Overwatch D.Va Basic Tips



Overwatch D.Va Basic Tips?by purentropy

So, since dva is so highly present in the meta right now, a lot of people are starting to pick her up. She?s easy to play and has a large impact. However, as more new people play dva simply because she?s probably the easiest tank to play, I notice many people aren?t using her to her full potential. So here?s some basic tips from me.

Conserve your matrix. That may sound self explanatory due to Dva?s kit but many people have problems with conserving it (I especially do. It?s like a reflex to press right click.) But you do need to become conscious of the way you?re using it. Is the damage youre blocking worth matrixing? Could there be something better you could matrix? Do you have enough matrix left for the next team fight?

Prioritize protection over aggression most of the time. Don?t leave your team in the dust as Dva and go after the enemy team unless you see someone extremely low you can finish off or your team is right behind you. Help protect your team, even your shields can?t protect them forever. Your matrix completely annihilates damage so use it to your teams advantage.

Dive!!!?If you?re in the middle of a team fight and you have your team with you, you NEED to dive squishy target! You can also target down targets like Pharah. If you fly in her face and launch your missiles you can usually kill her or get her extremely low. Pharah can destroy a team if you don?t have a good hitscan so help them out.

Use your ultimate effectively. Your ultimate isn?t just for getting elims. It?s also for zoning and moving the enemy off point. Push them so they can?t set up again and stagger them. You can also use your ultimate to get into meka faster if you?re trying to contest point and you?re about to lose it.

Get to highground on defense near enemy spawn and take as little damage as possible. So when you?re on defense, get up into a highground spot above or near enemy spawn. Don?t let them know you?re there. Then let loose your missiles and try not to take any damage. One you take damage, run back to point. This will charge your ultimate and charge your healers ultimate. (Learned this from a pro dva, sciknight)

Practice ??Lots of practice goes into Dva. Aim isn?t especially important with her, tracking is. Practice with bots or the training bots tracking their movements and figure out the best sensitivity for your mouse. (There?s a bunch of guides on YT for that.) That way you?ll be able to track characters more easily.

Poke?? If you?re not diving, do some poke damage. Basically shoot at whatever your team is shooting at. The damage helps your DPS with kills and puts the fight in your favor.

Body block?? This is kind of situational, but say a Roadhog hooks one of your squishies, rush into the Hogs face and block the damage to your squishy and help them. This will happen often, so make sure to watch for your squishies.

Don?t use your boosters constantly.?Without your boosters you have no escape. Only boost if you can engage a low health enemy. Your boosters are needed for disengaging otherwise you?ll be out of your meka and dying a lot.

Those are the tips I have for anyone wanting to play Dva or to learn her. I?m not perfect by any means but I believe those are some good tips for learning Dva and how to use her in your teams favor.

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