Hey, what’s going on guys. This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re talking about Volskaya Industries. Specifically, how to flank your opponents using the little backdoor route along the left hand side on your way to point A as you’re on the Attack. That was a mouthful. Alright, so, let’s do this guide. This is a backdoor technique where you can just completely take people and entire teams by surprise if they’re gathered under the bridge or something. So, you know, be a team player, switch to someone who can. First I’m gonna get the obvious people out of the way. Reaper, yah, he can do it. He was designed to cross large gaps. D.Va, she can fly. Yah, she doesn’t have a problem with it. Pharah can do it too, she can fly, but she doesn’t actually need to use her jump jets for this, she can just throttle her hover, her normal jump and just kindof bounce all the way across. And last obvious person, Mercy, you can just fly to anyone anywhere on the map.

Alright, so we got the easy people out of the way, let’s talk about some of the normal people who you might suspect/might not suspect to do it. Lucio can cross using his wallriding ability. The only problem with him is that you can’t actually see the wall that you’re going to land on and you have to, essentially, jump around a corner first to the wall. It might not work all the time if you have automatic wall climbing on in your options, so make sure that’s off if going to be trying this. Genji has to use pretty much all of his abilities to get across. You have to double jump and then swippy swipe. You don’t have to wall climb though, but you can. Tracer can get across with 3 blinks. If you’re used to Tracer you know this, if not, make sure to jump first to get just that little extra height you need. The only important thing about Tracer is that you do need to kindof go around a wall to get to your destination. A curved approach helps.

So, just know that you can control, you can change where you’re pointing in the middle of blinks even while you’re midair. So, you can do some really cool curved flying things with her. Now, with Widowmaker, I was actually really surprised how difficult it was for her. Normally you jump off a ledge, throw your grappling hook up to the other wherever you’re headed, and you fall a little bit as your grappling hook’s going out and then you pull yourself up. Well, the edge of the map is about 3 feet below the sidewalk that you jump off of, so in order to land this, you have to point your grappling hook at the ground of the opposite side, and you have to shoot it out immediately after you jump. Alright, so that’s those guys. Before we get into the super tricky sneaky people, let’s go over the people who definitely cannot make it.

If you find a way to get across with these guys, let me know, I’ll do a separate little video and put an annotation next to em. He can’t barrel roll across the map, sorry. 76 he can’t make it with his normal run speed but I have a feeling that if 76 also had a Lucio amped up speed boost, he might be able to make it. Bastion, you can rocket jump with his ult, but that still only gets you about a third of the way across. Satan cannot cross. I tried several times to find some way to get her Icewall long enough or far enough out or maybe there was a lip that you could climb up on, and if you jumped up and then jumped up again, maybe you could get up onto a lip. There’s really not any way to get Mei across. Torb, why are you trying to jump a gap with torb? C’mon now. Reinhardt. It would be amazing if Reinhardt could get across but no. Roadhog. Definite no, he’s too fat for his grappling hook to work. Symmetra can’t get across with normal means but if she gets around into that little car area you can go set up a teleporter on that side and wait for everyone to die and go in as 6 as a team around the backdoor.

And that’s a great, that’s not crossing the gap, that’s full backdoor strats. But, do that with an organized team. It’s a lot more fun that way. And next, in my Hanamura guide, I talked about how Zarya could do a double rocket jump which is apparently called a sync jump. I’m sorry to all you Team Fortress 2 players. So, what you do, you shoot a rocket directly overhead. Wait for it to come down. As soon as it lands, you throw another one at your feet and you jump up. You get the double propulsion. Well, about 5 days after YouTube started pushin my video, Zarya got nerfed. So, it doesn’t shoot directly overhead anymore but about half a degree in front of you.

In short it lands about 1 yard in front of you. If you want to time that out, you walk about 2 yards a second, so walk about half a second in front of you. Enough time to say 2 or 3 syllables. Enough time to say “Rocket Jump.” But that being said, Zarya can’t make it. It’s too far. How cool is it though that I got it nerfed? And I don’t care if it was actually me or not, I’m taking credit, because that makes me happy. Give me all your blame! Give me your rage! I feed on it! Alright, let’s get into the trickier people now. So, Junkrat has a double jump that he can do.

You throw down a concussion mine, right at your feet. You wait 8 seconds for the full cooldown to come back up, and then you run forward, you jump and you explode the mine. That propels you forward and then in midair, you throw another one directly underneath you when you’re at the top of the arc. And that’s how you get the maximum distance with Junkrat. Now, with this jump, if you go the maximum distance, you’re just going to run into the orange part of the building and you’re going to fall into the ground. If you go straight forward, you’re going to miss it completely and you’re going to hit the pole. So, what you need to do, is you need to jump and then on your way down, you need to turn to the left and throw one just kind of down underneath you and to the left, and all the while aiming your character.

You know, pressing forward or forward and right so you’re always kind of drifting towards the little shed there. This is definitely something you want to practice in a custom game first before you do it in competitive play. Now with Hanzo, you can’t do this with normal means. His normal wall climb can’t get across, and he doesn’t have a double jump or anything. But what you can do to get around this is if you go into your keybinds. Under Hanzo and you change the keybind for jump to scrollwheel on you mouse, it allows you to climb farther, it allows you to climb to the side and, essentially, with this it initiates the latch on to the wall but then you jump again before the game actually recognizes that you’ve started a wall climb.

So, it’s a cool way that I’m bad at so I don’t have any footage of me doing it, but here’s some footage of some other people. And finally, we’ve got Winston in our analysis of Winston’s jump we found that there are 3 different distances he can go, Depending on where he points his camera. You jump up, and then point your camera straight forward, and that will land you inside the little hut there, but if you point your camera at an angle above you, you’re gonna go too far and just going to hit the orange part.

But that’s it, thank you for watching. Like the video if ya liked it. I hope this helped you. And subscribe if you haven’t. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye!.

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