Overwatch Hero Counters Guide



Overwatch Hero Counters Guide?by Unbiased_Bob

Not all heroes are included. I can finish the guide if everyone wants. Currently it is the main heroes I hear complaints about. Some heroes don?t have hard counters, just more of annoyances. But if you see a hero you don?t like, that isn?t on here, I can add them if needed.

Hey guys, after reading a lot of discussions and throwing a lot of time into maps, I have found some interesting swaps that are good enough they almost always shutdown the problem of the enemy team. I will do my best to make this guide easy to read at a glance, but also in depth if you want to see my reasoning for everything.

Critizism is good, it just needs to be followed with a really good reason. I don?t put most weak against because they go back and forth. I only put the hardest counters and the most annoying match-ups.

In order of Most Requested:


Countered by: Genji

Weak against: Mei, Junkrat, Hanzo, Tracer, Zenyatta, Zarya, D.Va and Reaper.

(Bastion can be annoying because it requires a change in playstyle and often a hero switch. I find the best switch in a pinch is Genji, you can jump in front of allies and reflect to do a ton of damage. Often times killing him.

Mei can wall so your team can get around his choke point. Junk can hit from behind walls. Hanzo?s ult answers that pesky Reinhardt + Bastion combo. Tracer can charge a bomb and usually flank, zenyatta can charge around 300 damage with his right click from behind a wall, discord never hurts. Zarya can help people survive with shields as well as lobbing from out of range. D.Va can charge her ult with e, and move in close killing him during reloads. Reaper can sneak in and 2-3 shot bastion while juking back and forth.)


Countered by: Zarya and Soldier 76.

Weak against: Junkrat, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Mei, and D.Va

(Zarya can fully charge her power off of torbjorns turret, it doesn?t know to stop shooting. That means not only can she destroy it and the torb, but she could leave it up and just keep charging, 2-3 shotting every member of the torbs team. Soldier 76 can drop healing and fire his rockets and shoot at the turret, usually downing, ending off at full health. He is also a good pick because you can swap to him, sprint in quickly, deal with it and if you die switch back to who you were before.

Torb is weak against a whole lot of people in the right situations. One that bothers me is when people recommend pharah. Even with dead on aiming, the torb turret will likely do 150 damage to you if you couldnt peak around a corner. If it is in a place you can peak around a corner. It?s good but widow and hanzo would be better.)


Countered by: Bastion

Weak Against: Winston, Reaper, Mei, Hanzo, and JunkRat.

(Bastion can drop his shield in less than 5 seconds. Often times without even reloading.

Winston can kill him without him even dropping his shield, winstons ult also disrupts his ability to block his team. Reaper is a good tank killing, at the range reinhardt can melee reaper will do around 200 per shot. Junk can set traps on the ground and disrupt the blocking as well as doing consistent damage to the shield in a safe spot. Mei and hanzos ults are great for groups clumping around reinhardt.)


Countered by: Pharah

Weak Against: Lucio, Zenyatta, and Zarya (Widow and Tracer are also good picks thanks yeramora)

(Not sure why Mei is brought up a lot, she is annoying, but i don?t think she needs counters. Either way, Pharah can jump out of range of her ult or slow, and be very difficult to hit with Mei right click. She can jump over Mei wall and consistently hit Mei without worry.

Lucio and zenyatta can outheal a frozen tank from death and both of their ults counter meis ult in a sense. Everyone can still be one shot which is why they are not hard counters to mei. Zarya can shield someone who is frozen so they don?t get one shot, also her shield removes all frost so a slowed hero will instantly become fast.)


Countered by: Winston, Tracer and Reaper.

Weak against: Reinhardt, D.Va, Bastion, Junkrat, and pharah.

(Sym is mentioned because on PC she has one of (if not) the highest win ratio and I feel a lot of groups don?t know how to deal with her. Winston is the hardest counter, jump in, spin around kill all of her sentries in one go. As long as you have armor, her left click doesn?t do that much damage, so you can usually kill her in a 1v1 at melee range. Tracer and Reaper are for the same reason, they can jump past her sentries in a room to outrange them and destroy them, and they both can kill her at close range without an issue. Also they are great for scouting for teleporters.

Pharah and junk can accidentally deal with sentries. D.Va has enough armor the senties don?t do a lot, and she can jump into the room and deal with all senties in a couple seconds. Not to mention she 2 shots teleporters at melee range. )

Widow or Hanzo

Countered by: Winston and Reinhardt

(I put these together to save space and time. Winston can jump on them from afar, widow will usually jump away, so you leave and jump back on her when your cd is up. Hanzo has no escape, if you jump on him, 80% chance you got a kill. It just depends on how aware his team is and if he gets a couple lucky shots.

Reinhardt makes widow have a tough time, she is wasting long charged shots for just a fraction of his shield. Rein isn?t much of a counter to hanzo, but if he misses his ult, Rein gives your team a long time of safety. )

Roadhog and D.VA

Countered by: Zenyatta, Hanzo, Reaper and Reinhardt.

(Zenyatta can keep long enough range to not be threatened by either. And a discord plus autos does a huge amount of damage and their size makes easy targets. D.Va usually goes down in 2-3 seconds while Zenyatta.

Hanzo with his hitboxes where their are, he hits these two on accident. They have very little defense to him and they pretty much are just free charge for his ult. In which they are big bodies often hit by his ult. And reinhardt counters both of their ults, while also blocking any hooks.

Reaper Same reason as why he counters reinhardt, close range 2-3 shot while easy avoidance of their damage.)


Countered By: JunkRat and Widow

Weak against: Torb, Roadhog, Hanzo, McCree and Zarya.

(Her low health makes her a prime target for Widow as one full charged shot and a second shot right after kills her. Not to mention her trap does a chunk of her health. Headshots one shot her of course.

JunkRat can place traps in flank areas and get kills on tracers pretty easily. Also his bombs bouncing around can kill a tracer on accident if she is too busy shooting other targets.

Torb?s turret auto aims so her dodging isn?t too much of a threat, torb can give armor to his team which reduced her damage, and torbs shotgun only takes 2 close shots to deal with her.

Roadhog can almost outheal her, and his shotgun is an easy kill. Hanzo e under her is a free kill. Zarya can save people form tracer ult with an e. And she charges up well against her. A couple right clicks or if tracer gets too close a couple seconds of a left click.

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