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Overwatch AIM PRACTICE – Best WORKSHOP Aim Training!


The best Overwatch Aim Practice is now in game with all the new Workshop Aim Training Gamemodes! Isn?t that fabulous? The Overwatch Workshop hasn?t been live one minute that you can already make the best out of it and improve your aim fast within the game. All you need to do is to watch this video, choose the Workshop Aim Training mode that suit your hero best and copy the Workshop code written in the top left corner of your screen in the Custom Game Creation Screen. And Voila! You can now train your aim at your heart content! Hey guys, Alex here for Overwatch Limbo, Bringing you a true experience of the competitive mode to learn, improve and grow together as better players. So if you?re new here, I publish every few days, guides, reviews and debunked videos to dig deeper into my Grandmaster Journey. And from now also Workshop updates and Trendy topics analysis like this one. So consider subscribing for more videos like this and hitting that bell icon to make sure to be notified of all my future content. Today we are looking at something very important for any serious Overwatch player: Aim Trainers.

And in particular, at the best Workshop Aim Practice creations. Which will completely change the way you are training your aim, I guarantee it! You thought the Practice Range and in game Training Modes were useful to warm up and improve? You will be astonished by what people already created in the Workshop to practice your aim! So without further due, let?s jump into it! One of the first training grounds that has been written in the Workshop is PMAJellie?s Aim Trainer. It?s similar to the program Aim Hero but with the advantage to be within Overwatch. Basically, it?s an advanced shooting range. Your hero is immobile and needs to shoot at targets. Which is the best way to build good muscle memory and the best start for a long warming up session. There are three settings possible: 3 Spheres, Targets and Chasing. You can choose the hero and the way you want to train at any time, you just have to shoot the menu-sphere desired and you will be teleported to the spawn room, a sub-menu area or the shooting range.

Every round last 60 seconds and your goal is to hit as many targets as possible within this time. There are three level of difficulty and very basic stats displayed for your hits and misses. The 3 Spheres exercise is good for training your reaction time and target prioritisation. The Targets exercise focus on flicking and will definitely help with raw accuracy. Especially since you can really feel the impact of your bullets on the targets, a feature that most other target practices lack, that really helps improving your aim. And finally the Chase exercise is made for training tracking weapons and provide moving targets with 200 HP. For now, the spheres are just straffing horizontally and vertically, which is not enough to properly train you but can surely be used as a fast warm up. Plus PMAJellies already modified his code once since this the V2 of his Aim Trainer, so chances are that this mode, as well as all the modes detailed in this video, will evolve further and get better with time.

So make sure to check out the creator?s page down in the description below to pick up the latest updated code. The next mode is Arxenix Hitscan Aim Practice. Another Workshop early development that has already proven to be very useful. While PMAJellies? was providing mid-range targets, Arxenix aim training code provides a specific exercise for long-range hitscan heroes like Widowmaker, Ashe, McCree and Ana. And instead of spheres, the targets are Ana?s. Which obviously makes the exercise even more impactful since it uses the real hero hit-box. But the exercise itself is very simple, you stand on the edge of the Dorado map and shoot at one Ana that pops up after you come back to the neutral position. It?s all about macro-flick and micro-flick to readjust your first mouse movement to Ana?s head. Because, yes, the exercise is tracking your critical hits and gives you live stats. But that?s pretty much it. Arxenix Aim Practice doesn?t provide any other option. You can?t choose the targets distance or make them move, you can?t change the length of the exercise or even swap the target hero model.

It?s very basic but an easy mode to set up perfect to warm up before going into more advanced trainings. And before checking those out, a quick word to remind you that you can very well modify all those scripts by yourself. It?s not too hard and there?s heaps of tutorials to learn the basics of the Workshop. Check out my guide to the best Workshop Tutorials in the cards up here for more about that. Also, if you wonder which one of the Workshop aim training modes is the best, I will tell you at the very end of the video which ones I will personally use everyday.

And if you enjoyed the video so far and find it useful, make sure to hit that like button and share it with your friends to help the channel growing into a true community asset! Alright, let?s move on to a more advanced Workshop Aim Training mode with MrSquish Target Practice. Like PMAJellies, this script provides red spheres to shoot at but here you a have a total control on your training. And it works on any part of any map. The targets appear in a radius around the player model, so you can move around, use all your heroes abilities to increase the training difficulty and still getting random targets popping out around you. The degree of customisation is just amazing. All you have to do is to press simultaneously the crouch and interaction buttons to open the settings menu and shoot at the thing you want to modify. You can change the targets distance and size, their movement speed, the type of exercise you want to do and the number of targets you want at the same time on screen.

And thus come up with the perfect training for your skill level and hero. A great plus of MrSquish Target Practice is the target appearance audio cue that let you train your sound awareness in 3D since targets will very often appear out of your line of sight. Also since there is no time limitation here, you can really build tailor-made long training session that will definitely help you improve your aim. The next Workshop Aim Training mode is the most advanced and complete Overwatch Aim Practice tool there is at our disposal so far. Simply named Advanced Training Range, this script has been developed by a few people but its main creator is Herocod. It is set in Paris and before starting, make sure to add in order three hard Lucio bots, two Ana?s and one Zenyatta to the red team. Then start the game and choose your preferred exercise: Kill, Game or Jump. Walk through the portal and get teleported at the related shooting range. The Kill exercise looks like a classic Ana Bots Custom Game. The three Lucio?s are harder to take down because they?re jumping around and can speed boost and heal over time but the real plus of this mode compared to regular drills is the additional information it provides to the player.

It keeps track of the distance of the targets and tells you if you?re at an optimal range or not. There are sparks of different colours on the bots when hitting: white means you?re too close, yellow when you?re at your ideal distance, green when you are a bit further off but falloff is not quite there yet and red to warn you that you are too far away and you either deal less damage or your weapon is less reliable. The Extreme Mode will increase the pressure by dealing damage over time to your hero as well as 25HP damage when missing a shot.

But you get back that health for successful hits and bonus health and extra credits are added to your score for critical hits. Next exercise is named Game and it focus on training your flick shots. The Zen bot appears in front of you at different ranges and angles, mimicking that way Tracer?s blinks. Trying to move to the target before it disappears can be challenging but it?s definitely good practice.

The other use of this is by playing Tracer to practice your 180s. There?s even a specific counter to acknowledge your kills. The last exercise, Jump, set up flying Ana?s to shoot at. With the setting Dodge activated, the targets will be less predictable and reaction time and flicking will be further trained. Without, the bots curve are easily readable and it?s more about crosshair positioning and aim prediction. You can even give your hero the ability to fly like a Mercy in order to take different positions and angles which is very useful for lead weapons. Overall this exercise can be really helpful to improve your mid-air shots and will be a valuable training addition to your daily program. But in terms of flying targets, the best Overwatch Training is now Firenty Aim Practice. It works on any map but the training will be set on the first point. You can choose the bots that you prefer and add as many as you want. They will respawn instantly after you kill them. There?s a few options you can play with within the communication wheel but since there?s no in game explanation you?ll have to look up the details in the Mode settings menu or give it a try yourself.

For example, you can set all your shots to be instakills or make the targets unkillable. You can also make the bots run around the point and jump erratically or even make them hover like a Pharah. Which is definitely a nice addition since it?s really mimicking Pharah?s ability. Finally on top of a timer and kill counter, Firenty Aim Practice keeps track of your number of kills per second which will surely help you measuring your aim efficiency. Ok, before I tell you which scripts I will personally use, make sure to vote for your preferred Workshop Aim Training mode in the poll up there. Also, if there?s some kind of feature you would like to see implemented in these modes or if you have any aim practice ideas you wish to get, tell me all about it in the comment section below, I will make sure the creators get all your feedbacks and requests. And if you enjoyed the video and want more content like this one, make sure to leave it a like and share it with your friends, it really helps the channel growing and keeps me going.

Also, I will be publishing more Overwatch Anniversary and Workshop videos in the next few weeks, so if you haven?t done it already, consider subscribing and hitting that bell icon to make sure to be notified of all my future content. And here is the best comment of the last video. Thank you so much for watching and as always, remember losties: lose SR not your mind! Tip of the Day: As a Pharah main, I?m always trying to improve my mid-air shots and both Jump exercise in Herocod?s Advanced Training Range and Firenty Aim Practice provide great tools for me to work with. This way, I?m not only training my aim, improving my accuracy day after day, but also working on my flying skills! Try it on and let me know if it works for you!

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