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Hey there! Bastion?s rework has been deemed too OP, but is it really? Let us show you how to win your games playing as or playing against Bastion. You are going to see counters and lineups that cooperate well with him. Let?s start. Hello guys, welcome to the dojo. Bastion 2.0 is released and the community had barely any time to experiment with him. Yet he has been deemed unkillable, too overpowered and unbalanced. Is it really the case? We think you can turn the current situation in your favour if you know how to outplay Bastion, and take some free points. First of all, let?s talk briefly about what these changes are? Bastion is now more mobile, has a well rounded killing power in Recon and is harder to kill in Sentry.

He?s more accurate in Recon form, can relocate easily from Sentry and he only takes a maximum of 23 damage from his rocket in Tank config. He is now a viable and versatile pick in nearly all lineups. See the link for the full patch notes. Let?s see some short examples of heroes that you might think are working against Bastion. Note that we are not using self-repair in these examples, that makes these character?s chances even worse. First of all, you might think that going with a sniper is a good response to Bastion. You are wrong. You are going to see that there is now way to instantly kill him and you are only giving free ultimate charge with repairs. Hanzo has to do 2 headshots fully charged or 3 body shots in recon mode. He has to do 4 shots in sentry, and there is no way you will hit more than one lucky headshot while he is in that mode.

Widow has to do 2 headshots (Bastion will survive the first one with 5 health) or 3 bodyshots fully charged to recon mode. 4 shots to the body in sentry mode. Okay, so you might say let?s flank him with Tracer. She has to do 2 full clips to the head or the body. Whatever. Bastion will die to the ult in recon mode, but survives it sentry config, and he can change before the ultimate goes off if reacts quickly. Being hopeless for killing Bastion, you might consider Pharah, as the rockets can travel far and have no damage falloff. Pharah has to land 3 direct hits in recon and 5 in sentry.

As the rockets are slow, a good Bastion will have time to heal up and kill you between rockets. So is there no hope? Of course there is, but let?s see first how to play with a Bastion in your team, then we are going to get back to playing against him. Bastion would be ideal for holding a point where there?s a clear line of sight of the incoming opponent. He?s able to endure and hold his ground with minimal pocketing unless focused. This not only means defense, with his improved mobility he is going to be used in attacking scenarios too. A good supporting team for a Bastion Hold would be : Zarya, D.Va, Reinhardt for the tanks, Lucio and Ana for the supports and Soldier or McCree for the DPS. The goal of holding a point with Bastion is to allow him to charge his ultimate quickly, for that purpose he must be kept alive. If he has to run around dodging bullets or needs to take care of flankers annoying him, he is going to give a lot less value to the team. Use Zarya?s bubble to keep Bastion alive on any instance of burst damage (like a Pulse Bomb or a Self Destruct).

If your opponent also has a Bastion, wear down his protections (Rein?s shield, DVa?s Defense Matrix) before killing him. It comes down to positioning really, you want to make sure that you can start chipping down the enemy?s shield first. In an attacking team, you want to make sure that your Bastion can set up with a clear line of sight of the enemy team. Push in and let him do the dirty work. Pay attention to flankers, as it is viable to bring some even in defense, just to keep Bastion occupied. In both attack and defense scenarios, you want to make sure that you save the nano boost for Bastion?s ultimate.

Use the tank formation creatively, you can rocket jump around freely to reach elevated positions or to get in the enemy team. The Bastion is tanky as hell while boosted, use this to your advantage. One more thing. Always kill the biggest threat to Bastion first, these are flankers and divers. Make sure you help him stay alive, as a dead Bastion can lose you a fight quickly.

Bastion by itself is fairly easy to counter. It gets a lot harder when a team is assisting him. Playing against Bastion is hard, your team needs to overwhelm him in order to succeed. The go-to picks will be Genji, and Sombra for DPS, and you will want a Lucio in nearly every situation for speed. Let?s see some tactics to get rid of the nuisance. These are the lineups that can be used well: The first one is the the basic counter to any team that wants to hold choke points and camp.

Bring a dive comp. You can go with D.Va, as the matrix is really effective for initiation, letting your DPS do the work on the enemy. Make sure that you bring a Lucio, as the speed boost is a must in order to reach the enemy?s position quickly. Focus down Bastion, regroup and deal with the other team members. The next one is a high risk high reward lineup that is usually played by Korean teams. Get 3 DPS characters and never stop until the Bastion is down.

Your single tank should be D.Va in order to mitigate damage. The DPS choice is yours, but Genji can stall the Bastion even more, while a Sombra is good for hacking him out of sentry, thus denying his passive. The third one is a really conservative lineup with 3 tanks(Rein,DVa, Roadhog) and a Zenyatta instead of Lucio. You approach the enemy positions with Rein?s shield up. D.Va goes for the shield when Reinhardt?s would break.

Rein charges the Bastion when he is in position. Zenyatta?s damage increase will come in handy. Using Zenyatta as a main healer against a bastion can be a good idea, as a discord orb mitigates the Ironclad passive protection with a 30% bonus to damage for all of your team. However Zenyatta is usually picked in place of Lucio and you are sacrificing speed here. Your choice really. While Ana is not really good against Bastion, as he mows down your friendlies too quickly, she is a must in these lineups for the long range heal and burst grenade.

If she is able to sleep Bastion, you basically win the engage. Make sure that you protect your Sombra, when he hacks Bastion. Keep him occupied, or engage with a D.Va shield to be able to finish the hack. It will be a lot easier to deal with Bastion in recon mode, when he is unable to heal up. Roadhog is very useful against Bastion, but landing a juicy hook may be hard. He is usually behind shields and protected by teammates. However if you trust your ability to hook him, go for it. Mei is the last one for a creative use of her wall. The wall will go down against the damage of Bastion in 2 seconds, so it is really not useful. However if you are able to plant a wall below the enemy Bastion, he is going to rise above his team, providing an easy target. If you can coordinate well, these 3 seconds may allow you to kill him from afar, creating a beneficial situation for you. This is cheese, but it may work. All right that?s all. If you like what we are doing, please subscribe, give us a thumbs up and share this video.

If you have any further questions, or other creative ways to deal with Bastion, leave a comment below.Support us on Patreon for more content and joint the dojo?s Discord! See you guys next time!.

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