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Hey there! In this video, we are analyzing the mobile version of the standard 2/2/2 Overwatch competitive lineup. We will see the strengths and the weaknesses, where and how you can use this composition for your improvement. Stay tuned! Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! Game knowledge is a big part of Overwatch, as you need to know the game?s ins an outs to be a great player. The game is revolving around teamplay, and it is vital that you know and understand different team compositions. We will assume that you play competitive solo queue when we give these tips. The lineup that we will analyze is using 2 tanks for survivability and utility, 2 DPS characters for the damage output and 2 supports for healing and even more utility. This is the most common composition that you see in competitive games, especially in solo queue.

Players are usually asking for a 2/2/2 starting composition, as they trust it to work well. I believe in you! Eh okay, so there are two mainly used types of the 2/2/2. One is more often seen on payload maps (this variant is slower and relies on sustained and poke damage). You can see an example lineup on the right side of the screen. The other variant of the 2/2/2 relies on speed and mobility. We will analyze this one more deeply. We have Winston and Zarya as the tanks, Tracer, Genji as DPS characters and Lucio, Ana for supports. The lineup is using it?s mobility to gain situational and positional advantage over the enemy. Winston, Tracer and Genji can jump behind the enemy frontline, taking care of the backline supports quickly, then joining the team again. The synergies in this team are: Ana can boost Genji with ultimate for some scary hack and slash.

Zarya can ult the enemy team, and Tracer can put a bomb on the stacked ball of enemies, going for the wombo combo. Ana can ult Winston for chopping down the enemy team?s health quickly. Winston can use his ultimate for even more map control This version of the 2/2/2 is strong because you can use the mobile characters to gain vital information about the enemy composition and positions. By jumping directly in the backline, Winston and the two flankers are able to divert attention and create chaos in the enemy lines. It is also useful for chopping down the enemy health, or picking enemies on route to the regroup point. The enemy team will have a hard time starting a fight with low health or one or two missing teammates. Sooo, we know that you want some action right now. Let?s not keep the gameplay videos at bay.

We will see a section of a pro game for analysis, showing the mobile variation of the 2/2/2. The match is played between Runaway and Reunited. The starting lineup for Runaway is the mobile 2/2/2, with Zarya and Winston for tanks, a flanker heavy mobile DPS pair of Tracer and Genji, and Ana, Lucio for supports. Reunited is using a 3 tanks lineup with McCree as the main DPS, and Roadhog as the third tank. They plan to advance slowly, playing around picks from the enemy team. We skip to the interesting parts. The first confrontation is happening here. Runaway?s Winston jumps to the enemy team, but realizes that it is a slow and bulky lineup, and it is better to stay in a safe distance from them, instead of jumping directly into the backline. He stays a little bit farther away, just poking around the shield. The situation favors Reunited?s composition, as they can stay grouped, poke and wait for potential picks. After hooking, but not finishing the enemy Winston, Reunited gets a Tracer pick after all, so it is 5v6 in their favor.

The lineup is slow, so they need other kills to secure the point. The fight goes on, until they finally kill the enemy Zarya too, forcing Runaway from the point. Meanwhile the Ana Genji ultimates are up for Runaway, and the other ultimates are coming up soon, so they will have a good point capture potential. Skip to the regroup phase. The next fight begins with Ana-Genji ultimate from Runaway. The red team only has Ana and McCree ultimates ready, and these ultimates are not really good for defending the point.

Genji dashes into the enemy team, looking for the backline first. He realizes that Ana is out of position. He kills her quickly, then takes care of the rest. Just watch and learn. A complete team wipe. Skipping to the next fight, Reunited groups up and they are heading to the point. Runaway has the ultimate advantage from the previous fight. Runaway opens the fight with the Zarya-Tracer wombo combo, creating a 5v6 situation, and then wiping the enemy team completely. Winston dies in the fight and they swap it to Reinhardt, because he is more useful versus the enemy lineup. Skipping to the next confrontation, Reunited has a clear ultimate advantage, and they want to take the point badly. The blue team only has a defensive Lucio and an offensive Genji ultimate. Reinhardt gets a boost, and Zarya fires her ultimate, only catching 3 of the enemy players, and the blue Lucio ultimate comes into play to defend against that. Meanwhile the blue Genji wipes the backline again with his ultimate, so Runaway wins this fight from an underdog position.

Skip to the next part: Reunited realizes that they need to change their lineup. They switch to a 2/2/2 lineup, a variation of the mobile configuration, as they are using Reaper as the main DPS. This change is a little bit late tough, but they had to try something to be able to take the point. Fast forward to the beginning of the next fight. Tracer gets picked early in the fight, and Runaway can use the advantage to eliminate the whole enemy team. From this point, they just drive back Reunited to the spawn and win the match. After seeing the lineup in action, let?s talk about the choices you have when you are playing it. The tips about the team is not set in stone of course. You can improvise with the composition and go for slight modifications that may be needed. Try to guess the enemy team composition on the beginning of the map, and motivate your teammates to choose a good and solid lineup that can be used in any situation.

For example when you are playing the mobile 2/2/2 countering an enemy Parah calls for a McCree, and swapping Genji is a good idea, because you still keep the Zarya-Tracer wombo combo. Always think about synergies and combos when you swap characters during a game. We hope that you find this video interesting and worth your time. As always, feel free to ask any questions or start a discussion in the comments. If you like what we are doing, please give a thumbs up and subscribe! See you guys next time!.

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