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Overwatch Advanced Ana Guide With Some Situation Specific Tips By: Chasedred


I have watched tons of Ana guides and videos and while being incredibly helpful, they lack situation specific tips which can only be built by playing the character more. Here are some things I have learnt over my 2 years of playing Ana.

NOTE: These tips are mainly aimed at players at diamond and below.


Let’s start off with what a perfect Ana position is. There are 3 rules to finding the perfect Ana position.

  1. You have a view of the majority of your team.

  2. Can see at least the tanks of the enemy team

  3. Have a cover to which you can retreat within 3 seconds.

However, such a position won’t exist most of the time due to either the team comps or how quick the state of the game changes but you should have at least 2 of the rules applied.

As Ana, you should NEVER be playing alongside your main tanks (especially Reinhardt, exception: Orisa) during a team fight. The thumb rule is, if the enemy team is running a brawl comp (eg: Rein, Zarya, Moira, Brig or so), you should be positioned further away so you don’t get whacked to death. If the enemy is running a dive comp, you should be positioned closer to your team so that they can peel you. However, in lower ranks, DPS and Winstons, DVAs don’t bother diving the backline so you can still position yourself a safe distance from the fight since they will fight the tanks instead. Reading the enemy is the key. If you’re being constantly harassed, play close to your team, if not, snipe them from afar.

“High ground is your best friend.” That phrase has been hammered into every Overwatch player’s brain. For Ana, most of the times this is true. High ground is an incredibly powerful spot to be in because it makes it difficult to reach you, hence, most players will simply choose to ignore you or will have to use key cooldowns to reach you (with an exception of Genji and Hanzo). It is also easy to drop down to the low ground and retreat to your team if you are being chased. And most importantly, because it can give you an overview of the battlefield and fulfill rules 1 and 2 (which makes for easy anti-nades).

When to pick high ground?

If you have a shield tank, you should almost always be hunting for high ground. If not, make sure you won’t be killed instantly for picking high ground. Explained further below.

When NOT to pick high ground?

Given that you don’t have a shield tank, don’t pick high ground if the enemy team has any of these heroes:

  • Ashe (especially damage boosted).

  • Widowmaker.

  • Pharah, who is actively hunting you.

  • Sometimes McCree and Hanzo.

READ THE ENEMY TEAM! Test the waters first and if they don’t bother challenging you or come after you, feel free to stick to the high ground.


Don’t position behind your tank’s shield if the enemy team has a Widow/Hanzo. If the enemy Widow is good, you should position yourself in a way that you are always out of her line of sight and avoid peeking her.


A lot of players underestimate the damage output Ana can provide when needed. Your main goal should be to heal 80% – 90% of the time. Anymore than that and you are being a healbot and should just swap to Moira or Lucio instead.

Taking time out of healing to kill their support who is low gives incredible value and can possibly win you the team fight.

Opportunities you should look out for:

  • The opposing Ana (this is very powerful and can force the opposing Ana to change position, use her nade to self heal or hopefully kill her).

  • Enemy who is at low health.

  • Shooting the target your DPS is dueling.

  • Moira who just used her Fade, and so forth.

  • Aggressive Brig. 3 shots can break her shield and send her cowering behind cover.


Not much to say here except if one of your ally’s is throwing or constantly dying out of position, make them your lower priority and pump your heals into their counterpart instead. Your Reinhardt keeps charging in the enemy team and keeps dying? Focus healing your Zarya instead. If your Ashe is playing better than your McCree, prioritize her.


Ana’s ace in the hole and possibly the most powerful ability in the game that can turn the tide in an instant. Hitting 3 or more players of the enemy team with an anti-nade is essentially a win.

Tip: Look to splash it off a surface such as a wall, an archway, or even the ground.

When to use it to heal?

Case A) You are the main support on your team and have an off-support.

Most of the times, you should use it to heal your team. The exception here is when your team is fairly healthy and can hit their main tank or multiple targets at once or to prevent an enemy from self healing.

Case B) Your team has two main supports.

Rarely. Your other support should be able to sustain your team so you should be looking for anti-nades instead.

Exception: The other healer is focusing on damage instead.

I’ll discuss specific situations when holding the nade to anti instead of healing an ally and letting him die later in the post.

When to use it on the enemy team?

Case A) You are the main support on your team and have an off-support.

If your team is fairly healthy and no one will be in the risk of dying in the next 10 seconds or can hit multiple enemies even at the cost of an ally. However, you should be looking for situations where you can nade your tank and the enemy tank at the same time. This usually results in winning the fight. This works incredibly well when both teams have a Reinhardt. Look to splash a nade on them when they start swinging at each other. You’ll easily carry your team if you can land these.

Case B) Your team has two main supports.

Since the other healer on your team can keep your team up, you should be actively seeking out anti-nades. The more, the better. This way you also won’t be stealing ult charge from the other support and vice versa.

Exception: The other healer is focusing on damage instead.

Key Opportunities for anti-nades:

  • Grav

  • Reinhardt versus Reinhardt matchup as mentioned before.

  • Nading enemy Moira’s Coalescence stops her self heal and makes her easier to kill.

  • Lucio and Brig (especially her rally).

  • When the enemy Baptiste uses Amplification Matrix, his team will usually be bunched up behind him and you might be able to nade the whole team. Look to splash the nade against a surface if they have a shield.

  • Roadhog. You can essentially bully him by cancelling all his abilities with nade and sleep dart and tilt him till he either swaps off or leaves the game.

Situational Tips on when to hold your nade:

  • When either of the Zarya’s have grav. It is worth letting one or even two of your teammates die if you can instead nade the enemy team caught in grav (unless, of course, it is your Zarya or the ally your Zarya is looking to combo with). Nading your team caught in the grav can be incredibly helpful and can be survivable even through the grav dragon combo if your other support is a Moira or Baptiste.

  • Enemy Zen has Transcendence. Constantly nading the enemy team, even if it is just one enemy, can render Transcendence useless and turn the fight in your favour, especially if he ults when they are stuck in a grav. Extra points for tilting the enemy Zen.

  • Sigma has Flux. Saving your nade for either yourself or an ally is very helpful.

MISTAKE: Do not, I repeat DO NOT, anti-nade the enemy if your team cannot follow up on it. I have seen a lot of Anas chuck their nades at an enemy far out of their team’s reach and then flame their team for not following up on it. I have been guilty of nading just one enemy for the heck of it to build ult charge, not realising that a single bullet from my rifle builds the same ult charge. Exceptions are when it is to secure a kill on a low health target, when you’re doing the sleep dart combo (duh) or if there is still time for the fight to begin.

When do I use it to self heal?

If your other support heals you as soon as you press X, never, unless you are being flanked and absolutely need it.

When the team fight is over, self heal for that sweet ult charge.

Sleep Dart

Case A) If the enemy flankers are actively pursuing you.

Be VERY stingy with the sleep dart and save it for when you’re being flanked, unless your team is very good at peeling for you (lol as if).

Case B) Not being flanked

Try to sleep the enemy tank as often as you can. eg: Rein when he firestrikes, Hog when he takes a breather, Sigma when he drops his barrier, etc.

Since you are not being chased, you should look for opportunities where you can sleep the enemy your ally is dueling.

Hold your sleep dart for as long as you can are when the enemy has ultimates, such as:

It doesn’t matter if you fail to sleep the target or are unconfident that you’d be able to. The important part is the intention to do so, since mechanical skill can always be improved upon. Who knows, you might even land a lucky flick and prevent a team wipe.

Of course, if you are being dove it is better to sleep the enemy targeting you instead of holding your dart for the enemy ult and play with the chances instead. An alive Ana is always better than a dead one. However, I advise calling your team for help as soon as you are being dove.

Nano Boost

I won’t be able to break this down better than the God himself – ml7.

ml7 – Who to Nano


  • Decide who you are going to nano in the spawn itself and let them know so.

  • If you don’t have good targets to nano, it is always viable to nano a teammate to build their ult charge. Such as a Doomfist so he can build his ult faster to combo with your Zarya.

  • Nanoboosting your shield breakers to melt the enemy team’s shields faster is a pretty good tactic. Especially if they are running a double shield comp.

Important Tip:

As Ana, it is incredibly important that you track the key ultimates mentioned above. Do NOT skip the kill cam without looking at the enemy’s ult charge. A simple tip is that if the enemy hasn’t used their ult in the past 1 or 2 fights, they probably have it. Look out for quick charging ultimates such as High Noon, Earthshatter, Monkey’s ult, etc. If a Zarya hasn’t used her grav in the last 2 fights, she has it. You don’t need to bother with tracking support ults except for Transcendence. If an enemy is playing really well or is being damage boosted, he will charge ult incredibly fast.

Hope this helped! Let me know if you’d like to add something to it or disagree with something I said.

Here’s a sleep dart compilation by me. Have fun!


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