OCG – The Mystery Behind Mei’s Ice Wall Overwatch Glitch


Subscribe to OCG! We post glitches, exploits, Overwatch gameplays, guides, tutorials and more! Send your clips to [email protected] Hello dear glitchers! Today’s video will be a little different from the others! I’m going to show you a glitch that has been out for a while! I’m talking about the glitch of Mei’s new glitch! I was told that this glitch was possible and to make a video about it by several of you! So let’s go! Everything to start when someone contact me through the comments section This person told me that there was a new glitch with mei! So I decided to check it out myself and try to reproduce this glitch! Here are the results! I did say that this glitch was possible on Numbani so I went to the place indicated and I started to use my wall of ice It took me forever …

… but after several attempts I finally succeeded! I was confused and I was unable to explain this glitch My best guess was that he had an accident while patching Mei’s old technique! But despite everything, I was not able to find a link between the 2 glitchs .. Then I decided to leave this glitch behind me and move on to the next glitch I lost all hope of finding the key to the success of this glitch .. Oh & in the meantime I also discovered this interesting interaction between Mei’s ice wall and a jump platform Then a close friend told me that she had witnessed a glitch in a public match with Mei and that she had recorded it! Here is the clip she sent me.

Watch what will happen I could not believe my eyes ! It was possible to crash the servers again! Let’s watch it again at 50% of its original speed Let’s take a break here. There are several things to note in this photos. First, watch how Sombra stands exactly where Mei’s wall comes out. It was my first clue! Then watch how the lag notification is synchronized with the moment! It was my second hint! Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce this glitch Then I started to receive several new clips from you using the glitch in several different places! Like this one on the Temple of Anubis Or this one on Lijiang tower Or this one! Then time passed and I received an email with a video from someone who claimed to be able to glitch Mei but with consistency! Like any good glitcher would have done, so I decided to try my turn in a private match With whatever alignment, I too was able to execute this glitch with consistency! Then I asked myself: “Would I be able to redo this glitch but in another location?” So I started to experiment with the same type of soil and height! And it was a success! With my success from the last attempt, I therefore decided to test other types of soil and height On different cards Different locations and different alignments lol All over ! This situation was different, it was caused by lags! See how the lag notification appears at exactly the same time he uses his wall And this comment also helped me solve the mystery too! He was clearly spawning his own connection to help so he could finish Mei’s glitch! This method has been patched! I can’t say if the lag method was patched, I need to do more testing! But that’s not all ! Believe it or there is a 3rd method of performing this glitch! And it is still possible to do it on the PTR Here’s a clip from someone doing it in Hollywood! Here is another one which also uses the new technique available on the PTR Voila, all the glitch are solved! I would like to tell you more about the new glitch available on the PTR but I’m on PS4 so I can’t test! If you have the chance to record and send Mei’s new glitch, this would be greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoyed it, have fun! Subscribe to OCG! We post glitches, exploits, Overwatch gameplays, guides, tutorials and more! Send your clips to [email protected]

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