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Hey there! The cyber ninja is one of the most famous characters of Overwatch. We will show you the Genji drills that help improving your aim and learning how to utilize him! All right, let?s do this! Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! We are going to show you how to improve your aim with Genji in Overwatch. Do these drills regularly to improve your accuracy, and your overall presence in the game. Land your shurikens, use your combo to wipe out the key targets in the enemy team. Let?s get practicing! In order to improve your accuracy with Genji, you need to use a sensitivity that allows you to do quick turns as well as aim precisely. Try to find a mouse setting that is fitting for this non-stop hybrid action style. Firstly, you will see how to improve your basic Genji aim. The static drills help you to learn how to land shurikens on standing targets.

These exercises may not always seem interesting, but they lay the foundation for your Genji skill. It is important to know that your shurikens are projectiles, meaning that they have travel time until they reach the enemy. The first exercise is tracking. You need to be able to keep your crosshair on the enemy all the time to land your shots then finish them with a dash combo. The first thing to learn is how to track a standing bot. Move around and make sure that your crosshair stays on the head of the target. When you tilt the mouse to track the enemy, try to do it in one continuous motion. If you run out of space, you may want to adjust your sensitivity a bit.

Do this drill for one minute. For the next one stay in one position, jump once or twice and try to keep the crosshair on the head of the bot. This exercise is building your aim adjustment skills when you are jumping around. This is really important to master, as you will be jumping around the map constantly to avoid getting hit. It is crucial that you can land your shots from every angle. Do this drill for one minute. All right, let?s combine the first two drills into one. Your task is to jump around in random patterns and hit the bots on the head. Pay attention to your aim adjustment, time it with your jumping motion. Pay attention not to be too predictable about the jumping and shooting as a good enemy will be able to sync to your rhythm and punish you.

Do this drill for one minute. The last static drills is your kill combo. For this one, go to the platform where the bot stands alone near the cliff. This combo has changed over time in the game, but currently it goes like: shuriken into dash into 180 flip into shuriken into melee cancel. This can be done from long range to finish an opponent and refresh the cooldown of the dash. From close range, you want to use the secondary attack instead of the primary one. Let?s do it again: shuriken into dash into 180 flip into shuriken into melee. If you land the whole combo on the body, it does 248 damage. Can be more if you land some headshots too. Do this drill for one minute. The next set of drills prepare you against moving targets. Now that you have the basics, let?s practice against moving targets. Go to the platform with the moving bots. The first dynamic drill needs you to stay in position and only use your basic attack. The task here is to land headshots in all ranges. You need to learn how to predict your shurikens when using them in different distances on the same level as you.

Try to place your crosshair in front of the target and land the headshots. Keep tracking in front of the enemy, matching their movement speed. Do this drill for two minutes. The next exercise is the same as the previous, but you need to start moving, around a point. Every character needs to move around while shooting to avoid getting hit by the opponents. For Genji it is even more important to do so. Integrate your movement into your aim. Land the headshots in different distances. You should also integrate jumping into your aim. Do this drill for one minute. Go to the bridge where the bot is moving above you.

The task is to learn how to aim against opponents on the high ground. Land headshots on the bot while it is moving around above. Genji fights a lot against characters on elevated platforms, and it is important that you experience the disadvantageous line of sight. Do this drill for one minute. Go to the high ground and look at the platform with the moving bots. Genji should use all the advantages he can against his enemies. This means taking control of high grounds and shooting the targets below until you can execute a finishing combo. Your task is to land headshots in different ranges. If you are targeting the bot who is close, then aim for the body and execute your combo to finish it off, then quickly dash back up to the high ground again.

Do this drill for two minutes. The last one is a warming down exercise. You should utilize all that you have learned in this video to kill the bots. Make sure that you jump around them a lot, practicing being the annoying flanker. Use your ultimate when it comes up too. Do this as much as you like. That?s the 10 minute drill we had for you to improve your aim with Genji. Subscribe, give us a thumbs up and share this video if you like our work. Join Overwatchdojo?s Discord channel to meet and talk with competitive minded players. We have a Patreon too if you would love to support us, links in the description. See you guys next time!.

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