Overwatch: 2 Tips Every Sniper




[intro music] Hey guys Rebecca here and we’re going to give you two tips for each sniper on Overwatch. Now with Ashe make sure whenever you get into the fight you always left click because it lets you deal more damage and you fire faster. Here’s a little example. Whenever you left- fires a lot faster. Now there’s a debuff whenever you do aim. And it’s actually harder to hit your target because it’s slower too. The only time you should aim is whenever you throw your dynamite. Wait till it lands on the floor… and go ahead and take a nice shot at it. Couple examples here, wait till the TNT falls… and take a shot at it. Now for your shotgun- it’s okay to use your shotgun But only if you’re going to do a 360 no-scope There’s honestly no other use to use your shotgun Because the moment you do hit it you can add it to your montage.


Next we have Hanzo, or better known as “Spam-zo”. Now with Hanzo It’s really important that you do dash and 360 every time you have the chance. Coordinate with your team so they know you’re doing a 360 to launch your ultimate as well. You tend to do more damage when you 360. And the only time you should go into a fight is when you have the ability to spam your arrows. It’s very important. Although there are moments when you don’t have your Spam-zo ability so make sure you left click all the time. This gives you increased damage output and a higher likelihood that you’ll hit someone. Next up we have Ana With Ana just make sure you left click only If you zoom in it slows your movement and you can’t see the environment around you. your scope is sh*t anyways. Next up the queen of Rule 34. For Widowmaker it’s very important that you should know you don’t have to aim your grapple directly at something to latch on to it. And for the second tip make sure you back up against a wall like this and emote…


…to get full use out of her. [heavy breathing] [fapping noises].


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