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Hey there! In this video, we are going to show you how to increase your effectiveness with Ana. We are going to show you drills that you can do as Ana to increase your hitcount, overall heal values and general effect on your team. Let?s shee how to practice Ana! First of all, what is the role of Ana? She is a long range sniper healer, with abilites to support her team from long range and to deny enemy plays. She seems like a squishy target first, but fighting against her is really frightening. She can burst heal teammates, while dishing out decent amount of damage to the enemy characters. She can deny enemy healing, and take care of key targets with her sleep dart. And on the top of that, the nano boost ultimate can be game changing. Okay, before we begin the Ana drills, we would love to emphasize the need for a good mouse setting. Ana is a really aim dependent characters, and you will want to find the perfect mouse settings before we begin. Just ask a question in the comments if you are unsure about this topic.

As we begin the drills, we need to lay down the foundation for your Ana aiming skills. This part is pretty similar to hitscan type training, as you need to learn the same concepts. Refer to the video in the description about McCree training to learn even more. Ana?s basic attack is a really fast projectile shot. It has a slight travel time on long range. Her scoped shot is hitscan however, meaning that the damage or healing is registered at the exact time of firing. Because of this duality, you need to practice different drills to improve your Ana aim skills. Load up the tutorial map and stand in front of the still bots. Your first drill is to track them with your mouse while moving around. This one teaches you how to land hipshots.

Aim at the head for this drill, because while Ana can not hit headshots, it is a good practice to track the head of the bots, making your tracking more precise. Make sure that your crosshair stays on the target for the full duration. Do this drill for 30 seconds. For the next drill, you need to do the same, but this time use the scope too. Hold down the zoom and try to track your targets while moving left-to-right in an unpredictable manner. Try to mix hitting left and right to be harder to hit. Imagine that you are in a 1v1 situation against the bot and that you want to avoid getting shot. Do this drill for 30 seconds. Allright, now that you got the hang of tracking, use these skills to move around in an unpredictable manner and hit zoomed and hipshots. The emphasis is to move as chaotic as possible, while still hitting your target. You want to master evasive movement with Ana, as this skill is the most important when you want to stay alive. Use left-to-right movements, crouch. Try to avoid jumping as this makes you predictable, but you can mix it in every now and then.

Do this drill for one minute. For the next one, go back to the spawn room and change to Mei. You will master the sleep dart. It is very important that you learn how to land sleepdarts, as you can essentially turn an even fight in your team?s favor in a second. For the best training experience, we recommend binding her secondary attack to the same key that you use with ana for the drill. Okay, but what is Mei doing in an Ana training video? Her icicle dart is very similar to ana?s sleep dart. For this drill, you need to pretend that you are supporting your team looking at a random position.

Now pretend that the bot just jumped into your screen, and needs a good night?s rest. Hit it with your icicle. Do this again and again from different positions. You can also try doing 180 flips. Move around, facing the wall in front of the bots, and quickly turn around and land the shots. This helps reacting to any unexpected situation. Do this drill for 3 minutes. Allright, that?s enough of helpless targets.

Switch back to Ana in the spawn room. Let?s get to the dynamic drills. Go to the moving bots. The first exercise is to stand still and land your hipshots, zoomed shots, sleep darts and nades. Try to predict where the enemy will be when you are using the dart and the nade. The task here is to rehearse the timing of these abilities, while getting a hang on your damage output. Do this drill for 1 minute. For this one, you need to start moving, around a fixed point. Ana is really dependent on movement, so integrate it into your aim. Strafe, crouch, run around, while hitting your targets like before. Do this drill for 1 minute. The next exercise teaches you about a combo you can use for most damage. It goes like this: basic attack into sleep dart into basic attack into nade into basic attack into melee attack. Yeah that?s right, it deals 335 damage altogether and while not instant, it is really hard to dodge. You can of course use parts of it it as you see fit, or if you miss any of the steps.

So let?s do this one more time: basic attack into sleep dart into basic attack into nade into basic attack into melee attack. Master this, and it will be really hard to win a fight against you up-close. Do this drill for 1 minutes. The last one is a cool down exercise. Use all that you have learned and kill the bots. Make sure that you don?t stop moving and that you use the abilities and the combos. Do hipshots and zoomed ones too. You can also use the highground too if you feel like. Do this drill for 2 minutes. That?s the end of the 10 minute Ana aim drills. Please don?t forget that while you are practicing against enemies here, Ana is a healer not a damage dealer, so take care of your teammates. It is more important to heal usually then to do damage with her. That being said, thank you for your attention. If you like what we are doing, subscribe, give us a thumbs up and share this video. We have opened a Discord channel for competitive minded Overwatch players, and you are hereby invited to join our community.

See you guys next time!.

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