Overwatch Beating Legendary Uprising Full Guide



Overwatch Beating Legendary Uprising Full Guide?by Aetherimp

Hey guys, been playing a lot of Uprising, and really struggled to beat Legendary difficulty. I work nights, so by the time I got home from work the majority of my higher level friends would be in bed.

I also didn?t get it finished before they patched out the Streets Phase skip, so this guide will include that phase.

First, I think it?s important to break down exactly what everyone?s role on the team is and what each hero should be prioritizing on.

For reference:

  • ?Ads? = Additionals. 200 HP Omnics that spawn randomly. A single mag from Tracer should kill them if you headshot enough. A Headshot + Body from Torbs Left click will 2 shot them. Be careful of their DPS. They can headshot and they fire in bursts of 2 or 3, so they can make short work of Tracer and Torb if you stand still.
  • Bastions = Sentry and Tank variants. Require focus from the entire team. If you charge Sentry Bastions away from where they set up, they will be forced into Recon mode until they can get back to that spot to set up again. They are vulnerable during this period.
  • Eradicators = Shielded Elites. They have a weak spot (orange) on their back which will force their shield to drop. They fire 3 rockets forward and do AOE damage. After their shield is down their head hitbox becomes their ?crit spot?. Best handled by Tracer. They chew through Reinhardts HP pool very fast because of his large hitbox.
  • Detonators = Big floating bomb orbs. Damaging them makes their ?armor? fall off exposing their inner crit zone. They have lots of health and are good for charging ultimate meter, but they should mostly be ignored by everyone except Reinhardt. If you wait until they get close to the payload they will start to ?pulse? in preparing to explode. Reinhardt can either shield the explosion so the payload takes no damage or he can charge the Detonator away from the payload. They?re big and slow, so Tracer and Torb should be focusing on dealing with Ad?s while they come forward.
  • Slicers = Little dog looking laser beam omnics. Rein can fire-strike through them, block their damage to the payload and then swing a hammer through them to kill them all together quickly, or just shield the damage and let Torbs turret take care of them.
  • Orisas = Lots of HP, lots of sustained damage, ?halt? ability, deployable ?shield?. Head critbox. Killing them essentially summons a Tank Bastion. (More on this later). It?s best if the entire team focuses these. Torb Turret + ulti + Left clicks, Tracer headshots + Tracer bomb, Reinhardt Shield and Charge.
  • Reinhardt
  1. Save Earth Shatter for Bastions (Sentry or Tank)
  2. Shield team (specifically Mercy/Torb)
  3. Charge Detonators off payload as they start to explode
  4. Charge Sentry Bastions AWAY from their ?spot? but toward team.
  5. Fire-strike lines of Slicers to charge ulti and weaken them
  6. Finish low HP enemies who are around the payload with a quick hammer swing.
  1. Keep Reinhardt healed
  2. Heal Torb/Tracer
  3. Res if team gets wiped.
  4. Res if Reinhardt goes down and wave is incoming
  5. Manual revive from behind Rein shield, if Tracer/Torb drop
  6. Power amplify Tracer
  7. Deal damage with pistol in specific situations.
  1. Drop shields of, or kill Eradicators
  2. Pulse bomb and focus damage on Bastions (of both kinds)
  3. Control ads. Unless there is a Bastion or Eradicator up, Tracer should be killing 200 hp targets and using her Blinks/Rewinds to keep herself alive.
  1. Kill Bastions (of both kinds).
  2. Left click headshot Ad?s, and left click to finish them if Tracer doesn?t/can?t or your turret is firing at something else.
  3. Use Ulti to prevent being overwhelmed. Usually save it for when there is more than 1 elite, or when there are a LOT of Ads backing up.
  4. Keep Turret up between phases/fights.
  5. Assist with killing Eradicators.

So now that you know what everyone is supposed to be doing, let?s go over specific phases and how they should unfold, as well as positioning.

Phase 1 ? Hacking the Anti-Aircraft Cannons

This is the little parking area. Torjorn should set his Turret up in the middle-left area of the point so it has LOS on both the left and right sides (and it can shoot to the right behind the car as ads come).

Ads are the only spawns here. Reinhardt position to the left side of the point poking your shield out, so that Tracer can stand behind shield and headshot enemies as they come around the corner. Torbjorn focus primary fire on the right side of the point or whatever turret is firing at. Mercy keep everyone healed. This is generally very easy.

The statue area.

Reinhardt should stand in the chokepoint with his shield up.

Torbjorn set up turret on the left-center side of point (so it can fire between the two barriers to the left, can fire center, and fire right thru the doorway).

This is the first point you see Eradicators. There will be 1 spawned immediately as you jump down from the window, then there will be 2-3 more that spawn before the point is finished. Tracers job is to prioritize these immediately to get their shield down.

The first spawns after you step on the point will be 3 ads, 1 Eradicator. Very easy to deal with. A few moments later, Ads and an Eradicator will spawn behind you, and at about the same time, A LOT of Ads and maybe another Eradicator will spawn in the main street.

Tracer should focus on killing everything behind the statue, and Torb should blow his ulti here to manage the ads spawning to the front and left of the point. Torb needs to be able to reliably 2-3 shot enemies with his left click. Using right click requires too much ammo. Don?t get in the habit of smacking on your turret to repair it too much unless it?s between fights. If Rein is blocking properly and Torb and Tracer are doing their jobs and keeping enemy numbers under control, then you shouldn?t have much of a problem with your turret going down if you put it in the right place.

After the point gets to 100%, clear out any remaining units BEFORE pushing forward into the street. Right after you pass the van on the right, 4 Ads and 1 Eradicator will spawn here. Rein can easily charge the Eradicator into the wall and drop his shield while the rest of the team kills the 4 Ads, and finishes the Eradicator.

DO NOT step onto the point yet! First thing you do is walk into the room, and let Torbjorn skirt around the left edge of the point, then make his way up to the upper level on the right. Torbjorn should move all the way toward the entrance, and set up his turret in the top right corner of the point over-looking the entrance with LOS of the stairwell.

Tracer should be on/around the stairwell killing ads and Eradicators as they spawn around there.

Reinhardt should be on the left side, blocking the left entrance and fire-striking when he sees multiple enemies lined up.

Mercy should now step on the point to activate the enemy spawns. She is in range to heal all 3 allies from here.

Once groups start spawning, they will get bunched up in the main entrance. Torb should be firing left clicks through the archway and into enemies as they push forward. When too many Eradicators/ads get through, or Reins shield starts to crack, blow ulti. Tracer use ulti at your discretion to deal with Eradicators and groups. Tracer should also be dealing with any ads that trickle in from the left side of the point (the little tunnel), so Mercy needs to communicate with her and let her know when they?re coming. Should be easy if done correctly.

Phase 2 ? ~4 minutes of Payload defense.

About every 1 minute your team will get a small ?break? in the action in order to heal up, charge ultis on ads, and repair turrets/pick up armor.

The timer will not start until all 4 team members are on the payload area at the same time, but small ads will continue to spawn randomly. Torbjorn should immediately go into the building behind the objective and go up to the second floor, all the way to the back upper right (looking the same direction as the payload), setting his turret up in the corner and over-looking the entire objective. You?ll know you?re in the right corner if there?s a tree in front of you. The Turret should be above and behind the payload to the right.

Once Torb is set up, he should drop back down on the payload, Armor everyone up, and prepare for the waves to start.

Pretty easy. First thing is 4 Ads spawn, they can be killed almost instantly. Then ~10 Slicers. Rein can fire-strike through them as they run forward in a line, while Torb left clicks them and kills them. Torb should remain approximately around the payload left clicking Ads as they spawn from range. He has no falloff so even if he just hits them once it makes them easy targets for Tracer.

I forget whether a Detonator spawns in this phase, or the next one. Either way, if it does, everyone should ignore it except Reinhardt. Maintain control over Ads, Tracer focus the Eradicators as they spawn, and everything should go smoothly.

In the next minute, more Eradicators, more Slicers, quite a few more Ads, and at least 1 if not 2 Detonators. Same strategy as above. If a Bastion spawns, do not be shy about using Earthshatter to stun him, get behind him, then charge him TOWARD the payload! Torb can blow ulti should things get a little crazy, but usually I don?t need to blow my ulti until Phase 2c unless Tracer accidentally gets bursted down and needs to be revived.

Same strategy as above, but it?s going to get more intense. You will have 1-2 Bastions, several Eradicators, and maybe 2 Detonators as well as a ton of Ads and Slicers. You?re going to have to blow Torb ulti here just to help deal with Ads/Slicers. Make sure you call out the Bastion spawn and which side they are on. Even if Bastion spawns, Tracer should focus Eradicators until they are down. Rein should be able to CC the Bastions long enough for Tracer to do this. Once Rein runs out of CC, just throw shield up and block Bastions damage. If Tracer/Torb can get behind the Bastions and fire at their crit spot you can make very quick work of them.

This is where most (even good) teams fail, and it?s because there?s 2-3 different Bastion spawns, as well as several Detonator and Eradicator spawns, and in many cases you will be dealing with 2-3 Elites at a time. Bastions are the utmost priority. Rein should save his charge for them, and try to block the damage from the Detonators if he can. The last 30 seconds are extremely crazy, but remember that if you only have 10 or so seconds left you can just stall for time and try to stay alive. If you can survive until the clock hits 0, then all of the enemies will disappear and the payload will start moving. The big learning curve here is just managing your cooldowns properly. If Reinhardt goes too aggressive or uses his charge too much or hammers something without a good reason, or doesn?t recharge his shield between major fights, then you WILL lose on this section. Reinhardts job here is hard. He HAS to save Charge/Hammer for the Bastions and having ~2000 shield helps.

Phase 3 ? Streets phase.

I won?t split this one up into phases, but rather give you an idea of what your positioning and priorities should be.

Torbjorn should set up turret on the back (highest point) of the cart, and he should stand on or just behind the cart. His job is to deal with any Ads/Slicers spawning BEHIND the cart.

Tracer should be blinking slightly ahead, and dealing with any Ads INFRONT of the cart. She should deal with Eradicators no matter where they spawn, and should she scout out a Tank Bastion (there will be 3), then she calls it out to her team and regroups with them to focus on it.

Mercy should be on/around the cart, mainly keeping Reinhardt up.

Reinhardt should be in front/behind/around the cart blocking incoming damage, protecting Torb turret, and swinging on any Slicers/Ads that get too close to the cart. Fire-strike on cooldown just to charge ulti.

A Tank Bastion will announce himself as you approach the Bookstore, and he often comes from behind. Try to keep track of him. Rein can just block damage and let Torb/Tracer/Mercy/Turret do damage from behind his shield. Only try for a Charge/Pin if the Bastion gets close enough.

At around the time you get to the book-store, a Detonator will spawn behind the cart. Rein can deal with him the usual way here. Just make sure Torb/Tracer kill all of the ads so nobody goes down unexpectedly.

Next, another tank Bastion will spawn as well as maybe 1-2 Eradicators, and they generally attack around the same time you?re coming past the staircase building. Same strategy here. Tracer focuses Eradicators first, and everyone deals with the Bastion. Feel free to use ulti?s here.

Next, the cart will push up to the last ?turn? in the streets phase, and there will be a higher intensity of Ads, at least 1 Eradicator, and another Tank Bastion that comes from the Subway area. This is the toughest part of the streets phase, but overall is not that hard. Rein just has to charge his shield between every Bastion fight, and try to either Earthshatter the Bastions, or Pin. Rotate ulti?s if needbe. Don?t blow everything on any 1 Bastion, or you won?t have any ulti?s for the next Bastion, as they generally spawn faster than Rein ulti?s charge. That said, Torb and Tracer ulti?s come up pretty fast; so use your own discretion.

Once the Payload gets to the doors, clear out the last few Ads and get ready for the most difficult challenge yet.

Phase 4 ? Orisa?s/Factory phase.

The objective of this Phase is to kill 4 Orisa?s. There are a few things you need to know about it.

  1. After killing every Orisa, 1 Tank Bastion will accompany her death. (It will spawn shortly after she dies). These Bastions will sometimes come from ahead of you, sometimes from behind. Depends on where you are.
  2. There are 4 ?Sentry? Bastions. One to the right, one to the left, and 2 in the back (1 on each side, left and right.) If you do not kill these, it will make it very very difficult for Rein to keep his shield up when he needs it.
  3. Eradicators and Ads will spawn throughout the entire phase. Eradicators may be tied to something, but I haven?t seen a pattern personally. Assume that there will always be 1-2 of them lurking around, and if you don?t get rid of them fast they can be very troublesome.

Here?s the step by step walkthrough of how we handled this:

  1. Immediately move in and to the right, ignoring Orisa #1 and immediately pinning the Bastion on the Right. Everyone focuses DPS on him, he should die fast.
  2. Move forward and to the right, into the ?U? horse-shoe shaped room. Mercy and Torbjorn can sit in here up against the far left wall, and fire primary fire into the Bastion across the street and elevated. It will take a moment to fully take him down. Reinhardt can block damage here, but if positioned correctly Mercy and Torb cannot be seen by Bastion but they can still damage him. This is one way to deal with him. The other is to escort the entire team to the left, and deal with him in his face. This is risky because you can be shot in the back/side by Ads. While Torb/Mercy are doing their thing, Tracer should be killing Ads and dealing with any Eradicators while avoiding Orisa as much as possible.
  3. Cross the street and go into the tunnel to your left, and up on the elevated section. Rein should charge his shield here and everyone should avoid taking damage. Push forward to the far back left section of the map, and there?s a Bastion in the corner. Move up on him, Rein charge him, then hold shield up while everyone kills him.
  4. Now quickly charge shield, clear out any Eradicators/Ads, and stay close to the back wall, while pushing across to the right side of the area, there will be another Bastion above you (in the back right near the enemy spawn). Push up and kill him. Same strategy as the others. Slam->Shield->DPS
  5. Quickly move the entire team back to the entrance where the payload exploded and focus 100% on killing the first Orisa. There WILL be Ads and possibly Eradicators spawning behind you. Call them out and deal with them as necessary. Kill Orisa in a timely manner.
  6. A Tank Bastion will spawn. Often behind you. Tracer can go off and deal with Ads and scout out if he comes from ahead or behind. Once he comes, everyone focus him. Rein ulti if needed just to prevent getting AOE?d down.
  7. Go kill Orisa #2 along with her buddies (usually 1-2 Eradicator). As always, Tracer focuses Eradicators first.
  8. Again, another Bastion. Clear the room as much as possible and wait for him before engaging the last 2 Orisa?s.
  9. Finally, fully recharge shield, get a Torbjorn turret down somewhere that over-looks the last room, and engage the last 2 Orisa?s. Make sure you focus 1 at a time, and be sure to blow all of your ulti?s.
  10. At some point in the last fight, it is not unlikely that Rein/Torb/Tracer will all die. Mercy NEEDS to have ulti up at this final fight so she can res the entire team.

Final tips: ? The last section with the 2 Orisa?s took me the longest to finish. We got to it several times and lost either because we ran out of time, or Mercy died first and didn?t have Ulti up, and usually because a Tank Bastion would catch us off guard.

It?s VERY important for Reinhardt to manage his shield and keep it at 2000 between fights. Don?t waste too many resources killing the Sentry Bastions. Once they are out of Sentry form and they are being focused by everyone they die pretty easily. The Tank Bastions are the biggest threat in this area and everyone should ulti to kill them. It?s also important for Rein to shield for Torbjorn so Torb can set up Turrets between fights, so that his ulti has more impact. This detail is essentially what allowed us to beat it. Without Torb turret your DPS is considerably less and the 2 final Orisa?s will always have shields up blocking some damage. The Turret helps with this, as well as with managing any random spawning Ads.

Pulse Bombs and Reinhardt ulti?s should primarily be saved for Tank Bastions as the combo makes them easy to deal with and prevents them from getting off some surprise AOE burst and taking one of your people out of the fight.

Orisa?s are more of a brawl. Torb can literally stand behind Reinhardt barrier and headshot Orisa?s 18 times in a row for 140 damage a hit, and it will charge his ulti super fast. Tracer can just spray them in the head repeatedly from behind shield. If they throw shield down in front of themselves, push through them/behind them and force them to turn.

Lastly ? Be patient and have faith. With a little skill and quite a bit of practice, you can do it. If your team is not a pre-made, explain some things explained in this post to your team before the match just to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what their job is. I actually completed it with a few Plat and below players on my team. Tracer and Torb need decent aim, but other than that it?s all about coordination and teamwork.

Good luck! Hope this post helps. 🙂 Thanks for reading to the end.

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