Overwatch Achievement Guide



Overwatch Achievement Guide?by Zorrekky


Blackjack: Earn 21 postgame cards in quick or competitive play. ?Thanks? Spray

This one shouldn?t be hard to get. It is one of the first achievements I (accidentally) unlocked. Basically just play the game and you will get it eventually. If you want to speed things up, playing Mercy is a good option, since you will often get the ?Healing Done? card, or Bastion, since you will often get the ?Most Damage Done? card.

Centenary: Win 100 games in quick or competitive play. ?Victory? Spray

Even more than the one above this one, you just need to play the game long enough and win. I think you will unlock this achievement around level 30-40, assuming you have a normal winrate from about 45% to 55%.

Decked Out: Collect 50 unlocks for a single hero. ?Oops? Spray

This is one of the achievements I have not unlocked yet. You can wait until you unlock this achievement by luck, but since it will become rarer and rarer to get new things from lootboxes, it is advised to buy things yourself and get 50 unlocks for a hero you like. If you want to get this achievement and spend the least amount of gold on it, you will need about 1000 gold. Just buy all the voice lines and hero-specific sprays and you will already get very far. Then just buy the cheaper stuff like skins, victory poses etc.

Decorated: Earn 50 postgame medals in quick or competitive play. ?Well Played? Spray

Similar to Blackjack, playing the game will get you very far. Again, playing Mercy is advised, since you will get a gold medal very easily with her (assuming you are not practically afk). Playing 50 games with Mercy should get the job done, but if you are not feeling like doing this, just focus on other achievements or just play what you like. It will come eventually, whether you focus on it or not.

The Friend Zone: Play a quick or competitive play game in a group with a friend. ?Man and Omnic? Spray

For some this is easy, but for some people, this can be hard. If you are the only one among your friends that plays Overwatch, this can be harder than it looks. But no worries! If you really have this problem, just message me with your Battle Tag and we can play a game. Easy as that.

Level 10: Reach level 10. ?Forge Onward? Spray

You should have this achievement by now. If you are reading this guide and you have not unlocked this achievement already, I recommend just playing the game a bit more and get used to it, before going full tryhard and use this guide.

Level 25: Reach level 25. ?Rise? Spray

The same counts for this one as for the one above this one.

Level 50: Reach level 50. ?Respect? Spray

If you found this guide before you got this achievement, I hope you clicked it away and just enjoyed the game. As soon as you get to this point, I think you are ready for the rest of the guide. Enjoy!

The Path is Closed: Destroy 3 of Symmetra?s Teleporters in a single quick or competitive game. ?Sorry? Spray

Alright, now we get into the real deal. This one is among the achievements I would like to call situational. You cannot get this achievement in every match, since the enemy needs a Symmetra. If you are on a defence map, just go for another achievement or just play the match normally. Same counts for if they do not have a Symmetra when you are on attack. When there is an enemy Symmetra though, there are a few things you can do to make this achievement a little easier. First of all, always try to find the Teleporter if you hear that they have one deployed somewhere. Try to not be seen while going behind enemy lines to where the Teleporter is most likely deployed. When you destroyed a Teleporter, Symmetra needs to charge before being able to deploy one again. A trick to make this go faster is to just find her and make her kill you, preferably as a tanky hero, since she will get more charge. If you are going for the achievement, consider taking Winston, since there is a Winston-specific achievement that needs an enemy Symmetra as well. I know that this last trick might not be morally right, since you are basically giving the enemy more chance to win, it does help you in getting your achievement.

Survival Expert: Use Health Packs to heal 900 health in a single life in quick or competitive play. ?Pi?ata? Spray

I unlocked this one by accident when going for another achievement. But obviously, I still got some tricks for you. First of all, you want to pick a tank. The ones most suited for this one can be any tank, but with other reasons. Reinhardt, D. Va, Winston and Zarya can be good choices because they can protect themselves for when things suddenly go out of control. Roadhog can be handy because of his larger health pool, so it is easier to take more damage and heal it back up. Remember though to not use the heal that is provided in Roadhog?s kit, since that does not count towards the achievement. What you actually want to do is find either a Torbj?rn turret or a Bastion and find a good spot with cover. When you are ready, simply let it shoot you. As soon as you reach low health, you get back to cover, find a health pack and repeat. Be careful not to die!

Undying: Get a 20 player kill streak in a quick or competitive game. ?Tea Time? Spray

This one is hard to actually go for. I just suddenly had a game in which I had about 13 eliminations without being eliminated a single time, so I just went for it then. Just find a game in which you are doing fairly good and then just mainly focus on not dying. It?s the most important part. Just try to damage someone before your team finishes them off while being in the backline. I mained McCree when I got this and I think he is a pretty suitable character for this playstyle. Just shoot someone from a distance, somewhere where you are covered by your tanks and healers. Since his single shots do so much damage compared to other characters from such a distance, he is a recommendation for sure. Whoever you pick though, surviving is much more important than killing people while going for the achievement.



Their Own Worst Enemy: Kill 2 enemies with a single use of Genji?s Deflect in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel Genji? Spray

This can be a pretty hard achievement. The easiest way is to do it on Attack, the style for which Genji is made and the mode in which you often have to face a Bastion. If you find a Bastion, try to find another target that is kind of low on health. The closer the target is to Bastion, the better. Start shooting Bastion until he finds out where you are. As soon as he shoots you with his Sentry Gun, Deflect the damage back to the other target. Once that target is taken out, try to take out Bastion with his own bullets. Now many Bastions, especially on higher level, will stop firing at you when they see your Deflect, so you have to be a bit lucky on this achievement. Another method that may work is doing the same thing with a Molten Core Torbj?rn Turret. You just need to find two low health enemies instead of one, since the turret doesn?t count as a kill (and you will most likely not kill the turret with a Deflect). If this fails as well, try going for Deflecting explosives or ultimates. Soldier: 76?s Helix Rockets, Junkrat?s grenades, Pharah?s Rockets, Hanzo ultimate, Reaper ultimate etc. can all be deflected into multiple enemies, hopefully finishing them off.

Slice and Dice: Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Genji?s Dragonblade in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Genji? Spray

See note 1. In my opinion, Genji is one of the easier Heroes to get the ?Quadra Achievement? with. You really want to get behind the enemy lines, where all the low health enemies are, and surprise them with an attack from behind. Something very important to note, which many of you probably already know, but just in case, is that your dash resets every time you kill someone. This lets you jump from enemy to enemy, hopefully giving you that quadruple kill soon. Most offense, defense and support Heroes take 2 slices to kill, so keep that in mind when you want to kill as many people as possible in the least amount of possible time.


Whoa There!: Interrupt an enemy ultimate ability with McCree?s Flashbang in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel McCree? Spray

Several ultimate abilities can easily be interrupted. The ones I recommend focusing on are the ultimate abilities of Reaper, McCree and Roadhog, since the other ultimate abilities can either not be interrupted or are too difficult or situational to interrupt. For Reaper, you want to clump up as much as possible with your team, baiting out Reaper?s engage. As soon as he activates his ultimate ability near you, flashbang him. For McCree, you want to stay away from your team and focus on spots that grant vision on your whole team. If you spot out a McCree that wants to take down your team with his ultimate ability, sneak up on him and flashbang him as soon as he goes for the clean-up. For Roadhog, I am not even sure if the interrupt counts towards the achievement, but I think it does. Roadhogs tend to be in the frontline, especially when they go for the ultimate ability. The problem here is that when he fires his Whole Hog towards you, you will be knocked out of range for the Flashbang. So either try to stay at the sides of Roadhog or focus on Reaper and McCree more to ensure this achievement.

It?s High Noon: Get 4 killing blows with a single use of McCree?s Deadeye in quick or competitive play. ?Cute McCree? Spray

See note 1. This one might be harder than it looks. In the time I mained McCree, I think I only got about two quadruple kills and one quintuple kill. However, most of the good multiple kills I got with this ultimate ability were on the same map: Lijiang Tower: Control Centre. What you want to do is rush to the point as soon as the game begins and start charging that Deadeye. As soon as you reached the 100% and the enemy team is crowding the point, so they either captured it or are about the capture it, you need to walk all the way to the other side of the building compared to the point, towards the spot between the two bases and walk up the stairs. Now upstairs, go towards the point again until you are on a ledge right above the point. From this point, many beautiful McCree ultimate ability shall be fired!


Clearing the Area: Knock an enemy to their death using Pharah?s Concussive Blast in quick or competitive play.?Pixel Pharah? Spray

I unlocked this one on my first try, so I think it should not be too hard. This one actually relies on a bit of luck on what map you get, because on some maps, this achievement cannot even be achieved. Some maps, however, are very favorable if you are going for this achievement. The maps you should really focus on are Hanamura, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Ilios and Route 66. These all have ledges that can be used to kill people by blowing them off the stage, especially Lijiang Tower and Ilios. Remember to aim the blast at the side of the enemy that is to opposite to the ledge. Keep in mind though that some enemies, like Tracer, can easily come back on the stage by using their abilities, so focus more on the enemies who are incapable of doing so.

Death From Above: Kill 4 enemies in a row without touching the ground as Pharah in quick or competitive play.?Cute Pharah? Spray

See note 1. The best way to achieve this is in claustrophobic maps. King?s Row is a good example of this. An important thing is the way this achievement is worded. It doesn?t matter how you make four kills, there can even be 20 seconds interval between the kill, as long as you don?t touch the ground. A good way to do this is to launch yourself up, kill as many enemies with your ultimate ability and then keep floating while shooting the others. If you used your ultimate ability this way, you can launch up again when you are almost at the ground. This should give you enough air time to get four kills.


Waste Not, Want Not: Get 3 solo kills with one clip of Reaper?s shotguns in quick or competitive play. Pixel Reaper? Spray

This achievement might seem impossible, but there is a little trick you can do to unlock this achievement. I actually got this achievement on accident as well using this trick. The thing is that you need to get three solo kills with your shotguns involved. You can still do damage through other sources without wasting bullets. Therefore, we are going to do it this way: you find three enemies that you want to kill and shoot them a little, just so that they are all damaged by your shotguns. This can be done from a distance, since you can still hit people with his shotguns from afar, even though it does minimum damage. Once you damage them all, you just use your ultimate ability near them, hopefully finishing all three off. Keep in mind that they need to be killed just by you, so the element of surprise is key. Even with this trick, the achievement can be hard to unlock. Practice makes perfect.

Die Die Die? Die: Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Reaper?s Death Blossom in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Reaper? Spray

Since I main Reaper now, I got this achievement after a while of playing. But for the people that don?t play Reaper, there will obviously still be some tricks. Places from which I often get a quadruple kill with Reaper, are in Lijiang Tower: Night Market and Ilios: Lighthouse. Both these maps have the point inside a little house or chamber that can be reached from above. Shadow Step towards the window, drop down when there are enemies and pop your ultimate ability. Obviously, you only do this when there are many people around. Other maps on which this trick can be used are Dorado (you can stand on both gates and on the roof of the church) or Hollywood (there are plenty of places from which you can ambush the enemies from above. The key thing is that you have the most chance of killing many people if you come from above.

Soldier: 76

Rocket Man: Get 2 killing blows with a single use of Soldier 76?s Helix Rockets in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel Soldier 76? Spray

Oh boy, this one took me long. I never play Soldier 76, so this took many games. I eventually got it just by trying and trying. You typically want to try to get this one by throwing your rockets onto people who cannot go to many places, due to walls and boundaries. Clumped up enemies are ideal for this achievement. However, I still think this is an achievement that you should just get by playing a lot, because this achievement is probably more luck based than skill based.

Target Rich Environment: Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Soldier 76?s Tactical Visor in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Soldier 76? Spray

See note 1. I think this achievement can be achieved best on Capture maps. As soon as the real fight around the points start, blow your ultimate ability and clean the place up. Keep in mind that they don?t have to be solo kills. Damaged enemies are taken down quicker, which gives you more time to take down the others. The thing that makes this achievement annoying is the fact that Soldier 76?s ultimate ability doesn?t last that long. If you have four tanks right in front of you, without them doing anything, you probably won?t even be able to kill them in time. Therefore, consider throwing in your Helix Rockets as well, since they do a good amount of damage too. Timing is key here.


Total Recall: Recover 400 health using Tracer?s Recall without dying in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel Tracer? Spray

This one is not that hard. Just wait until the enemy has a Torbj?rn and stand in front of his turret. Once you reach about 50 health, so once you lost at least 100 health, press Recall. Wait until your cooldown is back up and repeat. In four successful Recalls performed this way, the achievement is unlocked. Just try to make sure that your team doesn?t kill the turret before you get the achievement. A very good map for this is Dorado, since Torbj?rns typically place their turrets on the edge around the corner, next to the gate. This place can easily be approached by going through the tunnel, at the left side of the base. Get behind the turret without being spotted and apply the trick.

Special Delivery: Stick 4 of Tracer?s Pulse Bombs onto enemies in a single quick or competitive play game. ?Cute Tracer? Spray

Bastions and tanks are your best friends here. You want to fight as much as possible, because that charges your ultimate ability the fastest. As soon as you have 100% charge, find a fitting target as soon as possible. Make sure you actually stick the bomb onto someone, otherwise it doesn?t count. Therefore, immobile characters like Bastion or big characters like Roadhog and Winston are very useful on the enemy team. If you are continually shooting enemies and throwing bombs on them as soon as it is up, you should be allowed to miss one of the bombs, since you often can get five bombs off in one game. I do recommend doing this on Payload or Capture maps, not the Point Contesting maps (like Lijiang) since the sessions last shorter and you lose charge in between the rounds.



Triple Threat: Kill 2 enemies in each configuration without dying in quick or competitive play. *?Pixel Bastion? Spray

What they mean with this achievement, is that you kill two people in your normal, walking form, two people in your sentry form and two people with your ultimate ability. I suggest starting with either the first or the last one, since they are considerably harder (in my opinion) than the middle one. Again, they don?t have to be solo kills; just shoot someone a couple of times and let your team finish them off. As with other achievements, the ?without dying? part is the most challenging, so play safe.

Charge!: Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Bastion?s Configuration: Tank in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Bastion? Spray

See note 1. The thing is that the shots in your Tank Configuration can one-shot most heroes, if you hit them directly. Since I can?t reliably do that, I aim at the ground under the hero I want to shoot. This gives me a little more success, but it really depends on how good your aim is. The good thing about Bastion is that charging your ultimate is relatively easy, since you do an insane amount of damage and your self-heal also generates your ultimate ability, allowing for more attempts to get the achievement. I think it is also better to do this in claustrophobic maps, since hitting a wall with your shots can also damage nearby enemies.


Simple Geometry: Get 2 killing blows with a single use of Hanzo?s Scatter Arrow in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel Hanzo? Spray

A cheesy way, with which I got this one, was by just standing near the entrance of the attacking team in Route 66 and just shoot my Scatter Arrow into their base as soon as the door opened. I might have been extremely lucky, but just give it a shot every game you have to defend. If this doesn?t get you the achievement, you want to focus on corridors and places like that. Hanamura, Hanzo?s own map, might be a good choice for this. Also keep in mind that if you aim your arrow at the right point on the ground in front of an enemy, they will get one-shot due to the way the arrow scatters.

The Dragon is Sated: Kill 4 enemies with one of Hanzo?s Dragonstrikes in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Hanzo? Spray

See note 1. The first thing to note is that this ultimate ability travels across the whole map. Take this into consideration when finding a position to fire it from and in what direction you are firing, since you can still kill enemies from the other side of the map, if you are lucky. The unfortunate thing about this ultimate ability, is that it is easy to spot and dodge in open areas. Therefore, shooting it in tight places might be the best. You can also shoot it at a capture point or payload if you see that many people are on there. Then again, positioning is key, because if you shoot it from too far away, people can react on time and get off the point. Stand as nearby as possible when firing the dragons.


Mine Like a Steel Trap: Knock an enemy into your Steel Trap using Junkrat?s Concussion Mine in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel Junkrat? Spray

One of the funnier achievements to go for in my opinion. There are two methods. I don?t know which method works best, but it is probably based on personal preference. One method is knocking someone high up in the sky and throw a Steel Trap where you think they will land, or you put down your Steel Trap against or close to a wall, so when you launch someone into that direction, they cannot go over the Trap. Corners would be best though, but launching someone in a corner can be challenging, since people don?t typically walk there. Again, an achievement that is based on luck a lot.

Roadkill: Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Junkrat?s RIP-tire in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Junkrat? Spray

See note 1. Just like Bastion, Junkrat seems to get his ultimate ability pretty soon in the game, since the amount of damage he does is so high. To get this achievement, it is recommended to use it on capture points, right when the enemy team is either taking it with a big group or when they are defending it with a big group. When using the ultimate ability, try to avoid rolling straight towards the enemy. Roll unpredictably or ambush them from above or behind, because otherwise, they will destroy the tire, wasting your 100% charge instantly.


Ice Blocked: Block 1200 damage with a single use of Mei?s Ice Wall in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel Mei? Spray

Among the easiest achievements. Wait for someone to use a big ultimate ability and put your wall in front of it. Probably the best example of this is D. Va?s Self-Destruct. Since the ability takes so long to actually do damage, you have enough time to see where it is, put your wall right next to it and wait. It might cause you to die, but if you put your wall right next to the ultimate, it is guaranteed you get the achievement. Piece of cake.

Cold Snap: Freeze 4 enemies at once with Mei in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Mei? Spray

See note 1. The first thing to note is that you do not necessarily have to catch four people with your Blizzard. Three is enough, as long as you freeze a fourth enemy with your normal pistol attack. If you play a bit of Mei, you will soon get used to the way she throws her ultimate. It can actually reach quite far. Since the area is relatively big and the freeze time is relatively fast, the kind of map you want to get this one is not really that important.


Armor Up!: Have one of Torbj?rn?s Armor Packs on 5 allies at the same time in quick or competitive play. *?Pixel Torbj?rn? Spray?

The thing that makes this achievement ?challenging? is that you can only store armor for four players. This should not be a problem though. All you need to do is collect enough Scrap so your inventory is full, so 200 Scrap. Before creating the armor, make sure there are two pieces of Scrap nearby, so you can make the last piece of armor as well. With these requirements met, you just throw all your armor at your teammates, beginning with the people that are stationary and relatively safe, to reduce the chance of them losing the armor to battle. Make sure to pick up the spared Scrap on your way and do it as quick as possible.

Raid Wipe: Kill 4 enemies during a single use of Torbj?rn?s Molten Core in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Torbj?rn? Spray

An important thing here is that you have a level 2 turret somewhere where it can cover a wide area. As soon as that area gets raided by enemies, activate the ultimate and attack everyone. Your turret will go nuts and shoot many people, already giving you an elimination if they die afterwards. On top of that, you are also shooting people. Just make sure that everyone you or your turret attacks dies. This way, this achievement should not be extremely hard.


Did That Sting?: Kill 4 enemies using Widowmaker?s Venom Mine during a single quick or competitive play game.?Pixel Widowmaker? Spray

I think many people got this achievement on accident. To get this achievement, you should just always have a Venom Mine on the map, just like you would normally have to when playing Widowmaker. Another strategy for this achievement is not going as a sniper, but as a semi-frontliner, using your rapid fire instead of your scope. While attacking this way, throw down your Venom Mine towards your enemy as often as you can, since it does good damage and obviously works towards the achiement.

Smooth As Silk: Kill an enemy with a Scoped Headshot while airborne as Widowmaker in quick or competitive play.?Cute Widowmaker? Spray

We all know the videos of pro players flying through the sky and sniping someone while falling down. Unless you are skilled in this, don?t try this. The easiest way to get this achievement is to stand on high ground, find a target and then drop down. While falling down, try to kill the enemy. It will take some practice and time, but since you can try this so often each game, you will probably get it faster than you expected.


D. Va

Shot Down: Prevent 1500 damage with a single use of D. Va?s Defense Matrix in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel D. Va? Spray

This one is actually pretty simple. Pick D. Va in an offense map, find a Bastion, stand in front of him and put up your Defense Matrix. If you cannot find a Bastion dumb enough to do this, just consider blocking a Roadhog ultimate ability. When going for this, always make sure that your Defense Matrix is fully charged.

Game Over: Kill 4 enemies with a single use of D. Va?s Selfdestruct in quick or competitive play. ?Cute D. Va? Spray

See note 1. This actually took me long, while some of my friends just got it in one of their random games. I got it by throwing my Mech over a big wall, not sure how many enemies there were, even though it was a point where they were all clumped up. That is one way to get it. Both my friends got it by just throwing it into a clumped up enemy team. When I tried this, the enemies all seemed to be able to find cover on time. So I guess this is mainly one for luck, for the casual players or players that don?t play D. Va, like me.


I Am Your Shield: Block 8000 damage with Reinhardt?s Barrier Field without dying in quick or competitive play.?Pixel Reinhardt? Spray

This achievement can probably best be unlocked on offense. Put up your shield, find a choke point towards the objective, stand there until your shield is almost down and walk away. Wait until it has recharged and repeat. Again, ?without dying? is the key part here, so make sure to always be safe when going for this one!

Storm, Earth and Fire: Land Reinhardt?s Fire Strike and Charge after an Earthshatter Stun in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Reinhardt? Spray

One of the easier ?Cute Spray? achievements. Find someone to stun with your ultimate ability, preferably a tank, and just throw your Fire Strike on it before using Charge against them. Really, this one should not be too hard.


Giving You The Hook: Interrupt an enemy ability with Roadhog?s Chain Hook in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel Roadhog? Spray

Much like McCree, you first need to find an ultimate that you can reliably interrupt. Good candidates for this are Reaper, McCree and Pharah. Wait for them to change their playstyle to get a good ultimate off and prepare yourself for a hook. Pharah usually flies high above your team, Reaper usually sneaks towards your team with Wraith Form or falls from above and McCree takes a height advantage to get vision of as many people as possible.

Hog Wild: Knock 2 enemies to their deaths with one use of Roadhog?s Whole Hog in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Roadhog? Spray

This achievement is very map-specific, since not all maps allow you to fall off the stage. Maps that do allow this pretty well are Nepal, Ilios, Lijiang Tower and Volskaya Industries. Wait for people to stand near the cliff, preferably at least three, get in position and fire away. This can best be done in Capture maps like Ilios and Nepal, since there is a cliff next to the point pretty often. When you find a good opportunity, don?t hesitate to activate your ultimate ability.


Mine Sweeper: Destroy 10 Turrets or Traps using Winston?s Tesla Cannon without dying in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel Winston? Spray

A fun, yet hard achievement. As with all achievements that require you to stay alive long enough, safety is the most important. Well, actually, for this one, the most important this is to have a Symmetra on the enemy team, otherwise you shouldn?t even bother to get this achievement. Things to remember when doing this achievement are to always fully heal before going in deep for the turrets. Also use your shielding ability when you are deep into the enemy team to make sure you don?t get focused down. Lastly, your long leap can also get you out of danger fast or lets you get into the fight in great speed.

Anger Management: Damage 6 enemies in a single use of Winston?s Primal Rage in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Winston? Spray

See note 1. When I got this achievement, I thought that the part that says ?in a single use was not there, since I just suddenly got it, so did my friends. Important things of this achievement are that you only have to damage everyone, so one slap is enough. You also need to attack everyone, which means that going for this achievement right after one of the enemies died is not a good option. Your insane jump also helps you a lot with finding all six enemies because of its great mobility. It all might sound difficult, but it is probably easier than it sounds. The last tip is to do this on offense, since on defense, enemies seem to camp around a point a lot, making them easier to find and hit.


Power Overwhelming: Keep Zarya?s Particle Cannon above 70 Energy for 60 seconds in quick or competitive play.?Pixel Zarya? Spray

This one, unlike many others, is pretty much based on skill. You don?t necessarily need to kill everyone, you just want you and your allies to be hit at the right time. Therefore, make sure you are the frontline, preferably with another tank and stay there until you die or get the achievement. Obviously you need to get to cover when you have to regenerate, but always do this when your ally is still fighting with the shield on him, otherwise you will lose Energy too much. Having a healer that focuses on you during this fiasco is also great, since it allows you to stay up front even more. A cheesy strategy for this can also be to just not attack at all, since it will keep your enemies healthy, thus making them attack you more. This will let you generate more Energy, but it can be dangerous since enemies can overwhelm you and focus you down, since a high-Energy Zarya is generally a major threat to a team.

The Power of Attraction: Capture 5 enemies in a single use of Zarya?s Graviton Surge in quick or competitive play.?Cute Zarya? Spray

A pleasant surprise to most enemies is that the range of Zarya?s ultimate ability is pretty big, sucking in more enemies than expected. Since you can?t really got help with this and since you only have to hit them with your ultimate, you just need to wait patiently. Keep your ultimate ability up for as long as possible to wait for the perfect opportunity. When many enemies are approaching at once or when they are clumping together at a point. Patience is probably the thing you need most for this one.



Naptime: Interrupt an enemy ultimate ability with Ana?s Sleep Dart in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel Ana? Spray

This achievement is exactly similar to Roadhog?s Giving You The Hook achievement, except for one thing. In my opinion, Roadhog?s Chain Hook is easier to land than Ana?s Sleep Dart. Therefore, I advise you to play Ana for a while and get used to how firing the Sleep Dart works, before going for the achievement. And who knows, maybe you get lucky during this training.

Enabler: Get 4 kills or assists with a single use of Ana?s Nano Boost in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Ana? Spray

See note 1. You obviously only want to put your Nano Boost on people that can reliably use it to make four kills. Good candidates for this can be Genji, Soldier 76, Reaper, Reinhardt or Zarya. Make sure that the person you put your Nano Boost on has its ultimate ability ready, because it can make their lives a lot easier. Don?t forget to help the chosen one out by either healing him or her from afar, or by attacking other enemies and weaken the enemies that the chosen one has to kill. Communication is important as well, since this is one of the few achievements where you rely on a teammate a lot.


The Floor is Lava: Get 3 killing blows while wall riding as L?cio without dying in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel L?cio? Spray

The problem is not really how difficult this achievement is, but how situational it is. If you are a wall riding pro and you are on the walls almost the whole game, you will probably manage to get this achievement by yourself. For the ones that can?t do this, like me, there is one way in which you can get this achievement fairly easily. There is one map in which getting this achievement is pretty easy, which is Lijiang Tower: Garden. From the base to the point, there is a bridge leading to the open field in front of the Capture Point. Next to the bridge is a straight wall that allows pretty easy wall riding. Stand at the end of the wall at the bridge towards the enemy base. Make sure people on the bridge can?t see you. As soon as someone crosses the bridge, blow them off the bridge with your alternate fire. When they fall off the bridge, immediately start wall riding. As soon as they die and you get the pop-up on eliminating an enemy, you should still/already be wall riding. Do this three times without dying and you are set. Again, always remember to stay safe; you don?t want to die when you have one more to go.

Supersonic: Block 1000 damage with a single use of L?cio?s Sound Barrier in quick or competitive play. ?Cute L?cio? Spray*

Go for this achievement when you are Defense, since going for it on Offense is not really worth it. As soon as you hear an Offensive ultimate ability, like McCree or Reaper, activate your ultimate ability (if they are nearby, obviously). Since people tend to gather up on Capture the Point maps, I adivse going L?cio on these maps, since clumped up enemies is always a good bait for a Reaper or Pharah ultimate.


Group Health Plan: Restore 200 health for 5 players without dying as Mercy in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel Mercy? Spray

Again, surviving is key. Try to learn by heart how much health every hero has, so you can easily judge if you have healed someone good enough. Keep track of this and just follow people around while they do their thing. Remember that your ally may die, but you may not, so always stay at the back or around the corner to keep your cover up. With proper care, this achievement should be relatively easy.

Huge Rez: Resurrect 4 players at once with Mercy in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Mercy? Spray

A tactic that works pretty well for me with Mercy is only using your ultimate ability when you can revive at least 3 allies. This way, you will always have your ultimate ability up for crucial moments. Obviously, you need to stand at the back with Mercy, but you especially need to do this when you see someone approach with an ultimate ability. If your whole team dies to it while you do not, it is your time to shine. Taking distance is therefore very important.


The Car Wash: Hit an enemy with 7 beams simultaneously as Symmetra in quick or competitive play. ?Pixel Symmetra? Spray

It is best to leave this achievement alone if you do not manage to get it in the first try each match. What you want to do (on defense, obviously) is put all your Sentry Turrets at one point, preferably a doorway, and wait for someone to walk through it. Good places for this are the little sneaky routes to the sides in Temple of Anubis, Numbani, Volskaya Industries and some others. Remember that you can only use six turrets, so the seventh beam will have to be your own.

Huge Succes: Teleport 20 players in a single quick or competitive play game as Symmetra. ?Cute Symmetra? Spray

Not my proudest achievement. I got this achievement by going through my own teleported four times in the last seconds during a game, since my team just wouldn?t die and I was so close. However, it did give me a strategy. When going for this achievement, keep in mind that going through your own Teleporter counts towards the achievement. You could, in fact, place your teleporter right in front of your base, walk through it six times and go back to the fight to get your next Teleporter. Not the best way to play the game, but it surely makes getting the achievement very easy.


Rapid Discord: Get 4 kills or assists with Zenyatta?s Orb of Discord within 6 seconds in quick or competitive play.?Pixel Zenyatta? Spray

I don?t know. This one seems to impossible to me. Along with Zenyatta?s other achievement, this one is the only one I still need. What you probably want to do is go offensive and leave your team with no healer, flanking the enemies from the side or behind and get those kills yourself. Another method would be making use of Reinhardt?s or Mei?s ultimate ability, since they lock down many targets at once, giving you the opportunity to kill those people with ease. Besides this, I don?t really know what else to add. I am open to suggestions!

The Iris Embraces You: Restore 1500 health with a single use of Zenyatta?s Transcendence in quick or competitive play. ?Cute Zenyatta? Spray

Yup, still need this one as well. So far, I got the closest to getting it by waiting for an enemy Pharah or Reaper (or anyone who has a high-damaging ultimate ability that deals said damage over time) to show up and destroy your team. As soon as they activate their ultimate ability, use yours and heal your whole team back up. If you do not do this, you will probably not get it. Another cheesy tactic you can use, which does require three other people to play with, is having three Roadhogs in your team, letting them drop to below 100 health and letting them stand close to each other. Use your ultimate ability to heal all of them back up to full health and get the achievement.


Most of these achievements, if not all, will be obtained automatically after playing for a while. If not, just focus on one for a while and you should get it eventually as well. I got all of these before I even know it, so they should not be too hard.

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