this game, and that’s kind of really what main tank is supposed to be about. As long as you remain in the mentality that if something negative happens to me, like I get stunned by Baguette or I get shot with a bunch of storm arrows, you just have to remind yourself that “That’s me taking that, and that means my DPS behind me, he doesn’t have to deal with that right now.” And that’s really what main tank is all about. Winston is actually just pretty awful because of how strong Hanzo is. To play Winston in the current patch with Hanzo being super overturned and Brigitte in the game, you have to really?kind of similar to the way that people played on the Stage 1 patch?you have to make sure that your jump is utilized more to disengage than to engage.

In the past in dive comps, it’s obviously very important that your Winston jumps in and your team follows up and follows on that dive, but in the current patch, if you’re going to be playing Winston, you should be trying to be sneaking around and zapping their supports without having to use your jump, because then when you can get on their supports or their backline or their Hanzo or whatever, you can use your E, and then say the Hanzo double jumps away, you still have your jump to be able to chase that, or if you’re just zapping their supports for as much as you can, you can zap as long as you can, and then when you need to, you have your jump ready to disengage to get healed up. Mostly you should be going for their squishies, like in the past, but if you start zapping their Mercy and she gets E’d, you have to instantly switch target focus, because Winston?the way armor in the game in general works, it’s really, really, really strong against Winson, because it denies less damage for every tick of damage you do, so it’s really important that you aren’t trying to zap armor as much as you can, because you honestly just might as well be healing them at that point.

So if someone gets Brigitte’s E, or they have armor, it’s really important to make sure that you’re switching targets. So I kind of steer clear of that hero, just because he’s really bad. Orisa, she’s kind of weak as well, because you just get run over really easily. She’s still good on maps like Well or Sanctum where there’s death pits, but if there isn’t a death pit, she probably isn’t very good, and that’s just because Hanzo’s E?Hanzo crushes shields so fast, and Orisa honestly can’t put up with that shield break, it’s just too much for her. If you’re an Orisa one-trick, you just have to abuse the fact that verticality makes the game a lot harder for enemy teams. You can set up as high as you can, and if the Rein tries to run at you, which is something that’s kind of scary as Orisa, you can suck over an edge or something and pull him back down to the low ground. It’s not going to really kill people, but you have to think of the game in a matter of seconds, and the amount of time that sucking a Rein off the high ground and putting him back on the low ground, that gives you just so much time, and that’s what really matters in the game at the end of the day: objectives.

Other than that, you kind of are really just a Rein bot on the current patch. Rein has been my favorite hero for a very, very long time. I think that way because he’s just the super selfless playstyle where, if it’s happening to me, it’s not happening your team, and that’s a great thing. The number one thing, when I play Rein, I focus on is the enemy Rein. I’m always trying to keep track of his ult percentage as much as I can, and I’m always trying to keep track of his fire strike cooldown and his charge cooldown, because it’s such an impactful ult when it is impactful, and it’s also an ult that is very expendable, and you get it very fast, and if you whiff a shatter, it’s really not the end of the world because it’s Earthshatter.

So I just focus really hard on the enemy Rein’s ults and trying to block that consistently, and also his cooldowns, because if you know you have shatter and you know he fire strikes, you can just tell yourself, “OK, he has fire strike off cooldown. I’m going to press Q the second he presses E.” And that’s pretty consistent, and it’s the same with charges and then their ult as well. If you turn your shield, or if you shield a direction and you turn your camera so that you’re facing their Rein, you can wait for him to use the cooldown, even though you’re not looking at him, and very rarely he’s going to be like, “Oh this Rein isn’t looking at me, now is my chance to shatter!” And then you can instantly let go of mouse 2 for a second and re-push mouse 2, and it instantly turns your camera.

And you can do the same thing, like find Earthshatters yourself, like turn your back to the Rein and then turn your camera 180, and so when you see the Rein like, “Oh, I’m going to walk up at him, he’s not looking at me,” you can instantly turn around and instantly press Q, and it’s really fast. Just walk up with the shield, and you just gotta hold mouse 2 and you walk up. And it’s really something I try to focus on a lot, is I make sure that my shield never breaks.

The threshold I usually try to chill at is 500 shield, because even if there’s people behind me about to die, making sure that you have that shield, at least a little bit, is so important, because that time where after your shield breaks, not even being to put it up if an Earthshatter is coming your way or anything, it’s really bad. So yeah, it’s scary to hold your shield up and drop it to walk forward a little bit, but you kind of have to, because yeah, there’s that risk of shots going through or behind you and hitting your backline, but you can’t just hold mouse 2 and slowly hold W and walk at them. You have to hold mouse 2, and then when you see someone’s reloading or something, you gotta be aware of stuff like that. Or if there’s cooldown, you can drop your shield a little bit and hold W and mouse 1 a little bit and jump forward. You can’t just hold w and mouse 2 and walk up forever, because your shield is gonna break and you’re going to die, and that’s no good.

The thing people struggle to realize is that dive has been meta for so long that even when tanks were viable, there were always stuns that you did have to worry about, whether it’s McCree stun or Ana sleep darts and stuff. And yeah, Brigitte’s stun is on a lot shorter of a cooldown, and it is a lot more frustrating to play against because of how fast the animation is and how short the cooldown is, but you have to realize also it’s very easy to tell when she’s going for it, you know? She’s always going to be trying to walk forward. If you just space yourself just enough so that she can’t bash you when she uses mouse 2 plus mouse 1?it makes it really hard for her, because it leaves her very vulnerable, because that’s her only movement ability. So if you are able to back up right before she bashes, you can just go literally right back into her and just hold mouse 1, and it’s a really easy kill. Reinhardt’s left shift is the worst ability in the game. Really don’t use it.

There’s times where you can be, but you should probably refrain from doing it for the most part. It’s just a bad ability. Too much to displace you, too much CC in the game. Short pins are OK, but most of the time it just puts you out of position and leaves you so vulnerable..

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