Overwatch D.Va Micro Missiles Guide



Overwatch D.Va Micro Missiles Guide?by Just_Delete_PA

Here are my go-to tips for getting the most out of D.Va?s new skill:

  1. Paraphrased from OW wiki: D.Va fires 18 rockets over a duration of 1.6 seconds. The rockets take around half a second to fire after using the ability. They do a total of 162 damage if all 18 rockets hit the target directly. Rockets damage D.Va if she is within the 1.5-meter explosion AOE. Once the ability button is pressed, the barrage of rockets cannot be stopped by any of D.Va?s other abilities. However, it can be stopped by stunning her or destroying her mech. Keep in mind that D.Va is able to use this ability with every other ability, including Defense Matrix and Quick Melee.
  2. Pre-fire the enemy spawn when on most Escort defense, Assault defense, and Hybrid defense maps. You can get around 10% ult charge off of a good pre-fire. I?ve been able to kill squishes alongside a fellow Rein and Symmetra.
  3. There are really only 2 primary times to use rockets: firing into a choke and using them to get picks. Firing into a choke is simple enough. However, take care not to use rockets right before your team decides to push. It is to your benefit and the benefit of your team for you to have rockets off cooldown before each major push because rockets help you get picks.
  4. The broader scenario to talk about is diving for picks. The burst damage potential from D.Va?s abilities is very high and you are easily able to kill squishes if correctly used. This is my normal sequence when committing to a pick or engaging in general for a medium range target: 1. Use boosters and primary fire. 2. Shortly after using boosters use rockets and start the 0.5 second warm-up. 3. As you approach the target, focus on primary fire tracking. 4. Boop into the enemy with boosters. 5. Use melee to finish them off. Given the right circumstances, this will KO even 250 HP heroes.
  5. The only time rocket tracking should be prioritized over primary fire tracking is if you are attempting to last hit someone from long range. D.Va?s primary fire does a substantially larger amount of DPS close range. Since rockets are projectiles and your primary fire is hitscan, you will never hit all shots with both unless the enemy is standing still or running directly away from you. Prioritize primary fire and treat random rocket damage is a bonus.
  6. Remember that rockets can be used while matrixing. In order to keep your mecha, if your low on health and your hitscan enemy is also low on health, then consider matrixing them while you finish them off with rockets. This is also the only time where it might be good to aim for the enemy?s feet to make use of the rocket AOE.
  7. Matrixing while firing rockets is also a great way to kill ulting heroes while denying them their ultimate. Pharah, McCree, and Reaper are good candidates to using the matrix-rocket combo on since their movement is limited.

That?s it! Thanks for your support so far. I hope that once 50% of the GM bracket isn?t filled with Mercy mains, the game will become fun again. Until next time, peace.?

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