OCG – Glitch Out of Blizzard World using Boxes in Overwatch and Q&A


Subscribe to OCG! We post glitches, exploits, Overwatch gameplays, guides, tutorials and more! Send your clips to [email protected] Be careful, do not make this glitch in a public match, Blizzard will ban you! Are you already entering a part of Blizzard world Glitch wondering how they spank? There are several ways to get out of this map If you want to see any of them, there will be links to these videos in the description! This one was send and find by Ogniuch 1! I will also do an FAQ section at the end! Without further ado, let’s go! You are going to need Doomfist, its ultimate capacity ready and to go to the rental shown! Here is the place where we will make this glitch First jump on these boxes LANCECAPACIT?ULTIME.JPEG Keep the zoom out button pressed If you finish on this border, it means that you are not correctly positioned You should land a little more on the left but a border will repel you As you can see, I am not positioning myself correctly I should be slightly more to the left And that’s why it didn’t work Let’s start again in the right way this time Notice how I’m slightly more to the left than just now And you are out! If the spawn point is not active yet, follow this path so you can change characters! You can change your favorite character from here Here is the road to the spawn point where everyone gathers in these glitch games! It’s FAQ time! I am a really creative person and I love to start new projects to keep me entertained! I already posted a video on another account and I realized that this video was very popular, which motivated me a lot too! I had to include this one! I have a girlfriend ! It’s not worth it ! I’m afraid of being banished and I have respect for other players 1.

It’s been a year and 3 months! 2. I have posted glitches for a whole year and you have shown interest in them! So I continued and the chain gradually grew! 3. I use the share button on my controller and edit my clips on Sony Vegas! My computer is too old to use adobe (Adobe costs a fortune too) I can’t choose a particular glitch but some Sombra glitch are very difficult to learn! Working with invisible stuff, not easy! My English is not 100% correct! I couldn’t imagine speaking it! However, I continue to pick up the equipment I need! I would put maybe one of his 4! I may be going to make Fortnite videos! I know a lot of places in this game that might interest you! I may also be doing a sideshow while keeping the overwatch videos I hold Lucio, 1 golden weapon because I no longer participate in the Competitive! I’m around 2800 Surely! I have 150 win so far:] Never and I hope they never ask me! I would have a good laugh if Jeff would say anything about me! It’s approximately ! Sorry if I could not answer all the questions, there were many! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you want to see more glitch, visit our channel! Thank you for watching ! Subscribe to OCG! We post glitches, exploits, Overwatch gameplays, guides, tutorials and more! Send your clips to [email protected]

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