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Overwatch 240hz 60fps overwatch twitch streaming guide By: rhijord


Does your beefy computer have annoying issues streaming and playing at the same time? Read on…

This guide is intended for peeps who have something comparable to:


NVIDIA Driver Settings:

  • Turn GSYNC off – You’re already getting 240fps+, and yes GSYNC takes away from performance at high framerate/refresh rates

  • Low Latency Mode to On – This used to be called Max Prerendered Frames. Do not set this to Ultra because it messes with Overwatch and is CPU intensive. You will find yourself limited to 221 fps instead along with heavy OBS streaming lag during a hero selection screen. If you care more about stream quality (no dropped frames) rather than input lag, turn this to off.

  • Power Management Mode: Maximum Performance

OBS Settings:

Do not run OBS in administrator mode if you care about max Overwatch performance. If you care more about stream performance, run OBS in admin mode for high priority.


  • Encoder: NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)

  • Rate Control: CBR

  • Bitrate: Depends on your internet connection. Got fiber? 6000. Twitch Affiliate? Put more

  • Keyframe interval: 0

  • Preset: Max Quality (esp if you have an RTX card)

  • Profile: High (unless your stream viewers like using old devices, put main or baseline)

  • Look-ahead: unchecked

  • Psycho Visual Tuning: checked

  • GPU: 0 (unless you have multiple gpus, pick the one you want encoding)

  • Max B-frames: 4 (gives better image quality. If you’re limited on bitrate, put 2 instead)


Base Res: 1920×1080 Output: 1600×900 ( if you stream @ closer to 10000 bitrate, then leave this at 1080 ) Downscale filter: Lanzcos FPS: 60

Overwatch Settings

  • Limit FPS: 237 (need an explanation? see blur busters forums. This limit is important for monitor sync as well as letting extra gpu power go to NVENC)

  • Ensure resolution is 1080x240hz

  • Ensure Vsync, Triple Buffering, Reduce buffering are all OFF (reduce buffering is the same as Low Latency mode which we set above, and is more optimized for 120fps or lower. You may see a performance hit turning it on)

For “competitive” streams where max performance is essential: Everything low / off except for:

Windows Settings

This should give you a smooth 60fps stream with max FPS in Overwatch in sync with your 240hz monitor.

Interested in a Overwatch Stress test? See Workshop Code PG4HH


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