Overwatch Brigitte Grandmaster Guide



by Elpharae

Brigitte is a main healer

A lot of people don?t acknowledge this or rather don?t want to believe it, but she was reworked into a main healer. Stacking Inspire and Armor packs provides 81 HP/s, which is really strong if you can keep your healing consistent, and Rally can be used in both offensive and defensive ways, just like Ana?s, Moira?s, Baptiste?s and Mercy?s.

Play with your shielders

Any shielder synergizes very well with Brigitte (Not very well with Sigma, though, unless you?re coordinated and he doesn?t randomly reposition shields), as they help each other out in tough situations. Brigitte can tank some damage for the tank if they?re in danger and can heal them out. Shielder provides cover for Brigitte so she can quickly activate inspire with flail or whip shot.


It?s your job to keep inspire active in fights. In order to do that, you have to be somewhere near the frontline. At the same time, you also need to heal your backline, which is most of the time out of your line of sight. Keep an eye on your backline while keeping the frontline out of control.

On top of that, it?s your job to look out for flankers. If you feel like Doomfist might be flanking and you spot him charging his RP, let him. Don?t stun him as he?s engaging with RP, because that gets both of you stunned and leaves you very vulnerable. If possible, stun him from the side, that only stuns Doomfist and you?re safe to engage.

My Brigitte gameplay most of the time looks like a slide show because I constantly turn around and check on everyone if they?re safe while keeping myself relevant in the frontline.

Holding down primary fire button has no drawbacks

All of your abilities cancel primary fire instantly. The reason to hold primary fire is to do damage even when you?re not expecting engagements from the enemy. A perfect example of this would be a Tracer blinking in. You might see it coming, but even if you don?t, you?ll still deal damage do her, which activates Inspire and pressures Tracer.

Cooldown management is important

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you didn?t have armor packs when needed? Many times, same here. I started telling myself?to always keep 1 armor pack charged?and use it only if absolutely necessary. My healing consistency went up thanks to this little trick.

It recharges fast, but any downtime can cost a life of a teammate.

Whip shot to activate Inspire

The beaty of Whip shot is its cooldown. It?s cooldown is 33% lower than the duration of Inspire, which means not only you can keep it up potentially for infinity, but you can keep refreshing it/stacking durations.

Don?t spam Shield bash

Save it for important moves, such as reading Reinhardt?s body language and predicting his earthshatter or Reaper engaging with deathblossom. If you?re coming for bash, try to use it?towards your team, not away. If you bash towards the enemy team as they?re engaging, you?re left very vulnerable and most likely be killed.

Also a very good trick I found when fighting an ulting Genji is to let him dash on you, bash, whip shot and run away. If your ultimate is up and Genji is focusing you even after you stunned and booped him, use it. Rally provides a speed boost that is equal to Dragonblade?s speed boost, meaning Genji doesn?t have a chance at catching up to you.

Brigitte?s shield is NOT for blocking damage

Brigitte?s shield has only 200 HP, that gets bursted down pretty quickly. Sometimes, having your shield destroyed while you?re shield bashing can happen too, but there?s nothing you can do about it.

Its use is very specific and depends on the situation. Sometimes you want to protect your Mercy while she?s rezzing, you can bodyblock and if your health gets low or you see some incoming CC ability, use shield.

Use it only to block CC or engage with shield bash. Using it for blocking raw damage doesn?t do much other than killing your shield.

Similar to Mercy?s Valkyrie, Rally has both (mild) defensive and (enabler) offensive use

Best example of using Rally defensively would be using it against Sigma?s Gravitic flux. Gravitic flux damage is precentage based, Armor is precentage based. Rally heavily reduces Gravitic flux damage.

The offensive use is the same as Valkyrie, press Q when your team gets a pick to engage and force your team to do something.

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