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Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we?re taking a quick look at the dynamic mechanics of Winston?s jump. Now, Winston isn?t the most survivable tank out there, but he?s super mobile and can dive on the enemy backline Their snipers, mercy or tracer, or he can use his jump pack as an escape to grab a health pack if things go bad. BUT, you need to know how it works so you land where you mean to in order to harass or just stay alive.

Since we are just talking about one ability, some of this stuff you?re gonna know, but some of it you won?t and hopefully you?ll be a better player after you watch the video. So, let?s do this guide. Ok, so let?s cover basics first, to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Then we?ll talk about some cool little tricks. When you use your shift, your jump pack, your jump, you launch in whatever way you?re facing, regardless of what you?re pressing on WASD, or you know, whatever you silly console players use.

Make sure nothing?s in the way because if you hit anything, the jump stops. Once you?re in the air though, you can control your movement some. Pressing Backwards slows your jump down, and can even reverse you if you jump super high. Pressing Left and right makes you move 5 meters left or right on a normal jump. Pressing forward doesn?t change your direction at all or speed you up, but you can press 2 directions at the same time to, for instance, slow down and go right. This is all relative to the direction you?re facing while in the air so I recommend jumping however high you need to (we?ll cover trajectory in a second) and then immediately flipping your camera down to where you?re planning on landing, or who you’re planning on landing on, so you can adjust from there. Alright, let?s talk trajectory and distance.

For the most part, Winston has three distances he can jump on a flat surface, 16 meters, 18 meters, and 22 meters. If you jump directly facing forward, you know 0 degrees, you?ll land 18 meters away, and this distance is the same whether you angle your camera down a little or point it straight at your feet. It stays that exact distance until about 30 degrees up, where you?ll start landing farther out. And this is the same all the way until you?re pointing steeply up, about 60 or 70 degrees. You know, I didn’t have a protractor, sorry. If you point straight up you will go forward, but the shortest distance, and you can actually hit any distance from 16 meters to 22 meters in a very small angular window from, I?d say about 70-80 degrees.

Ok, let?s talk tricks. First things first, it isn?t actually a trick, but memorize where all the health packs so you can jump to them and stay alive. Game?s not much fun if you?re dead all the time. Next, if you need to land as far away as possible, jump up first while running forward, and you?ll land a good five yards farther away. Kind of obvious but it gives you a surprising amount of extra distance. Next, the landing does a knockback, and you can use this a couple of cool ways. You can knock people into the well when you’re in the Greece map or off the edge of the shrine in Nepal. You can knock them away from their healer, or you can knock two people together so your Tesla Cannon can hit both at the same time. And finally, the coolest thing, not only can you can jump while in your ult, primal rage, but the cooldown drops from 6 seconds to 2 seconds.

Your ult last 10 seconds so you can really cause some mayhem in there. On top of that, like your health, the cooldown on Jump Pack resets as soon as you ult so you can cross a ridiculous amount of space in that 10 second time frame. If you care, it also resets the cooldown when your ult finishes Oh also, remember that you can melee and shoot your Tesla Cannon while in the air if you?re, like, chasing after a pharah or someone who’s flying. So, knowing all this and practicing just a little bit is going to make you a slightly better tank. Blizzard actually added a section to the training course for Lucio specifically to practice his wall rides.

Someone made a forum post asking for it. It’s pretty cool. You can even shoot at some dummies while wall riding. But this area is great for practicing platform to platform jumps on Winston. Alternatively, you can just jump around on the moving platforms in the main section. But, that?s it though, thank you for watching, I hope you liked it. Hit the like button if you did. And if any other characters or abilities are confusing to you, let me know in the comments. Talk to you soon, guys! Bye!.

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